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Domino College

I know I am going to get a lot of hate mail on this, but this is what works.

I played this song in the car Sunday night on the way to dinner.

It appears Dylan may know some of the words and so Mom looked at ME and just rolled her eyes (never a good sign in my family) like its all my fault or something.

The significance of Domino College?

It is a frequent song I play for Dylan when I take her to school. (don’t hate)

Shhhhh. And Dylan knows some of the words to the song too as Mom found out Sunday night.

You know, contrary to the glossy exteriors I present when telling stories of our girls, they aren’t always sugar and spice, they DON’T always want to listen and cooperate.

It’s true!

 Hard to believe but it is true.

So when Dylan climbs in my car in the morning for the ride back to school and she is crying or doesn’t want to go…or she is still hungry…or she wants me to go back and get her blanket, or her bunny or her bear and she cries,  I somehow navigate the CD player to where this song comes on and we sing, “Back To School”.

And we sing when the backup singers sing,

going back, back to school”.

And “Working vacation in for a Kindergarten education…back to school”.

And I do the hand gestures from the video and then Dylan sings along and smiles.

And we carry on and have some fun on the way to school. She enjoys singing along as she is now, ‘going back to school’.

And she always walks into school in a good mood and a smile.

Come on back to school

Does it bother Mom me that she knows some of the words to this song?

Nah. Most of this song is beyond her experience and her perception.

OH wait! 

This is Dylan we are talking about!

The other night at the dinner table Dylan calls her sister and looks out the window and just says, “Spider.”

Skylar looks at the window for a spider and then Mom and I do too. We didn’t see any spider.

After a few minutes I said, “Dylan where is there a spider? None of us see a spider?”

She nods towards the window with a smile and says, “Spider.”

Here, across the street, where they are doing new construction in vacant a lot,  in front of the lot sat a white plumbing van.

Anyone wanna guess the name of the plumbing company?

That’s right, Spider. There wasn’t a single picture of one, just the word…Spider. She had us all fooled.

Good one Dylan! 

So what of her sister? Do you think she is traveling down this path of kidding and joking and other tom-foolery?


I must be a terrible parent as this 3 year old has become a little rock and roll groupie. Its true

Know what I mean? No?

Take a look…

Now WHERE did she get that from? I didn’t teach her that!

I have my work cut out for me, don’t I?

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12 thoughts on “Domino College

  1. Thanks! Yes its all for fun!

  2. WordsFallFromMyEyes on said:

    🙂 I think Dylan is gorgeous & “all in order” – both of them are gorgeous. I liked the song!

    No hate around this, just a good life giggle 🙂

  3. Girl, you live in the Arctic…I keep tellin’ ya…you need to hang in da tropics, no problom mon! We have no spiders only iguanas….no problom 🙂 ~ I’ll lend you my Anguilla CD.

  4. I’ve never heard of “Domino College” before…WHERE have I been?
    I don’t even like the word ‘spider’ – it ‘bugs’ me. ;0)
    Your girls are charmers.

  5. oh gosh, I hope not. Sometimes I wonder if I have a little too much fun with them and need to draw a line at some point. I was a class clown in school (shocker!) and still find myself not taking myself too seriously at work. So far Dylan has been very respectful in school and elsewhere…but I know they grow up. I hope they can heed some of my life lessons. Any advice is always welcome! …since you are now part of our extended family in blogland too. 🙂 As always, thanks for looking in and commenting Ms. Cyndi!

  6. Buffet is always fun…even if a little less than G-rated. Hmmm, the girls must be following in Daddy’s footsteps.

  7. We actually went to the Texas Roadhouse in town. We have a history there that goes way back to Dylan and the Mgr. there working with Dylan by her side. I know it sounds like a bar in that video. So can you sing me a few lines of your favorite drug songs? 😉 Hope you are doing well Ms. Aurora! thanks for dropping by.

  8. Far, far far from the perfect dad. You only see the good stuff here on the web. Yep, whatever works. You mean they won’t always think I am the cool dad? ~ I hope you are recovering from your life event this weekend, Salma the first. Always great to hear from you!

  9. Its no surprise that she started singing that young then. She found a passion and stuck with it. (nice work Mom!) Still have that recording? It may be worth some money now. 🙂 Give her my best and thanks for looking in and being a part of our exteneded family Luanne. 🙂

  10. Its ok, just happy singing time.
    Ive have heard and love songs about drugs for many years, yet Ive never taken any.

    oh yeah… what restaurant did you went?

  11. First of all, I am happy to learn that you are human and not always the perfect dad I believe you are (pretty darn close). 🙂 Good for you for keeping Dylan happy on the way to school. Whatever works! That’s a parent’s motto. And Skylar’s got it going on too! Enjoy it now that they think their dad is so cool! 🙂

  12. Hahaha, this brought back the memories. When Marisha was little we watched “Married With Children” on TV because my husband liked it. She memorized the theme song, Frank Sinatra’s “Love and Marriage.” Totally inappropriate, and we recorded her singing it at age 4. I think she survived it. Or maybe not, and just to worry you, Andy, she’s playing a stripper (Mimi) in Rent right now at the theatre. 😉

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