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Post Card from Ocean City, NJ or how I spent my summer vacation

We are recovering from a long trip back from New Jersey this week.  We drove almost 12 hours, half of which seemed to be in the rain on the way home.  Its been a jet lag and vacation withdrawal kinda week.

So in between unpacking and work I have been trying to put together some pics and videos from our trip for family and friends.

I think I told you earlier how Ocean City, New Jersey was a favorite vacation spot of mine when I was a wee kid. I loved it. It had so many fun, new things that I couldn’t do at home.

So naturally we looked forward to our kids having as good of a time for a vacation as we did. I think this is a great spot for kids and young families. Ocean City is a great family resort. It claims to be the “Greatest Family Resort

ocean cityIt does seem to cover all the bases when it comes to having fun for a kid. Here is a glimpse why:

ice cream

Kohr’s Bros frozen custard is reason enough for a visit


Johnsons pop

(the BEST hot caramel popcorn in the world!)

I actually have to order more Johnson’s Popcorn for my wife as I gave our last tub we brought home to our pet sitter this week…she wasn’t very happy about that decision…

"Sandy Monster"

“Sandy Monster”


OC Vacation 2011 023

a popular T Shirt on the boards

a popular T Shirt on the boards

Like I said, we had a great time with so many great things to see and do…and TASTE!  So I put together Top 10 Reasons this is one of our favorite family resorts. Or, otherwise a glimpse at how we spent our time on vacation week. These are the things we enjoy in Ocean City. Maybe, hopefully you’ll see it too.


1. The Boardwalk.

Most of the fun for a kid, Dad or even a Senior revolves around the 2.5 mile long boardwalk. Their literally is something for everyone here and probably lost of it. Its a mecca for fun in OC and every trip is planned around trips to, as well as what to do on the boardwalk. Here are a few images:





Some elaborate Mini-golf courses

Some elaborate Mini-golf courses

2. Rides of the Boardwalk.

There are two amusement piers on the boardwalk. Most of the rides are geared towards the little adventurer than the teenaged one but there is something for everyone. I think we went through over $250 in TICKETS for these rides in one week. Ouch!  But it is all about the kids. Here is few examples of the fun:

3. People You might meet on the Boardwalk.

I am not talking celebrities here. More like mascots. There is even a mascot parade every week. But what fun for a kid and some photo taking ops; if they’re not too scared.

I think you saw Skylar with Mr. Fries at the beginning of the week. Some of the other party mascots include….

We met Andy the Android

We met Andy the Android

…Andy the Android from Verizon. Actually we had to take this one since my wife works for Verizon.

There was also the Kohr’s Bros. Custard monkey. I’m sure he has a name. Whether he did or not the kids sure loved him. Really, Kohr’s Bros. is the only name you need tot remember!

Kohr's Brothers mascot

Kohr’s Brothers mascot

We also saw the sailor from one of the miniature golf courses on the boards. But whoever it was the kids sure loved their chance to meet a kid celebrity.

4. Miniature Golf.

There is a miniature golf course for everybody on the boards with at least 10 courses up there. There are courses of all type from the standard pool table bounce-off-the-boarders type of putt-putt to elaborate mazes for holes in ones. With so much competition many go to great length expense to lure you in.

You might have seen Jaws on Skylar’s video on Monday. Here are a few more we visited…

Give credit to the family resort… how many places start the day with our national anthem in front of a putt-putt course? And talking parrots pitching Dairy Queen?

5. Food of the boardwalk.


Many agree, all the various food stands and restaurants are the prime reason for visiting OC’s boardwalk. This isn’t the best food of the boardwalk, or Ocean City. These places of some of the BEST vacation / snack / junk food anywhere. They are practically their own food groups here, in that you should try to get a helping of each one DAILY.  And many try!

browns donuts

So here are our Top 5 places to eat / things to try / must haves / Reasons to visit Ocean City and its boardwalk. We actually talk about each one of these places on the way up. Really! We are that nerdy!

Top 5 at 5

...that’s “Hot, Fresh, Made-To-Order” donuts at Brown’s They are so good!

Now, how many of your kids would love that food in the video? How many of YOU would enjoy it? Its your vacation, right? Calories don’t count!

But, if they did, or if you are worried about fitting in your suit the next day, Ocean City has a way to help you out….

6.  Vacation Ways for Exercise and / or Transportation on the Boardwalk

Every morning a ritual occurs on the boardwalk. We look forward to riding bikes on the boardwalk as a way to explore it quickly, wake up, stretch our legs and set the plan for the day. Runners (lots of) show what they got on the boards in the morning too. Others find their favorite ways to stretch and get some exercise with other modes of transportation.

Because what kind a of resort has you feeling guilty or wishing you could try those donuts? Get up and work it off. You have until noon….

I guess some lucky people don’t have to work that hard.

7. Live Entertainment on the Boardwalk.

First Ocean City has its own Music Pier the sticks out towards the ocean from the boardwalk that dates back to 1928. Each year there plays, big bands, and other forms of entertainment lined up for the  summer.


The last time we were in town there was a skit on one of our childhood Saturday morning cartoons, Schoolhouse Rock. Have I told you how nerdy we are?

But anything could happen! One overcast night last week, while we were sampling the pizza, fudge and  frozen custard we kept on running into live bands plugged in. Again, it was really a kick for young and old kids!  A little something for everyone!


8. Protected Beaches.

The audacity of Ocean City to want to charge you to use their beach, a gift of nature. Yes, each visitor pays about $10 a week for the privilege to use Ocean City ‘s beaches. What?

Yes, everyone on the beach needs to be displaying a beach tag saying they paid their beach toll that day.

You know what? It works.

Ocean City’s beaches and dunes are some of the best maintained I’ve seen anywhere. They look like right out of a book. They have a beach service their that includes at least 4 life guards per beach, including life guard stands, life boats, jet skies, and yes , whistles. ( i hate to get a whistled at….by life guards. parents of any age can feel safe knowing their is that much help and resources around.

And that $10 or $15 fee, well lets just say that just helps to keep America’s Family Resort for families

The ultimate validation, last fall’s Hurricane Sandy ripped death and destruction in every direction of Ocean City, NJ. Its eye hit a few mile north in Atlantic City. Yet, this town is running like a clock this summer. And I have to think in part due to a well established and maintained dune system. Sure most of the dunes ended up on main streets a block or two inland. But that boardwalk was preserved. Most of the houses were preserved. A way of life was preserved…

Waiting to catch a big one...

And the waves are for real…

9. Beach bunnies.

No, I am not talking about curvy beach bunnies…

What's not to like?

I wish I was but I’m not…

I am talking about those adorable little bunnies that now call some of the protected sand dunes home. They blend right in at first but then the more you look the more you see.

I think any other resort claiming to be America’s favorite would have to be very creative to top Easter Bunnies at their resort.

Happy Easter Bunny day!“, right Skylar?



"Happy Easter Bunny Day!"

“Happy Easter Bunny Day!”

They only seem to come out at dusk, avoiding the hot summer sun. Let other beaches have their mostly nude beach bunnies. OCNJ has Easter bunnies! Well done!

10. Kids just have fun here!

Yes, kids, kids of all ages can have fun in Ocean City, New Jersey. If our Top 10 reads like a checklist, how much of this sounds like fun. its fun for kids, families and even seniors due the wholesome atmosphere that is there brand.

And there are lots more things to see and do in Ocean City too. These are just some of the things we like. There is downtown shopping. Water sports in the bay as well as Atlantic City only being a bridge away to the north.

If anyone reading this has been to OCNJ and would like to add their favorite activities to our list please feel free to add them in the Comment section.

In the end it really is a great family resort; for the whole family. Although when asked which she liked better, Ocean City or the Jamaican resort where they furnish a nanny for the day, she still preferred Jamaica.  And, yes, they did have bunnies the kids could feed there as well.

We may just alternate back and forth…and throw in a Disney adventure as well.

America's Greatest Family Resort!

America’s Greatest Family Resort!

**Keep your toes in the sand, the breeze in your hair, and the sun to your back. Life’s a Beach**

Promotional consideration was given too but not reimbursed by the following:

City Of Ocean City

Brown’s Donuts

Manco and Manco

Kohr’s Frozen Custard

Steel’s Fudge

Johnson’s Popcorn

Johnson’s Popcorn Online Ordering

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29 thoughts on “Post Card from Ocean City, NJ or how I spent my summer vacation

  1. A few brief thoughts: Kohr Bro’s: Love Curious George and do they have insulin-fortified cones? The beach looks well-tended. Good for the locals. 12-hour drives: your fortitude and all your photos get 5 stars. Thanks for bringing us with!

  2. I know I kinda over did it with the pics and the videos but I hoped to capture the experience there, as we know it, for all those that have never been there. People hear ‘Jersey Shore’ and get one idea in their mind but it really is something else. Come with us next time! Thanks fro stopping by Ms. Deborah

  3. Never been there, so it was fun getting the tour. Looks like you all were having a great time.

  4. We had a great time. Hated to come back to reality. Thanks for your kind words. I hope you could get a feel for the resort town from . Thanks for dropping by!

  5. Wow! You guys had fabulous time! Great photos.

  6. Thanks for stopping by Ms.Nancy. The weekend’s here and there’s a frozen yogurt covered in sprinkles out there with your name on it! You’ll just have to explore some to find it. Thanks for stopping by. Do have a yummy weekend!

  7. Wonderful pictures of your vacation! Everyone looks like they were having a blast.

    After seeing that picture of the yummy frozen yogurt and all its sprinkles, I’m craving a frozen yogurt. 🙂


  8. I suppose I need a postal code, although the jokes about you having your own postal code are hard to pass on. UPS brought our tub in 3 days

  9. Do you want a town or a province?….or is SandyLand a good enough address?

  10. Maybe my posts got held up at customs? So A) Please come and visit and B) I need a town in Canada to mail you the popcorn. And thanks for dropping by …for the surprises!

  11. I always love coming (here) to visit. For some reason I stopped getting your notifications so I went back and re-followed…still not getting notifications. But it’s really good for my ego that people want me to visit and send me things. I like things. I got a package in the mail today. Day has been made. 😀

  12. They sure do ship, if you are talking about the caramel popcorn. You might be a little outta the eay for the pizza and the donuts just aren’t the same when they cool; they’re just donuts then. How many tubs can I put you down for SSM?

  13. What a barrel ‘o fun! I think the pet sitter got the best souvenir. I wonder if they ship that stuff?

  14. My kids go bonkers for those sprinkles. I asked what flavor of ice cream and they just want the sprinkles. I hear their’s a vodka that carries chocolate sprinkles flavor as well! Thanks for looking in Ms. Pop Tart!

  15. I love ice cream with that many sprinkles!

  16. Come on then! I have all but bought your plane ticket for you. Don’t make me drive up and bring you down myself. Bring a couple friends. Yes, there are sharks there and everything. Send me a mailing address and maybe I can have some Johnsons popcorn sent to you…just as a teaser. Have a great week Sandy! Thanks for dropping by!

  17. I cannot wait to make this trip to Your Town…even if I am coming for the beach, the sprinkled-covered-ice cream, and the bacon. 😉

  18. Ok, we will put you on the OCNJ mailing list. Howabout a trip to an oceanfront resort in Jamaica that gives you a nanny in the interim? And every blog friend that I have their mailing address is getting Johnson Popcorn for Christmas (hint, hint). Yes, I hope to keep building their memories. Thanks for looking in on them Ms. Brickhouse. Have a great week!

  19. That’s it. Next year, I’m definitely IN. I will forgo the whole gluten free thing and join you! I must have Brown’s Donuts and Johnson’s Popcorn! Your girls are going to have such wonderful memories of their childhood vacations in OCNJ!

  20. lmao….you heard about that? We had a very squeeky bed on this trip too but with sharing a vacation home with my parents and sister..all on the same floor we were as quiet as mice. I m glad you enjoyed the videos. I know I put too many in the post but the goal was to try and experience the area; like being there. Can I send you some Johnson’s popcorn too if you are still hungry? ~Always nice to hear from you Ms. Aurora! Have a great week!

  21. I waited until I finished breakfast today to post a comment, cause last night/morning I got hungry at all the delicious food, including the chocolate covered bacon.

    Very fun to read, watch the videos and photos, its like being there for a little while.

    Mmm, maybe you want to go back to Jamaica to get compliments for the noisy bed 🙂

  22. Steele’s fudge said the chocolate covered bacon was one of their most popular items. Sorry to hear about your Manitoba experience, Ms. Vampire. Beaches should be all sun and water. Thanks for dropping by Leanne! I hope your summer got better

  23. I love the pictures! I want dark chocolate covered bacon. Yum.

    I went to a great beach in Manitoba (again) this summer and (again) discovered that I can get an allergic reaction to the sun. Not. Fun.

  24. Fear not Ms. Cyndi, we did eat like normal human beings for the meals. This was just the snicky-snacky stuff. For instance I made a smoked chicken salad with grapes, pineapples and almonds on my day to cook. Breakfast, well….we had all day to work it off. Yes, when we travel I like to try the local fresh catches but there it was about the same as what we have here so I opt for the flounder when we went out. To the kids this stuff was all treats. They still eat pretty healthy at home. So you are not interested in the hot caramel popcorn?

  25. Sounds like you might need a vacation to rest from your vacation…and recover from the vacation food choices. Wow, do you really eat like that? When I am on a beach vacation, I love the fresh fish and other healthy choices that someone else is preparing for me. 🙂 I guess our choices are what makes us uniquely us. From the looks of the OC food choices, I’m guessing my healthy eating is in the minority. Love the beach and expanse of the boardwalk. And it looks like a wonderland for the kids…little and big. 😉 Now go rest and recover…

  26. Oh, I’m keeping my eye for some too. Come on along nest time and see some of the East Coast outdoors. … Good luck in your travels Ms. Jessica! Thanks for dropping by!

  27. Now I like a Seaworld. this sounds very tempting! And nannies for the week? Hmmm. Can you stand some company for this weekend? We made need Jessica for some photos though. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Laura!

  28. Thanks for the great ideas. I will keep this list handy whenever I get the chance to visit and will be keeping an eye out for some curvy beach bunnies 🙂

  29. Laura Hayes on said:

    Oh my goodness, the treats are tempting. I think your next trip should be Texas! We have six flags, sea world and many exciting things. Me and Jessica will be the nannies for the week!! You and Sabrina can go off and do your own thing. I promise we will give them back!

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