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Shake, Shake, Shake Like A Big Wet Dog…

Another weekend has come and is going.  We made it to the beach again despite Andrea’s attempts to keep us in all weekend. Our weekend plans were hastily rekindled as the news of Andrea hit the road and was a quick blur up the coast.

Bye-bye Andrea!

Bye-bye Andrea!

The famous Aunt Sue checked into our B&B on Friday. She comes down with her vacation already planned out. So it was good news to her Andrea didn’t get in her way.  In fact, in typical carpei diem fashion she had our girls in bathing suits before I ever got out of bed on Saturday morning. And so in a blink…and a shower and a breakfast we were off…

Philly trip 001

It was a nice day again, a bit breezy as the dry backside of Andrea kept pushing her northward. The girls found their favorite tidal pool again, which was fine with dad as I just wanted to make up for the the 0-60 morning they put us through. And after a brief tumble in the waves I grabbed my hat and my shades and tried to become invisible and part of the chair.

Philly trip 005

I frequently talk about some of the incredible things that come out of Dylan’s mouth, both funny and perceptive in the DYLANism’s.  Skylar, in her own way, is getting her own version of SKYLARism’s too. These are super cute things that come out of her mouth, and more so, the cute way she says them.

I can’t recapture in print the innocent tone of some of these but early SKYLARism‘s include:

  • “Yummy, Yummy, Yummy in my tummy, tummy, tummy which has morphed into her favorite tasting food simply becoming,
  • Deee-wish-ous!. Again, these seem to be her unique ideas and so adorable as the way a happy Skylar says them. But where did she get them from in the first place?

Now, somewhere, somehow, from somebody, she learned to “shake, shake, shake, like a big wet dog” when she gets out of the water to dry off.

Huh? Too cute, but where did this come from?

She reminds me what our past greyhound would do when he got out of laying in the tidal pools


Even though he had a super short coat you didn’t want to be around as he shook off surf and sand together.


But what Skylar does is sooo much cuter than Cloud. 

Take a look…..but be ready, she’s fast…

That’s her version of drying off coming out of the surf!

...and then going back in again!

See any similarity?

She's no stranger to sand...

She’s no stranger to sand…

The boy behind Cloudy liked to imitate him too...

The boy behind Cloudy liked to imitate him too…

Now before you start sending hate mail to me for me comparing the super cute little Skylar to a greyhound I am not doing that at all.  I would never do that! We love our 2nd miracle child so much and these sayings just add to the adoration, although there are certain parallels.  She is way too precious to be even in the same sentence with an animal.

I’m just saying…..

…and where does she get these things?

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12 thoughts on “Shake, Shake, Shake Like A Big Wet Dog…

  1. Yes, the dog loved the beach! It was wide open for him and for a greyhound that was nirvana! Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Some great beach pics ! The dog seem to be enjoying himself too ! 🙂

  3. She is super cute in that, isn’t she. Thanks for the kind words. have a great week!

  4. That is sooooo cute! I love the video. You have a lovely family! 🙂

  5. That’s Dora? Dora is her absolute favorite right now. I think she would love to shake señora! I thought she was too cute with th big wet dog. And I did not teach her that! Who taught Boo how to make giraffe sounds? We had something similar, supposed to be the mating call of Chimpanzees. Too funny! ~ Thanks for dropping by! Have a great week….

  6. One Fit Mama on said:

    Too cute! You should teach her to “shake shake shake señora”. Boo used to do a noise a giraffe makes by smacking his lips together

  7. Thanks for the kind words mon amie! Yes, I try not to get the tears on film. thanks for looking in. Let me know how is the easiest way to get a copy of your book. 🙂

  8. Yes, Andrea had us reevaluating the weekend as soaked us going on by. It lloked like I might get a chance to sleep in! I hope Andrea didn’t stay long at your house either. Thanks for dropping by!

  9. those are great pictures! Your kids are tres cute, and the scenes remind me of when mine were small (only with less crying).

  10. What a beautiful family day! Glad Andrea scrammed in time for y’alls fun.

  11. Thanks Mike! The down side was it was my gym day. Have a great week! Thanks for dropping by…

  12. MikeW on said:

    Sky, ocean, VIPs, and the nosy best friend: Cheers!

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