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Father’s Day 2013

Here’s a summary of Father’s Day at our house.

I spent the afternoon doing what I really love to do.

But it wasn’t all fun and games.

First, we had to wait as dear old Dad locked the keys in the car as we loaded up…


But we made it.

I got to do one of my favorite things…

Playing Daddy in the ocean with my girls.

Dylan’s not afraid. Her love for water has no boundaries!


She’s fearless and it does Dad’s heart good to hear her come up just laughing and giggling like she was being tickled.


I threw her and caught her. I helped her jump the big waves.

Pretended to let the big waves sweep her away.


And then just let her be herself as I tried to catch some waves before the tide turned.



 It was a beautiful day. Did you see these blue skies?  The water was actually warmer than the air temperature and that is saying something in South Carolina! I caught a few wave rides. I hated to come out.


Mommy and Skylar had their own quality time!


OK, maybe I stayed in the water a bit too long.

In the end, these girl’s could just walk all over me with these feet!


PS: speaking a ‘love for water knows no boundaries‘ Heather and Reto we are taking the girls to Ocean City, NJ in late July. If its not too late for one or both of you to join us bring Lillya and Laylani and we can all swim in the ocean and ride some rides!  Dangge! Bis spöter

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21 thoughts on “Father’s Day 2013

  1. Such delight in the photos and in your storytelling! I popped over to Jamaica, Mon, to also see the Big Blue fun and new friends. I can see that you had a beautiful Father’s Day. You’re one lucky guy surrounded by those lovely ladies.

  2. Wait until you see the pics from the pool. She may not be scared but I sure am! In the ocean we just have fun.She trusts that I will always be there for her in the ocean, which is that great parental feeling. Thanks for stopping by Cassye!

  3. Sweet post – I see Dylan Knievel has emerged…those are some impressive acrobatics. Looks like you all had a smashing time. Happy Father’s day!

  4. Hi Heather! Well how can we hear about your trip to Mauritania? I don’t even know where that is? I thought the time table for July would be short for you guys but Dylan reminded me of Jamaica that one day and the fun the two girls had. Then I thought you said your family was from PA so I just wanted to put it ut there. Legoland, huh? Sounds like a fantasy camp for the girls. I have more pics to share from this past week including Dylan doing a Kamakazze dive into the pool. She scares my sometimes! She still is not as good a swimmer as your two girls. So ask Lillya and Layinai if they would rather have the foreign foods of Africa or the soft ice cream, warm donuts, caramel corn and amusement rides of ocean city? If you two want a week to your self just put ’em on a plane to Charleston and we’ll take it from there. 😛 ~ Thanks for staying tuned and tell us about africa sometime! Would you want to do a Travel post here? I am working on one from the Caribbean, if I ever get it finished. Give Reto and the girls our best!

  5. Schloomi on said:

    Hah, grins Andy! We’d love to meet you and your 3 ladies, play in the ocean and ride rides in Ocean City! In July we are headed to Germany LEGOLAND with our gang and my father will be here for 3weeks too…so our July is pretty packed…
    Loved seeing you and your ladies having a relaxing day after the ‘longer’ drive to the beach. Lillya and Laylnai laughed at the photos and comments as I read it to them. Our 4×4 trip to Mauritania in April was terrific, all the girls want to do is go back to Africa! That’s great for Reto and I =) to continued miracles for you and yours, und Liebe Grüss aus der Schweiz!

  6. Thanks Dr. Lynn! Nice of you to say so. Aunt Sue was in town with her good camera…that actually takes pictures when you press the button, instead of the delay. Its one reason I wanted to share. I liked them too. Thanks for looking in Doctor. Have a great week!

  7. A lovely collection of photos! Wonderful to see…

  8. Thanks Breezy! Yes we were lucky to have Aunt Sue down for a week and her good camera. Look for more great pics to the posts to come! Like my 5 year old getting married this week! Thanks for dropping by Breezy! Have a great week…

  9. The pics are courtousy of Aunt Sue, who was down for a week to help spoil the girls. Yes it was a nice day! Thanks for looing in Karen! Have a great week…

  10. Happy Father’s Day! Love the pics!

  11. Hope you had a Happy Father’s Day Andy! Sure does look like you did!! Great pics!

  12. Glad you made it home safe Sue. So you know, the pic with the kid’s feet I cropped so they are easier to read. Yes, we all had a great time! thanks for everything….

  13. Thanks Mei! That may be the best Father’s Day card I got this year! 🙂 Hope you are doing well my friend. Thanks for dropping by

  14. Well listen young lady (in my stern parenting voice), if you can get yourself up off that floor you should come and visit and play in our warm ocean. Yes, Myrtle Beach is 90 minutes north of where we live. Its where I moved to when I first left home way back in the 80’s.

  15. south Carolina? Isn’t that where Myrtle Beach is? My brother drove there with his family a few years ago! I want to be in the ocean (said in a child-like-temper-tandrum way)

  16. Happy Father’s day Andy….., you are a great father.
    Many blessings


  17. smccleaf on said:

    Got home at 9pm.  Love the pictures in the blog.  I didn’t think the ones of the girls feet would show up so well.  Can’t wait to see if I can read the message in the 4×6 reprint tomorrow.  I guess that was the picture Sabrina had in mind for Father’s Day. 

    Thanks again for everything.  I would normally say that I hope things can settle down and get back to normal, but I guess this will be another busy, different kind of week.  Tell all 3 girls for me-  nks for a great time!!!!

  18. Errrr! Yes the day didn’t start off the way we liked. What is usually a 25 minute ride to the beach turned into 50 as we were not ahead of the beach traffic this time. I think that is why I wanted to stay in the water that much longer. Thanks for looking in SSM! I hope you had a great day and some good weather yourself!

  19. Happy Father’s Day, 3D! Looks like a great day, keys notwithstanding 😀

  20. thanks for stopping by Luanne! Yes we had a great time. No cares, just playing in the water. Hope you are doing well. Stay longer next time! 🙂

  21. Andy, I was just coming over here to wish you a Happy Father’s Day–and it looks like you had one!!

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