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HIDDEN GEMS: Skellig Michael – Puffin Paradise!

Here is another Hidden Gem off the west coast of Ireland. This post combines some great photography of nature, Puffins and sea gulls along with the natural beauty of Ireland. Beyond the birds, look at those scenic stairs along the mountain. Beautiful! Thanks to ‘The Journalist On the Run’  for these great pictures! Check these and other great travel posts out at The Journalist On the Run. Thanks!

Journalist On The Run

Last Sunday, a day in which we experienced the most beautiful weather Ireland has seen in years, I had the amazing opportunity to visit Skellig Michael, an island located in the Atlantic Ocean, just 11 km off the West Coast of Ireland.

Skellig Michael, while not known to a lot of people (thankfully – that’s what makes it a hidden gem!), is in fact a UNESCO World Heritage site and home to one of the oldest Christian Monastic settlements in the world – founded sometime between the 6th and 8th century. It is also home to a vast range of wildlife, including Puffins, Seagulls and over 50,000 gannets! Not bad for a tiny island off the coast of Kerry!

Thanks to its status as a world heritage site, its obscure, remote and exposed location, only 13 boat licenses are granted each year and these tour operators are only allowed to run

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4 thoughts on “HIDDEN GEMS: Skellig Michael – Puffin Paradise!

  1. So good to see you Ms. Mei! Thanks for looking in. 🙂

  2. Intriguing, thanks Andy.

    with regards,

  3. Isn’t that island gorgeous? Those stone steps along the mountain were spectacular I thought. Another of the great things to see at the Emerald Isle. Thanks for stopping by and saying so Luanne! Have a great day!

  4. Thanks for sharing this!

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