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Have a Spooktacular Day!

Happy Halloween everyone! Getting ready for some fun tonight?  Got your monster faces on?
I hope everyone survived Hurricane Sandy! For us, it wasn’t as bad as we thought:

Our thoughts do go out to the people in our northeast.

I have had a lot of family and friends ask about taking the girls Trick or Treating and ‘be sure to get it on film’.

So we are. The weather looks to be cool but dry and it should be lots of fun.

But the fact that many people have asked about reminds me of last year’s vid Trick or Treating.  So here it is. Consider it a warm up for tonight.

While it starts out at my Halloween 5k race and then to visit with our favorite restaurant manager, it ends up on the doorsteps of a few people, as Dylan barters for goodies, and finally back home, where she counts her booty, arranges it neatly in a stroller so she can cart it in her room over night. She warns mommy not to touch because she is saving it for a very important date.

Happy Halloween everyone! We wish you lots and lots of Reese’s!

What is YOUR favorite treat you look for each Halloween?


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6 thoughts on “Have a Spooktacular Day!

  1. I have found an affinity for Twix bars this year, small Reeses cups are still a favorite too. Mom’s logic for kidnapping the girl’s treats is that she does not want them to get a sweet tooth like she has.

  2. Peanut M&Ms of course!! Very cute video. Sweet. (no pun intended) Hope you had a fun safe night. We did!!

  3. Yes, I thought it was going to earlier in the month when they said those ther fronts were headed together. Glad you all were safe. The Jersey coast seems erased. We had a great time last night as I told my two to try to be ‘scarier’. I hope your clan had a good time too.

  4. Hurricane Sandy was not as bad here as we were anticipating either, which makes us fortunate. I wish it had gone out to sea, though. Hope you had a great evening!

  5. Some outfits just never get old…you just let daddy wear them on his head. Have a Spooky Halloween Jessica. Hope you rake in the goodies!

  6. Love the costume – yours and hers!

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