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Moving?? I just shipped my drawers!

This craziness just continues with another bombshell dropped on our lap yesterday.

We have 3 things to complete yet and we are scheduled to go to the attornies on Monday!


It’ll  get done. I’ve lost alot of sleep.

Went way over in my cell phone voice minutes.

When my kids see me, they run and hide!

And then yesterday the mortgage guy drops his bombshell on me. 

 I just want to ship my pants, lol…..

…and ship everythig else in my house!

But I have bored you good people enough with this project.

We may just get this done yet!

Hold tight….

Have a great weekend everyone!

I will see you next in our new zip code!

I hope…

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16 thoughts on “Moving?? I just shipped my drawers!

  1. I moved 20 years ago. Recently I found some stuff in the basement still unpacked. 🙂 Hope you have better luck!

  2. Of course I got the title from that video. To me that was a LMAO moment when we saw it so I had to try to fit it in. The trial by moving continues as the movers showed up 2 hours late…with out a truck. And then they both rode in the u haul leaving their persona; vehicle at the rental center..with no way to get back there (sigh) We FINALLY closed on selling our house. ONly one more day to go! Thanks for dropping by FingerPrintWriting!

  3. The title made me laugh! Best wishes to you and your family.

  4. Thanks Kelly…as of now we are moving ahead. I want to get excited but history says its not over until its over. …like getting a text in church today asking for one more thing. Keep up your great work..thanks for dropping by!

  5. One Fit Mama on said:

    good luck!

  6. Thanks Karen. It feels like the home stretch now….but its felt like that before too. Thanks for looking in..Have a great weekend!

  7. Good luck, Andy!

  8. Anonymous on said:

    Yes it’s Laura Hayes!!! I don’t know how to post with my name. I’m challenged!

  9. Texas Beer! That sound like a BIG TEXAS-size beer! I hate to ask is this Laura Hayes, as it come through Anonymous. Send me an email as I have to draw the line on our virtual privacy at posting our address in the blog. of course you are welcome to save the postage and just bring the BEER in person. We have extra room now! and Thanks!!

  10. We (I) am starting to get excited as it appears there is no turning back now…3 days away! I just never thought in my 50 years that it would be this hard. Thanks for dropping by! You are invited to drop by in our new house this summer too. Have a great weekend!

  11. Anonymous on said:

    Andy, that commercial was hilarious! Since we don’t have Kmart in Fort Worth any longer, I had not seen that one. When you get moved please give me your address because I’m sending you some Texas Beer to drink while you collapse in the recliner and finally get to enjoy the new house! Hugs and kisses to the sweet girls! When it’s all over they won’t run and hide any longer!

  12. I think you can…I think you can…I think you can…I think you can…I KNOW you can! 🙂

  13. Diana, I really love that. That is the way we feel, mom and I, it is a life transition to the new house. Lets make it fun! Yeah! Although I have been acting more like Married with Children then National Lampoon. Watch for the video a week from Saturday. Thanks for the well wishes! I hope your weekend is the beest one yet…

  14. Oh my! I bet you feel like you’re losing your mind sometimes! Here’s a suggestion that may even create a happy memory: Think of it as an adventure for your family. Pretend you’re in a National Lampoon’s moving Day movie and you are going through a comedic family process in moving! Your kids will love it and when you finally pull out of your driveway to head to the new place – go ahead and tie something on the roof of your car – something funny!

    Good luck – have fun – and see ya on the flipside!

  15. Thanks Jenn! Your move went OK I hope? And good luck tomorrow as you raace to glory. May the wind stay at your back!

  16. aah! safe travels and seamless moving to you and the family!!

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