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Stuck in the middle with you…

Have I told you we are trying to sell our house yet?

(que the music for our current mood)

..clap along if you want….

There, you got it…


It turns out the bank this time, the BANK (!) wants us to install either electric eyes to go with our automatic garage doors or install updated garage doors with an electric eye so no mishaps with slow moving children, sleeping dogs, unreplaceable Ming dynasty vases or anything else of value or liability linger beneath the vengeful garage doors when they transcend from the open position.

This is insane!

We installed said doors about 10 years ago when we replaced the wooden, out of date, slightly rotting garage doors with the house WE bought. OUR bank never said anything about safety or the looming potential for robotic garage doors to reek havoc on a home owners policy.

Our realtor thinks this is silly. Their realtor thinks this is silly. The buyer doesn’t want anything to change! But the BANK thinks we need these updated, state of the art ‘garage doors’. Garage doors! ..in order to float the money to this new home buyer.

Were the last 10 years in the housing industry really this bad??

So we are forced to disconnect and dismantle said garage door opener before we close…in SIX DAYS!

Meanwhile, the previous house inspector is coming out on Wednesday to check to see if the repairs we did are adequate. Never mind I said they were done. Paid a little more than $2000 for the repairs. It doesn’t matter that we gave them a letter from a licensed contractor Vouching for the work. Crazy!

So I am inviting my contractor to come out at the same time and stand up to him. My guy is bigger and meaner looking than any ol’ inspector. I pity the fool!

NO, actually just cross your fingers for me that every goes Ok… and we don’t have to shell out any more money. He couldn’t care less about the nature of our garage doors.

So on we go….

“Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right. Here I am…stuck in this riddle with you.”

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24 thoughts on “Stuck in the middle with you…

  1. Ahhh, THANK YOU Kristen. If anyone deserves the sunshine award it is you. That is one reason I read your blog, for the sunshine and great vibes from your coast. Can I re-nominate you again? Thanks so much for nominating me…or even just reading me! It makes me shine to know someone out there likes my stuff here in 3D! All the best to you!

  2. Thanks Terry! This is clearly “its not over till its over” kinda deal. I have the champagne on ice. I wanted to pop it several times but I don’t know if I ever will get the chance… Keep on blogging Terry!

  3. Just wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the sunshine award. You can read about it here:http://khmazzola124.wordpress.com/2013/04/26/sunshine-award/

  4. Good luck! Hope everything turns out well!

  5. Thats the way I see it…the lender wants to protect them self after the past few years of foreclosure. But I would imagine liability ends when the check is deposited and the new owner takes over the payments. The home inspector didn’t say anything about it. We can’t figure it out but it will get disconnected this week it looks like. Thanks for dropping by Derek…

  6. I guess the borrower really is the slave to the lender. This is absurd, I agree.

  7. Thanks Ms. Brick! As you can see it doesn’t get any easier after you turn 50 either.(sigh) ~Thanks for dropping by!

  8. For crying out loud! Lunacy! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  9. Thank you Lulu! We are crossing our fingers, eyes, legs and toes…to stop the bleeding before we move. Come and drop by when we do! Thanks for looking in!

  10. What a headache, crossing my fingers that all goes well!!

  11. I like the way you think Sandy! And then, after we get going, I will figure out a way to bill the ‘clowns and jokers’ for all my wasted time and loss of enjoyment and what ever other legal terms my staff can find in the library of books. Thanks for weighing in…with your opinion that is 🙂 Have a great week!

  12. Forget selling your house and, instead, open it up to squatters and charge them a small fee – which you can take under-the-table – OR out the fee on the books and BAM! You got yourself a home business with tons of write-offs. 🙂

  13. I keep telling myself that. We thought we were on smooth sailing after the appraisal went through and then I got this text in Church about the garage doors…that was someohow over looked for a week. Yes, our spirit gets a dose of encouragement today when we hae our walk through in the new house and we can picture the end result. Thanks for dropping by FingerPrinting! Any other advice is welcome especially if you can dismantle a garage door opener 🙂

  14. It has to do with a FHA loan…that’s all I know. I asked if we could just unplug them. ..so the new owner doesn’t ahve to go to the trouble of putting them back up although, technically I guess ‘He’s not allowed to do this”(!) Yes we are doing our walk through today in the new house and that is thee first thing I will ask about!! Are things this crazy in Canada?

  15. the bank? really?? the bank??? 6 more days, hang in there. What’s the garage door like where you’re moving??

  16. This big ol chin has taken some shots this month. We’re running out of financial medicine to fix it! The good news…we are doing a walkthrough in our new house today where we get to play bad guy. You know the first thing I’ll be looking at are those garage door openers! ~ thanks for dropping by 1 Fit Mama…

  17. This is crazy! It will all work out pretty soon. Keep the spirit of hope alive.

  18. somebody stop this merry-go-round…I want to get off. I hope you love where you are living right now…never move!

  19. Thank you Laura. Say a prayer that the inspector takes pity on this poor old house…that is supposed to go to closing in under a week. Here’s a Big Hug from the girls…XXXXX they are smart as a whip thanks to you!

  20. Thank you Kim. We are crossing our fingers and toeses too! If we would have known it would take this much trouble we might have just stayed. Thanks for looking in Kim!

  21. One Fit Mama on said:

    Keep your chin up – and flex that muscle! Go mr T

  22. Boy, you’re right about the clowns and the jokers. What a world.

  23. Laura Hayes on said:

    holy smoke! What a nightmare! I will say an extra prayer tomorrow for a smooth transition to your new house#

  24. I’m crossing as many fingers as I can and hoping for you that this deal closes smoothly with as little expenses as possible 🙂

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