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Just time for a quickie..

Hey gang,

I just have time for a quickie here! Its a wonderful spring afternoon here. Ideal temperatures. Clear blue skies. The kinda day just screaming for To-Do’ lists to get done.

And here I sit.

We finished up ‘Birthday Month’ here this week with Skylar’s b-day on Monday. It was really a low key affair since both girls have been celebrating for the last 4 weeks. The upcoming month of May brings another birthday month, for all the adults this time. Not to mention all the other things that could be going on in May.

To bring you up to speed, we have been approved to buy our new house. Everything is contingent on the sale of our house.

The status of that sale is still murky. The termite inspector came by this week. While he found no termites he did want us to replace some wood damaged from water….that may be conducive to termites.

Silly me. All this time I thought that was the responsibility of the termite company that we pay the termite bond to.

Cha-ching! And the old house cash register rings up again.

Our contractor did the work required for this Termite CL-100 report plus the work needed to satisfy the 23 page home inspection. (Cha-ching). Upon his completion of the work he gave me a letter stating the house is fit to live in.

We may just stay then!

That thought has crossed our minds.

Also, the bank preparing the loan for the buyer sent their inspector out for a home appraisal, to see if the house is valued for the amount of the load. This is the last stage of the process in selling our home.

At this point we are calling it the ‘home appeasal’ since we have had to appease so many different parties. We are holding our breath and putting off boxing until we get the ‘thumbs up’ from this report.

If, and when we get that, it will could be smoother sailing until the sale at the end of the month. We put off grocery shopping this week in order to force us to ‘eat down’ the stash in our pantry, freezer and refrigerator. It may make for some curious meals this week!

Add to these checklists some questionable blood tests that require further investigation  and the ending to a 3 year old probate from a death in the family in 2010, and the family agreements that need to take place with that, and the rest of the month looks full.

Going back to the quickie, that is why this week and the festivities earlier, were such a nice distraction. Thanks to all who helped make this and both birthdays so special for everyone!

Here’s a quick(ie) look at the beginning of the week. It can bring out the little girl in all of us, er….I mean you. If you listen closely you can hear me roll my lips in an attempt to show Skylar the proper way to apply lip gloss. And you can draw your own conclusions about that last statement…

Thanks for dropping by! I hope your weekend is fun-filled, action-packed, or relaxing, which ever you desire. I hope my friends are all hitting your goals and making the most of this special weekend!

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19 thoughts on “Just time for a quickie..

  1. Counting the days! The moving day will be a huge chore but after that its making our new house our own! The girls are cute with their assumed royalty. Our youngest answers us with, ” you’re welcome your highness shyness”. OK, it actually sounds a lot cuter than it reads. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying your new home. I enjoyed watching the royal video:-)

  3. I hope so Ms. Pop. We still haven’t heard back from the appraiser for our house so the champagne is still on ice until then. Thanks for dropping by!

  4. Congrats on the soon-to-be new house!

  5. …speaking of dreams coming true, I think you are right. It just takes time and maybe more patience than I have. But its worth it, right? Thanks for dropping by Kelly…

  6. One Fit Mama on said:

    Hang in there – it will happen!!!!

  7. Yea, line of sight. if I can reach it I’ll eat it. Its kinda curious what you find in the deep dark reaches of one’s pantry, isn’t it. We may not eat some fo this stuff. Please cross your fingers on this appeasal and I can get back to happy thoughts again in this blog. Thanks for dropping by Cassie

  8. Well, even though it’s not done at least you’re progressing with the house process. Hang in there, it’s bound to end soon! I tried that ‘eating down’ (love the term) the food supply a few weeks ago. Amazing how much stuff was in the back recesses of the pantry and even the fridge. We’re one of those line-of-sight families!

  9. Karen, I realized today the one missing piece of info up there is ’15’ or 15 days left to put EVERYTHING in boxes! Ahhhhh! And my better half will be outta town for 3 of those days on business. If you and your clan want to help come on by! It would make a nice Sunday drive! 🙂 Have a great week Karen! Thanks for dropping by…

  10. Hi Mei! Nice to see you again….I was beginning to worry. Yes, the girls are princesses in the making. Thanks for looking in. Have a wonderful Sunday too my friend.

  11. It may be a “quickie” but it sure is chock ful ‘o great info. Sounds like all good stuff for you and your family Andy. Happy to read about it!

  12. Glad can read your wonderful work again Andy and the video its so cute, have a nice sunday my friend.


  13. Shorts and flip flops? Shut the front door!

  14. lol..again? Green grass and snow. You Canadians are a hearty people! If you want to warm up we are still taking volunteers for packing boxes. Shorts and flip-flops!

  15. Thanks, wasn’t too bad this morning, patches of green grass…Alas, it is all covered in a blanket of snow again tonight!

  16. Yes, life size bags are what we have grown to expect from these special grandparents. They really go all out! It was great weather here so I did those outdoor to-do thingies like touch up painting and doing some touch ups on our roof. I hope you are doing well Jenn! Thanks for looking in…

  17. Thanks Diana. The diversions made for a nice week. I hope you are warming up up there and enjoying some Spring too. Thanks for dropping by…

  18. what a cute video! pretty sure both girls could fit in their respective gift bags! : ) hope you all have a wonderful weekend – and maybe tackle some of those “to-dos” along the way!

  19. Cute girls and Happy Birthday…everyone! 😉

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