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Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

I had this crazy, horrible, Alice-in-wonderland type of dream last night. It seemed so real yet still only my imagination.

You have always heard the phrase, “They grow up so quickly” . Well after this dream I made a deal with Dylan that she is not allowed to grow any older than 5 years old; that if she could go back to 4, that would be even better still! I mean,


Slow down!

My part of the deal, that Dylan made me swear to, was I was not allowed to grow any older than 91.

Really!  That was what I was to do for her.

Judging by the way this ol’ body is throwing all these old-age kinks on me, I told her THAT was no problem!

My dream?

I dreamed my little Dylan, my Ariel, my princess wanted to get married!


Daddy, I want to get married. You don't mind do you?

Daddy, I want to get married. You don’t mind do you?

Normally, at this part of the nightmare I wake myself up, just too scared to think of the outcomes.

But after I saw a few pictures from her wedding I wanted to see how it all played out.


She looked beautiful as she walked down the stairs to her wedding!

Too cute actually for Daddy!

Her wedding was a big ceremony in a majestic cathedral!

Next came the reception.

…a point I both dread and look forward to with equal passion!

…Daddy’s last dance with his daughter…

May I have this dance?

May I have this dance?

I told her she better hold on.

That I dip sudden. I dip low. And I dip fast.

She just beamed her happy grin.


I held on and tried to make my,


OUR last dance last as long as possible


Not wanting to see that moment come to its inevitable conclusion

I decided to wake myself up!


Only a dream!

A sign, or symbol, that my little girl won’t stay little forever.

That I need to hold on and cherish all the prior years, as well as ages 5, 6, 7 and so on.

I thought, use this dream as a reminder she won’t be my little girl forever.

…that she has to grow up sometime.


I wonder what else I should prepare myself for?


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23 thoughts on “Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

  1. This is nice to know and your Dad is a lucky man for you two to still be in touch this way. It means the most to me. She has so much potential and want to see her succeed.Now is that strange with her only being 5? Both our girls are great girls. we are blessed to have them in our lives! Thanks for dropping by & commenting Roxy!

  2. RoxyUncut on said:

    Reblogged this on RoxyUncut and commented:
    An amazing post! From a mans perspective. What my dad must have felt on my wedding day. It just hit me!!!

  3. RoxyUncut on said:

    Diana sent me. She’s building a community! What you need to prepare for is that she will not be your little girl forever. She will grow into a woman that will define her own values and life. And while doing so she will become the woman who will always still love and need her father. You are after all the first man she ever loved and fell in love with. I am 35 and I have never stopped needing my dad.

  4. It is very natural to do, just being a Dad I love trying to put smiles on the girl’s faces. It would have made a great drawing, as I know you have skills drawing! Thanks for taking a look around.Iif you want tot come by for a cookout later today come on… 🙂

  5. I just started to get better with the drawings.

    Its not something difficult to see, to you maybe cause its a scene with characters you see every day. Its about the expressions in the dance, you look natural and happy.

    Sorry it took me a while to reply, it didnt show on my notifications for some reason.
    Ill be around, Im already following, and Ill slowly check the old posts.

  6. That is an example of how children learn more by what is caught over what is taught. Nice work!

  7. I bet your son thinks he can drive your car too! Right? My daughter is already telling me she is smarter than me. its not far from the truth! You may be interested to know, while she hasn’t had one class of school she can read pretty well and last week read the Lord’s Prayer along with me in our church service, word for word, It was a moment! Thanks for dropping by Derek! Take care of that wonderful clan of yours…

  8. I know. I have seen this already. The sad(der) part is that my life is going by that fast as well, not just theirs. (sigh) So I am taking pictures and blogging about them…stay tuned for LOTs more pics! Thanks for looking in Karen!

  9. Is that a trick you know withthe paintings; since you are the artsy one here? I would love to find out more if you can. Thanks for dropping by and following Ms. Pretty girl! Drop by and say Hello often!

  10. Very beautiful and heartwarming, and excellent pictures, you can make paintings with those photos.
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. What a great picture and reminder to make every moment matter! My son is trying to get car keys. He is only 8.

  12. Oh my, I wish I could say it doesn’t but truly it does by in the blink of an eye. Cherish every moment as I know you do. 🙂

  13. I see that one car commercial where the girl is learning to drive and the dad is coaching here and then it flashes back to when she was a kid and barely able to reach the floor and that gets me too. Good luck to Daniela and thanks (again) for dropping by!

  14. Thanks for dropping by and commenting Ms. Elizabeth. Any friend of Diana’s is a friend of mine!. Elizabeth is also that daughter’s middle name. Yes they seem to grow up so fast. I was looking at a vacation video from last September and noticed how much she has grown. I guess the only thing we can do is guide their path as it appears there is no slowing them down.

  15. Doris on said:

    oh my you made me cry, what a beautiful post, I have 3 nieces and 3 nephews and the oldest Daniela my niece is going to college next year, right now, she is looking for a college in Austin, it just makes me so nostalgic even though they are not my kids, times does fly

  16. Having four children and my youngest – a daughter – about to turn 25, believe me that the years just flash by.
    Enjoy and drink in every moment.
    Great post.
    PS Diana sent me

  17. just love her every step of the way and you’ll be fine … oh and she may hate you for a while in her teens … but only on the outside because inside we all stay daddy’s girl … trust me I know http://jensinewall.wordpress.com/2012/04/16/

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  19. Thanks Diana! It reminds me how much I have to save for this event too! Of course you are invited too. I’ll brush up on my dancing. 🙂 Have a great week!

  20. Aww what a beautiful testament to a father’s love! (wiping a tear away) Happy be-lated Father’s Day – you deserve it. 🙂

  21. Laura, I checked with Dylan. She said she would absolutely luv to go to Texas and be in the wedding. But she has school that week and that she’ll have to study. 😦 She asked if they could wait until Christmas! Hope you are doing well Laura! Thanks for dropping by….

  22. Laura Hayes on said:

    If she were in Texas Cassie would be honored to have her as her Flower Girl in her October wedding!

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