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Shadow following me around

So how was your weekend? Get a chance to relax? Some R&R? Did you get a chance to cross some things off your To-do list?

We had a good weekend. We had a chance to empty some more boxes from our move, almost clearing out the master bedroom.

We organized the garage a bit more, placing some bins in the storage shelves we created in trying to make room for a car inside it.

Dylan had a wonderful new bed and dresser delivered from her Grandmother. This was a big deal as it has been on our move-in list since we, ah, moved in.

working on the Princess bedroom

working on the Princess bedroom

We then had to go out and buy a mattress for the new bed then and had some dinner.

We also drove six hours to pick up the newest member of our family!

Yes, we now have a cute, well-mannered, friendly 2 year old male…


And that was just Saturday!

Yes we got up at 5:30am to drive to a greyhound foster home to pick up a new pet for the girls.

We looked at several choices at the Greyhound Crossroads website before deciding on Chum, or Chumley as he was known on the track.

He kinda resembles a Doberman but is as gentle as can be

He kinda resembles a Doberman but is as gentle as can be

He has the deep dark brown eyes made famous by greyhounds

He has the deep dark brown eyes made famous by greyhounds

Yes, he might have been known by that name at the Alabama Race course, had he ever actually raced. I hear he had no interest in racing.

The bell went off. The rabbit took off. And Chumley found it more interesting to stay in gate. In effect, he never raced a single race. I like to call it “undefeated” at the track!

Did I tell you the girls really like Chum?

dylan all smiles

Yes, at first we walked into the foster home to find 3 greyhounds and two adorable ( I can’t believe I am saying this) little Chihuahua puppies. They each could fit in the the palm of your hand.

Right away I knew my plan to ‘rescue’ a greyhound was in trouble!

Right away Skylar wanted one of those two Chihuahuas. They were just her size! I tried to explain they were not the ones we were looking at. I don’t know if I ever told you she can throw quite a fit when she is faced with disappointment!

The foster parents put the little wiener dogs to bed and it was on!

We got home and the girls warmed up to Chum. They say he is ‘softer than Cloudy, our previous greyhound.


Cloud was pretty soft too. In fact the two have an awful lot in common.  So much so it was spooky! But more on that later.

Chum, or Chumley, tried to settle into his new abode.

infront of tv

Like I said he is a gentle dog and just really tries to stick close to you. He stands right in front of you, goes where you go, stands where you stand. A better name for him might be Shadow!

When we let him out for the first time to relieve himself, he instinctively headed to the furthermost corner of our backyard to do Number Two. What’s not to like? He’s not only housebroken but backyard trained as well!

The only reservation I have about our Chum is his name. I heard ‘Chumley’ and thought of Sponge Bob for some reason.

Looking at his profile pic I thought the name ‘Diablo’ might be better suited for him. What do you think?

Could you help me pick a name for our new greyhound?

So you know, getting a new greyhound was all part of the master ‘moving plan’. We were to A) move then B) put up a fence C) get a new greyhound for our girls and then D) get a pool for the girls. So we are staying on course. We were actually ready and waiting for our new friend.

The question may be, is our new friend ready and willing for our 3 and 5 year old little girls?


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28 thoughts on “Shadow following me around

  1. Thanks Ms. LuLu! The kids have really latched on to him so far. Mommy says it because they have someone to boss around now. 🙂 I hope you and your crew are doing well too! Thanks for looking in.

  2. Its funny, he really doesn’t act like he answers or knows either name. But you are right and we will probably keep it Chumley and Chum. Thanks for dropping by Ms. Runner! Always great to hear from you.

  3. Congrats on the new addition to the family!!

  4. Congrats on the adorable addition. If he knows his name, I’d stay with it. Thanks for stopping by my post.

  5. I will try to take some good pics that first day. I don’t know when I will get a chance to do a post; maybe just a pictorial. We think Skylar will actually benefit from Dylan being in school. For some reason she is at her best when Dylan is not around. So this gives her some ‘me’ time, without sharing the attention. We think her ‘schooling’ should really benefit as well. Now the tricky part will be nap time. Skylar usually goes down at 1pm but our nanny will need to pick Dylan up at 2pm. So she gets to bed late, they both do. ..work in progress. I’ll send you a pre-kindergarten pic to set the mood. Always great to hear from you Wa-Wa!

  6. Laura Hayes on said:

    Please, please post first day of school pics so Wa Wa (me) can see! Is it an all day kindergarten? Poor Skylar will be lonely… But will she? Lol

  7. Glad you like our new addition. He evens the family out 3 boys to 3 girls, even if the boys have 4 legs. Skylar’s room is a work in progress. We bought some wall decals for her and she slowly but surely peeled them all off, much the same as Dylan at her age. So we are waiting a bit longer. School starts (sniff, sniff) next Monday (sniff). I have asked and begged her not to do this; not to get any older but she insists. I think I am going to hafta draw the line at 5. Not another year older! ~ I hope you and your girls are doing well! More Chum pictures on the way!

  8. Laura Hayes on said:

    Chum, Chumly, or Shadow is adorable. Also, I love Dylan’s room. What is the theme if Skylars room? When is the big first day of school!?

  9. I had to tap her on the shoulder this weekend and thank her for helping us stay on course. Its worked out OK so far and not without its obstacles. I thought Diablo would be good as it may be misleading. He is so gentle I still need the neighbors to respect him. We are all enjoying the new addition stay tuned to Sunday’s expereinces… Thanks for dropping by and signing MY cast. 🙂

  10. Oh it was fun and productive but that was only Saturday. Stay tuned for Sunday’s schenannigans. May posts have just gotten too long so I wanted to break the weekend up. (Hint…we introduced Chum to seagulls) Always great to hear from you Ms. Jessica! Have a great week…

  11. Sweet dog! My immediate thought on the poll was Diablo, like you thought, but Chum is also great. Sounds like a very fun and productive weekend!

  12. First of all, I am very impressed with you and your wife’s organization and planning. You set goals and actually see them through and stay on course. Love it when things fall into place! Dylan’s bedroom is adorable and fit for a princess. And Chum looks so gentle and calm. I don’t like Diablo as a name cuz that makes him out to be bad and evil. Just saying. 🙂 Enjoy your new member of the 3D family! 🙂

  13. “Damn Cat” I know the expression well! We have a 16 year old cat right now (I think) who hasn’t shown his face since this big black monster arrived in his house. Yes, the girls and Chum are doing fine. I think I saw this morning where they talked him into playing ‘Princess Castle’ with them.

  14. Well tell your boys they ae welcome to come over and play with Chum or take him for a walk anytime they like. He would love it! So you were a Princess too? Yes, she has completed the Princess handbook and she is ready to assume the role. Now tell me, what should I watch for next from our Princess, Princess Lynn?

  15. First thanks for using the word ‘rescue’ instead of ‘adopted’. That is a hurdle we need to clear in a few years with our kids and I want no assocaition between children and the greyhound process. And I guess you are right. I was a Labrador man ut we had a greyhound next and he won our hearts. First they help you feel like royalty with their roalty flow and movements. They were born and breed to be running machines. They are extremely gentle animals usually. They sleep all day so are really low maintenance. Their coats are like a soft fur coat. But, if you like to help others, and I know you do, Greyhounds have basically been broken. Their spirit has been broken it seems to me by the trainers on the track. It really takes awhile for the dog’s true personality to rise to the surface again, and then only parts they think is ok. They carry an uneasy feeling with them like they don’t know if what they are doing is allowed or not. So we try to help them feel at home, feel loved and help them just enjoy doing things dogs should enjoy doing. And they share a lot of love in~ Great question Di!

  16. Love that you rescue dogs! What is your bend toward greyhounds about? Sounds like there might be a story there.

  17. Congratulations on the addition to your family. The girls and Chum look like they will get along famously. That poor cat, on the other hand, looks like Winston when I try to force a cuddle. Damn cat!

  18. Oh! Congratulations on the new addition to the family. How wonderful! We don’t have any animals of our own so my boys have “adopted” some of the neighbor’s pets. They have permission to go over and play with them whenever they want…which is often. By the way that princess bedroom would have been exactly what I would have wanted when I was little!

  19. So you are not sick of hearing sickly sweet stories about these two yet? I know there will be more to come as my oldest “STARTS SCHOOL NEXT WEEK” Ahhhhh! Help me Karen! Where does the time go? I reminded her again of the pact we made on her 4tha and 5th birthdays about her not allowed to get any older. Sshe just says “But why daddy?” Thanks for dropping by Karen. I hope your two are doing reat as well.

  20. OK, thanks for your vote Ms. CountryMusic. Chum seems to be the early favorite name. He is a good looking dog I think. I am sure this is not the last you will see of him here in 3D! I hope you are having a wonderful week too. Always nice to hear from you…

  21. I like all your Mister names. I actually do call him Mr. Chum or Mr. Chumley sometimes. Mr. Undefeated…hmmmm? It has a good sound to it. He is a very timid and cautious dog right now, with all the changes to his life. I really believe, while they don’t put racing greyhounds down as much any more they still are treated harshly at the track and in training as he shows behavioral scars frm that. It will take a little time until he can relax and feel like he has his home I think. Thanks for your suggestions Ms. Aurora! Have a great day!

  22. I think he is a good looking dog too. So you think ‘Chum’ is a cool name? It reminded me of the bucket of fish heads the police cheif in the movie Jaws was throwing in the water to attract the shark. I guess I’llhave to get over it. 🙂 Always great to hear from you Ms. Carrie! Thanks for looking in..

  23. Yes, that is a good idea. I should just really ask them. He is supposed to be ‘their pet’. So you know, we took Chum to the beach on Sunday then. The little ankle high waves rolling in scared him. I am afraid it will require a lot more trips out tot th ebeach so he can get used to them. 🙂 Have a great day Ms. Cyndi! Thanks for dropping by…

  24. Congrats on the addition to the family, Andy. I think he’ll fall in love with your girls very quickly & easily. Just like the rest of us!!

  25. I love the name Chum, it’s what he is used to. Beautiful dog, glad all is well with the new move and new addition.

  26. He seems really nice, congratulations on the new member of the family, Im sure he will keep you good company and help guarding the house and girls.
    About the name, I voted for Other. Chum… I dont know, Diablo and Chumley… sounds like the videogames, Black Cloud… too long.
    Kinda like the last time we talk about it, how about Mr. Dog, at least Mr. Undefeated or Mr Shadow. (yes, Im still horrible with names).
    He seems very happy to be there as well, and maybe he will like the pool and will swim.

  27. Oh isn’t Chum absolutely gorgeous! I think you should keep his name Chum though. It’s cool 🙂

  28. How fun! Congratulations! I don’t have a problem with Chumley…but I’m not going to officially vote. It seems kind of a personal decision to me. I’m weird like that. Are the girls allowed to vote? 🙂 Good luck on choosing !

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