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Another one bites the dust

Is it too late too get a little tropical yet this great Holiday weekend?

Click on the video, turn it up, kick off those shoes and come on…

Its really easy…

easy peasy..

Actually I want to help celebrate a birthday today.

Anyone that knows me knows I am not good with dates and b-days but this one has to be recognized and celebrated.

Yes, a young lady I know turns 50 today.

And she ain’t happy about it!

I can empathize, I remember it wasn’t a great day for me either.

She’s so anxious about the Big Five-Oh she actually started to write about it, Swimming To My 50’s.

Yes, by this age ol’ brown eye is a pretty good writer and doesn’t mind sharing some of her growing pains( we all have these by now and they only get worse), badges of honor, and secret cocktails she uses for mid-age survival (by prescription only)

She claims she was not going to do anything on her birthday, not get out of bed, do internet, not bathing, no deodorant (I asked her to reconsider there). But I had one gift suggestion for her…

She has a weakness for the Salsa (dancing not the condiment) and so I dusted off the ol’ ballroom dancing shoes, worked on my ‘Latin motion’, and asked to save one last salsa dance for me.

So while I am listening to the Pineapple Song and practicing my ‘movement below the waist’ here in anticipation for our dance (my dog is really looking at me funny), I want to encourage you to click on over to her blog and wish her a very HAPPY 50th birthday.

But first….

Let’s have a moment of silence.

Those of you that are past your 50’s already can tell her all the great things to look forward to…make some up if you need to.

Those that are still a few B-days away can just …well this will be you some day.. (smile)

 …so Very Happy Birthday my friend!

I’m still older than you…

Here was my solution to fix the Birthday Blues


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14 thoughts on “Another one bites the dust

  1. Always a pleasure to stop by!

  2. Your party looks like fun! ~ sorry I missed it (sigh) Thanks for dropping by Diana! Have a great week….

  3. I’ll show you the dance on / for your birthday! Are you a salsa’er? The 50th wasn’t a big deal to me other than I thought it was supposed to be one. Kinda like a benchmark. I didn’t know how I was supposed to feel and that in itself bummed me out. BIG appluase for you on your 50th! You are so healthy with none of these AARP ailments. Oh, wait until those cards start arriving in the mail. Thanks for dropping by Dr.Lynn. Have a great week!

  4. I’m right on the cusp of my 50th. A couple more months of 49 and that’s it. Not sure how I’m going to celebrate but it will definitely involve a lot of eating…and since that’s the case I better keep these workout of mine going strong! p.s. I wanna see the dance!

  5. What??? At Dunkin Donuts? I may have to dig mine out of the trash! Did you take any pictures of your party? Feel any older?

  6. I turned 50 in February. Until then I gave myself permission to call it 40-10. I figured I would be around 40-13 before I could say 53 but by the time I turned 50 it was OK. Dancing is a great idea. I threw myself a 50th birthday party at the Ranchman’s – it was awesome!


  7. My birthdays are usually not that great for some reason, but this year I was a big girl and didn’t cry. And that made it a little better ;). hahaha

  8. No AARP cards yet!! Can’t wait, I hear you can get discounts at Dunkin Donuts! 🙂

  9. lol…well glad about the deodorant cause I just didn’t know how ripe you might be on a scale of 50 😉 I hope it was a great one, nothing to worry about and you are still hitting your stride or I guess stroke….if you are in the water. The big question I forgot to ask was …did those AARP cards rolling in yet? Happy b-day my friend! Keep up the great stuff! xo

  10. Andy!!! How lucky am I?????? You dedicated this post to me. It makes turning 50 worth it!! 🙂 You’ll be happy to know that I wore deodorant and took a shower! I danced all weekend and listened to my favorite songs. My arthritic hips were a shakin all weekend! I put new make up on my one eye that you can all see, too.

    You are so sweet and thoughtful. I survived the day, didn’t drown and will resume my swimming real soon. Thanks for your kind words. Love to your beautiful familia! 🙂

  11. Just like wine Luanne! I can’t even imagine the big six-oh but I do remember fretting about 50 for a number of years. I wasn’t much fun for me either. Thanks for looking in this holiday. Hope yours was a fun one!

  12. Its all about the hip action in Salsa’ing they tell me. My teacher told me to work on mine years ago. Now if I only had some rhythm! Its only a number but I remember I didn’t enjoy it too much either. Hope you have ad happy Labor Day! Always great to hear from you…

  13. Fifty shimfty! It’s just a number:) Let’s hear more about the salsa dancing! I’ll hop on over to the birthday girl’s blog in a minute.

  14. Wow, 5-0! That’s horrible! How ancient! Hahahaha, I’m worried that the big 6-0 is breathing down my neck in a couple years. I’ll go check out the birthday girl’s blog. . . .

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