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What’s that in the rearview mirror?

With a great week and weekend of Thanksgiving in the rear view mirror I just wanted to share some things from the past weekend before I go full throttle on more Christmas reblogs.    🙂

We had a wonderful fall weekend here in the Lowcountry. The leaves here finally gained some color and started to fall making a nice back drop for our Thanksgiving meal.

Fall over the chilly coastal waterway on the way to work

Fall over the chilly coastal waterway on the way to work

I am happy to say that this new house of ours has yet to ask me to rake any of the leaves. It was one of the perks of buying this house over our house we just left that had five 80 foot Gum Trees. Ahhhhhhh!

Thanksgiving week began with Dylan learning about the first Thanksgiving in school and then dressing up as Native Americans one day and Pilgrims the next.

Dances with wolves

Aunt Sue came down and encouraged them to have some zany fun while Mom and Dad tried to turn invisible over the weekend.

You can tell the girls are getting older as they have gone from dressing as Disney Princesses to now….Rock Princesses!

Rock PrincesssesI was paying some bills one night and these two came walking in like this. I said, “What do you call this? Who are you supposed to be”

Dylan says with authority, “We are Rock Princesses!”

(sigh) I don’t like this getting older thing…not for them or me!

And yes, ‘the Big Game‘ was on over the great Thanksgiving weekend of college ball. Did you see it?

Yes, an unranked Penn State team went on the road to #12 Wisconsin and took them out!

Wisconsin never lose sat home! PSU was 24 point underdogs! Did you see this?

If you were game enough to click on that video, is there anything better than the spirit of college football as shown in the locker room there at the end?

And is there any more boring or dated uniforms than those whit- on-white uni’s Penn State continues to endure. Oh, well maybe Alabama!

Speaking of, to all me friends out there riding the Crimson Tide, Missouri might just take Auburn in the title game this week as the hang over of winning the Iron Bowl may be too great. PLUS, Michigan State has a good chance of shutting down undefeated Ohio States vaunted offense, knocking them from the unbeaten. Where does that put your Crimson tide then? Remember, you heard it here first!

Phew! Yes, all the excitement of the great football last weekend wore Skylar O-U-T, out!

Time out!

Time out!

Lastly, Dylan and Skylar received a very nice card in the mail from a very special Grandma and daughter. Dylan eagerly tore open the envelope to read the lovely card inside. (Thank you!)


Inside was money! Money to buy all of us ice cream the card suggested. Dylan thought maybe some lunch at a favorite Mexican restaurant.

So I talked to her about money that afternoon as she didn’t know what to do with it. I told her there are three things you can do with money.

You could spend it on something you like. Or you could save for something really special some day. Or, you might give it to someone who might need it more than you.

Well Dylan held onto that money ALL weekend! Everywhere she went she had those dollars clenched in her hand. She was still searching for some sort of utility for spending her new money.

Monday I drove her to school like normal. She still had the money in her hand if not in her little purse. She said, “Daddy, maybe I will give this money to Aubrey or buy her something today.”

Aubrey is her best friend in school that she met at the hockey game a few weeks back.

Feeling very pleased with the decision Dylan came to I applauded her idea and asked her, “Dylan, how would that make you feel then, to do something nice for your friend?”

Without hesitation Dylan responds, “Sad! I wouldn’t have that money any more!”

From the mouths of babes!

That’s all I have this week! We were pretty laid back here and trying to get a game plan for December. I’ll try to do better next time knuckleheads.

What are you looking forward to in the month to come?

I am thinking about smoking another turkey! That was too good last week and too few a times that we actually enjoy something that good and that simple.

Have a Great Weekend!

Bonus: Listen, I know this post was kinda week so I wanted to offer include this online game as a consolation. Click Here and help Dylan catch the snow on her tongue. (Hint you can guide the snow with your mouse.

Do you see all those leaves at our old house? That was only a week’s worth!

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17 thoughts on “What’s that in the rearview mirror?

  1. Sweet post Andy. Great kid you got there 🙂

  2. I make very good quesadillas (queso means cheese, queso plus tortilla – quesadilla).
    Its very easy, you can use tortillas or bread, the key is using a good amount of cheese and put it on directly on the hot pan until half of it becomes hard (depends on the type of cheese), and you sort of fry the tortilla with the cheese juice.

  3. In thinking about your comment here this morning we had our first sleep over here last night. And among the chaos n high pitched laughter came such remarks from our young guest as ‘I wish you were my stepdad’ and ‘you are the funniest daddy ever’. There’s something. Intrinsic about being ‘the best’. I may just sign up for a 5k race today or two! Having girls ain’t so bad…..

  4. We like to go to a local chain called Los Arcos. We have a favorite server there and we all get the same thing about every time. Their salsa is the best stuff. I get some enchiladas and the girls get ‘Cheese Quesadillas” which the girls love! And our server almost got a $15 tip! I’ll check out my, ahhh your energy stones story. which is the title for it?

  5. Thanks Mike, about a year I saw where WordPress had a feature where you could take your posts and turn them into a book for safekeeping. And I am sorry I never looked that up. Some of these things would be priceless in the years to come. Of course the Princesses would be in total denial. Glad you have a good Thanksgiving! Yes many many thing to be thankful for! Thanks for dropping by 3D Mike…

  6. 😦 Thats so bad. I used to lose stuff too until I finally focused. At least it can be a good lesson after all.
    What exactly were you going to eat? whats the place called?
    The pic of the way to work looks very nice.

    By the way, I just wrote and published the one of the energy stones.

  7. Great conversations chronicled here. And where there be Rock Princesses, well, what else. Bowing is the only thing left to do of course. Glad your Thanksgiving was fun. Ours too, with much to be grateful for.

  8. Yes, she hit a life lesson Monday morning it appears…. I hate parting with money too, so she must get that from me. 🙂 And we said why NOT have a turkey more often, right? We love it when we do, so hy not once a month? It doesn’t have to be a big production just some juicy turkey and macaroni & chz. Now, do you add salsa to your mac and chz? Sometimes I do when the ketchup won’t do. Hope you are doing great Maria! Save some turkey for the ham! Have a great weekend!

  9. No she has yet to give her money away…she lost it instead. She’ll never get that chance to take us out to our favorite Mexican place. 😦

  10. That is SOOOO adorable!! She wants to do something nice but realizes that it will mean she’ll have to give it away. That’s a good lesson and one she will get better at. It’s great that you are documenting all these Dylanisms and Skylarisms to look back on when they are older. They are going to get a kick out of all of this. Another turkey sounds good, I might have to do another one myself. 🙂

  11. “full throttle on more Christmas reblogs”
    So there wont be xmas this year?

    Im so relieved that Dylan didnt give her money away, I got worried for a minute there.

  12. Ahhhh….she’s a great kid! She’s always been a happy child and sharing and caring big sister. We have been blessed! I hope your week has been blessed! Thanks for dropping by Diana! Alwasy nice to hear from you….

  13. Dead Cheerleaders!! Ahhhh… I don’t thnk te ‘naughty spot’ would due for that! Where did they get these ideas? I want to make sure our girls don’t watch those TV channels! Thanks for dropping by Luanne…any and all advice you can lend with raising girls is very appreciated! Have a great week!

  14. Uniform slur? I was thinking that while I watched that game..our 2 universities have so much in common from rich traditions to famous coaches, great universities and DULL uniforms. I love them! if you click on Dylan catching snow you can get a feel for ourold leaf situation. Don’t miss it a bit! At least you got a coupla boys to get it doen for you! It took most of my weekend. ~ Girls make me nervous too! I am learning as I go here with them… have agrat day SSM! Thanks for dropping by!

  15. Love what D decided to do with her money! You guys are awesome parents. 🙂

  16. Nope, it’s a good post, Andy! The rock princess thing is one thing. Wait until you come home and they’ve decided to dress up as dead cheerleaders. Then next it was dead dancers wearing recycled dance costumes that only belong on stage. I couldn’t wait to get out of that phase! Hahaha, I’m so glad to see how much you enjoy them at this stage! Dot dot dot.

  17. Nice comeback with the game outlook after the uniform slur. 😀 Hubby just got a turkey from work today and we decided to do the same – the one from last week just went too fast!

    We can relate to the tree/leaves issue – we have 3 giant oak trees – 2 in front and one overhanging the back deck (among others) to keep up with here. Next house, I will definitely keep the rake factor in mind. Although the gracious oak swing comes in awful handy- for blog topics, post-run cool-downs, neighborhood kids waiting for the school bus in the morning, etc…

    Great post, 3D! Glad we have boys – girls make me nervous, especially when they venture toward the rock star stuff. Good luck…!

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