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Friends, this Christmas season may be tougher than I thought. We just received displays for chocolate drizzled popcorn at work. And if that wasn’t bad enough we also received some white chocolate and cinnamon drizzled popcorn. (sigh)

Forget the chocolate covered pretzels. I will be up a pant size by Thanksgiving! I’ll be the turkey!

You may have heard me sing my theme song “King of Somewhere Hot” from time to time.

“…where I can truly reign supreme,

Somewhere fresh and clean,

Where a man can claim…

I’m the King…

King of somewhere Hot.

Well evidently I may sing it maybe too much?

Saturday, Skylar, my 3 year old, had a cardboard crown from a Burger King happy meal. You know the kind. You piece it together and a tab on the back.

Well she was feeling very friendly Saturday morning and so she went over to our greyhound and put the royal crown on top of his head. And she says,’ You’re the king of somewhere hot Chumley.”


Chumley was ecstatic!

Well no, not really. You see he, our black greyhound,  had just had a duel, a face to face bout, with Skylar’s 2 foot blow up Shark. And he won! So his day had already been made!

Jaws has been caged!

Jaws has been caged!

Compounding the issue of my 3 year old picking up Jimmy Buffett songs is my 5 year old who sings Buffett songs on the way ‘Back to school’.

If the parent police ever find out about my little girls already becoming Parrotheads they may just take my Parent card; or World’s Coolest Dad coffee mug from me.

Another point of interest this weekend is, after much hard work, rearranging, unpacking and tossing out, I  was finally able to park my car in the garage this weekend. No metaphor intended this time.

Getting both our cars in the garage has been a goal, a challenge, or quest ever since we moved in last May. I frankly thought the garage too small. But it fit! Cross it off the list! It fit!

And that, my friends, is the kind of extravagant family activities that have earned me the WordPress Family Award this week!

Presented by: Turquoise Compass

Presented by: Turquoise Compass

Yes, Jessica, at Turquoise Compass really flattered, surprised, and completely dazzled me with the WordPress Family Award.

Since I will probably never get ‘Freshly Pressed’ this may be the closest I get to an award with a WordPress logo.

If you enjoy travel or a coastal read and pictures of turquoise blue water, Jessica has a blog for you! She is a well credited teacher taking a year off to explore the turquoise waters around the globe…I am sooo jealous.


Similarly, another new friend, although she never has told me her name, PeaceLove&GreatCountryMusic honored me with a comparable thrill in recommending me for a Sunshine Award last week.

Thanks Peace Love & Great  Music!

I am smiling over here and happy to know that a few people actually enjoy reading about me and my girls and their crazy shenanigans. I know not everyone can stomach hearing about other people’s kids.

So thank you ladies so much!

And thanks to all of you that drop by and leave a comment to let me know you were here. These things keep me going.  high 5

Now I normally don’t really do awards. For me, they take a lot of my time, as you know how chatty I can be. I have told you everything worth knowing about myself already in previous award speeches. And I really hate passing out an award to a limited number or recipients when all of you are more deserving than I.

But this tribute is to ‘Family’ Bloggers I suppose and so the 50 other coastal, or fitness, or funny, or motivational or Stylish other favorite bloggers I love so much shouldn’t get too offended if I don’t nominate them this one time? Right?

So here are my nominations for favorite Family bloggers that rightfully deserve this award too. You all do a great job where I look forward to hearing about you and your families. And I am sorry I can’t pick all you great moms and dads out there….

Dances with Chaos: This is probably the best mommy / family writer out there in a world of great writers IMHO. Always amusing never dull.

Momma Gets Real: A very funny and candid mother who shares some of the highs and lows of raising her clan.

Don’t We Look Alike: This is a mom and daughter tag team (mostly mom) that write on all the various issues in adoption. The mom, an adoptive mother and the daughter a very talented singer and dancer.

Cuckoo’s Nest : One of my favorites.  Mom does great illustrations of fun in her young family and her future heiress. She is equally gifted in front of as well as behind the camera. And in the kitchen!

Taking The World On With A Smile: Karen is a multiple award winner here in 3D. I probably annoy her with this stuff. She has two great teens that serve as an illustration of what I have to look forward to…if I do things right.

Leeanne Shirtliffe ~ the Ironic Mom: Leeanne is just a very, very funny writer and author of the hilarious new book, “Don’t Lick the Minivan: And Other Things I Never Thought I’d Say to My Kids”.  Her motto is ‘if you can’t laugh at yourself, laugh at your kids. She is my go-to source for funny ideas to steal borrow when I have none of my own.

Southern Sea Muse: This is a blog by a southern lady living on the coast. It is not so much about her family but ideas and conversations with ‘the Big Guy‘. Although I truly enjoy when she adds stories about her kids.

Talk To Diana:  Another great read, that is not so much about family and more on business, philanthropy, and helping others. But then I read about the relationship she has with her kids and I know it is all worth it.

Swimming Into My 50’s: Here is a kindred spirit in more ways than one. We both hate being 50. Where I like to Salsa she is actually good at it. Her kids are an extension of her great personality.

Dirty Rotten Parenting: Don’t let the title fool you. She is a great and caring mom who just happens to put a funny spin on things, pointing out we all share the same things with our kids

So Congratulations and thanks to you 10 greaterable (Dylan’s word) Family blogs. I enjoy what you do and look forward to you doing it the next time. If you would like to pay your award forward, let me list a few of the rules:

For the WordPress Family award:

  1. Include the award’s logo in a post or on your Blog.
  2. Link to the person who nominated you.
  3. Answer 10 questions about yourself. (anything)
  4. Nominate 10 Bloggers.
  5. Link your nominees to the post and comment on their Blogs, letting them know they have been nominated.

Now, if you don’t want to do parts of the above rules I get it. As you can see I am not really a ‘Rules’ guy either. I know it takes time. I know many blogs out there don’t even acknowledge their awards.

On the other hand, why ignore some of your favorite blogs? Why not reach out somewhere and touch someone that touches you? I am sure that would make their day! Right? Its always cool to get (and give) an award.

Or, like my daughter Skylar, or my friend Paris, might say:


“…I don’t care how hard you look.

You won’t find me in a book.

Cause I’m here right on this spot!

The King of somewhere Hot….

**Thanks again Ms. Turquoise and Ms. Country Music!

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45 thoughts on “Blog of somewhere Hot…..

  1. Thanks Ms. D Angel. Yes I saw your post today. Great outfit! The awards are nice to be appreciated but not why I do this. I bigger reason is meeting all the great and interesting people out there, like you. Thanks again for dropping by Ms. Angel 😉

  2. Karen, thanks for your kind words. These girls make a large part of being a daddy fun. Yes, its a privilege being a daddy too. You seem to be doing a great job. Speaking of, does your daughter have a blog now? I think somehow I am following it. She seems to be like a great young lady.
    Thanks for dropping by Karen and congratulations for seeming to do everything well!

  3. Super cute post and congratulations on your Award! 🙂

  4. Andy, you’re a great dad and I enjoy reading about your family, your lovely girls. It is very kind of you to think of me. It’s a privileged to be a mom. It’s an honor to be recognized for it. Thank you for the nomination. 🙂

  5. I just thought he couldn’t be older than 65 or so and with you being 29 and me being 30 he would have us both by a coupla years. 🙂 Its funny you asked about an adopted child of his… that is a very frequent term search that leads people to my blog as well. I don’t know if its true or not. Maybe I should find out and write about it, eh? We could tag team it since you are the authority. ~ Pls. tel Ms Jet Setter to take care and send me a program sometime. Or bring the tour back East.

  6. Oh like I said yours is one I really look forward to reading and if I have to wait so be it. I did think you dropped off for awhile or quit. I think I had to re-find your blog at one point. Most of my writing time is when my wife occupies the kids from after dinner until bed time. Sometimes later as in now. Drop your 4 year old off with our 3 year old during the day sometime if you need a break or some writing time. We have a fenced in yard, lots of crayons and balloons and a nanny that can handle both. 😉 All the best to you Kelly!

  7. Hahaha, you’re so kind. He’s not even older than Marisha and me put together. Is it true one of his kids is adopted? Marisha is in the Joy Luck Club National Tour, so they are moving around to different cities. Fun stuff when you’re young! Actually it sounds fun to me!

  8. Yup, we are completely napless. And the balloon thing would go horribly wrong.

    Add that to refereeing constantly (when both kids are around), trying to enjoy the weather outside while it is nice, volleyball, Mommy taxi, still trying to work out, and attempting to learn the art of meal planning–I have no time left.

    My main writing time was whittled down to Friday morning, but my daughter whined/cried so much about going to preschool that day (4-year-olds can be so lovely), we stopped. Now that time is dependent upon whether I need groceries and if my daughter is happily playing without the need to constantly tell me what she’s doing.

    Thank you again for the kind words. I’m glad someone still reads me through my long hiatuses. 🙂

  9. OK great. the cancer thing I began writing about in June pretty much. Otherwise I talk some fitness, and travel, and of course the coast along with my kids. Maybe you can see a correlation between ballet and thing sI enjoy (?)I sent you an email so we wouldn’t have to discuss by way of comments. OK?

  10. Sounds good!:) A post about your cancer experience would work. Everyone can relate to it. I’m gonna check out more of you posts and let you know.

  11. Well if you think you and I may share something in common that your readers would like to here I could try to pen something that way. I am new to your blog so I am not real familiar with your readers. My experience with cancer or trips to Jamaica come to mind. Maybe you can think of other things looking around my blog. Ballet is foreign to me though 🙂 I can’t write on that. 🙂 But it gets you off the hook some week when you may be too busy to crank out a post. What are your thoughts?

  12. I am not necessarily going to write the song but I would value your opinion as you probably knows what sells in country music and I am fairly new to it. I’ll pencil you for some of the royalties?

  13. Just wait, mister, the blog gets a new name in 2014. I’m undecided between two titles, I’m not a songwriter, but if you poke around my blog roll, there might be a few.

  14. Hi Andy! Congrats on your 200th post…that’s amazing! How does the guest post work?

  15. lmao…You are too funny Ms. Aurora! And sweetie…it already is cooked! :p Chum has really blended in nicely. His growling is gone and he is finally playing like a puppy. Its nice to see. I think he feels like more and more of the family everyday. But will he get radioactive too be being so close to me? Hmmmmm? ~ Please take care AuAu. I hope you are doing well!

  16. Every time I go to your blog a get a smile Ms. Miiu. You all seem like a great group together. Plus I love your style. If you lived closer I might take some of those clothes listed on your blog off your hands. I really love them. Plus I am trying to get a crash course into your country and culture..since we haven’t been that far into Europe yet. It looks wonderful! Congrats again Heiress’s Mom! Keep up the good work!

  17. Well I guess I need a nick name for you then since your blog’s name is so long. 🙂 Ms. Peace? Ms. Music? I still would really like your opinion on an idea for a song that mostly fits country music. I don’t write songs but this one just sticks in my head and keeps growing. Of course a Buffett Alan Jackson combo comes to mind for it. It kinda follows their brand I think. But how to get it to someone? I thought you may have some ideas there. ~Thanks again for nominating me Ms. Peace! You are too cool! 🙂

  18. Wow she is really getting around! That is quite a broad area to travel I imagine. Business or pleasure? I have a whole list of more Buffett songs I can sing for you. I think has done real well in taking his name to a Brand and then to a way of life, which is what I am fond of. But he has so many thing that carry his name now it unreal; from hotels, restaurants, frozen food, sun tan lotion you name it. Of course he is probably older than you and me combined and had time to build his empire. ~ Thanks for dropping by Luanne! Have a great week!

  19. I really haven’t had those dancing shoes on since the late 90’s I bet so I would bet I would be rusty to say the least. Welcome back! Looking forward to more stories and pictures.

  20. Thank you, 3D…I hope I did you justice in return 😀

  21. Good for Mr Chum, he protected the girls, that shark looks like a meanie and a bully.
    Radioactive chocolate turkey for thanksgiving? will it cook on its own?

  22. thank you so much :’)

  23. I wish I could have a name unveiling, but I can’t just yet. Soon though, although I love the anonymity of blogging without being known. It’s hard to be in the profession I am and be critical of it, too. Different bloggers call me by different nicknames, so you can call me whatever. I’m glad that you passed the award on to others, it’s great to showcase fellow bloggers.

  24. I feel I am supposed to say, “oh no, you bow to no one Frodo.” Yes, I watch Lord of the Rings too much too. They call Jimmy ‘Salt’ as they do not know his name but they know his voice and picture by now. ~ I hope you are doing great Sandy an dyour running is taking you where you want to go. Thanks for stopping by!

  25. Congratulations, Andy!!! And thank you ;). I will never listen to Jimmy Buffett again that I won’t think of you. By now you have imprinted it on my brain. You are so sweet. I will tell Marisha. I’ll tell her you wrote “mostly mom,” too. I’ll inflame her guilt feelings hahaha. She just got back from Albuquerque and will be going to Bellingham, Washington.

  26. BRAVO, mi amigo!! Absolute well deserved awards have been bestowed upon you! 🙂 I am glad others agree with me about how great your posts are. They have a perfect combination of humor, parodies, opinions and thoughts on all kinds of topics. Including your adorable daughters. Muchas Gracias for honoring me with this award. I agree with it all except for I bet you are a better salsa dancer than you give yourself credit for.

    Now that I am back from my trip, I can catch up on all the missed posts by my fave bloggers. Cheers!

  27. Congrats on your award AND on teaching your children Jimmy Buffett songs. I bow to that.

  28. Ditto…I might go check you out right now……

  29. Likewise! I look forward to more posts from you!

  30. I hear you Lisa…that’s how I found your blog via your daughter’s award. I listed some great moms, some very funny ones, and some very creative ones. . Thanks for the congrats! Yes I wish I could move in with Jessica out ther too! ~ Thanks for dropping by Lisa. Always great hearing from you!

  31. CONGRATS! Dontcha just love my blog daughter turqoise compass? (http://turquoisecompass.wordpress.com/)
    I have claimed her! 😀
    Now im gonna have to go ck out the other gal andthe ones you have nominated.
    I love to view others’ blogs that they find fascinating.
    Again, CONGRATS!

  32. So that is why we haven’t seen as many posts…no more naps? can’t you just blow up a balloon and ask them to play outside like I do? :p Kelly, you are one of the very best writers I read. Never critic yourself too hard. I used to try to be creative and do the best writing I can but,like you and our finite set of time disappearing, I just decided to write for fun and let it flow. Sometimes I’ll dress it up when I proof it. Yes, hard to imagine these posts get proofed with all the typos. ~ Have fun…that’s what it is all about, right? You are already one of the best! Congrats!

  33. While I rarely get the time to acknowledge awards these days on my blog itself (thanks to the lack of blogging I do compared to the early days when I ignored laundry and my children still napped), I always feel honored when someone feels my blog “speaks” or entertains them enough to chose me among the millions that exist.

    And your two sentences about my blog? They will be printed to go into my “feel good” folder (an idea Leanne of Ironic Mom gave to me) to read on days when my inner critic tells me I have no business writing in this sea of awesomeness.

    Those words mean more than any award, IMHO.

    So thank you.

  34. Thanks! I’ll say a prayer for great results!

  35. Ah, I bet you have heard several of his songs already though. He’s been around forever it seems but coastal living is his niche so I would understand why he is not so popular where you live. Its never too late to jump on the boat. Come on, I sing some more for you! Congrats and thanks for all the good things you do!

  36. Would you believe I’d never heard of Jimmy Buffet until very recently when I saw him on the Ellen Show?! What rock have I been living under?? Andy, I really touched be on your list – thank you so much…
    blessings to you and your family…

  37. Well then my work is done here Ms. Breezy! You know….you could have both right here in Charleston, Charm City if you ever get bored on that other Big Apple town. Aalways great to hear from you Breena. I hope you are doing great!

  38. They do, don’t they. Its funny, they don’t know Buffett’s name or who dos these songs. They just call him ‘Salt’ after the chant on the live veersion of Margaritaville. But they do recognize his voice or picture when ever it pops up. The good news…Dylan wanted to listen to (and sing) her Disney CD in the car this morning. Their may be hope for a normal childhood yet. ~ Congrats on your award SSM! Nobody does it better or I look forward to reading more. 🙂

  39. MMMM, I coming ot your house for the holiday party. We can run it off the next day……I need someone to get me oout there, assuming I get the green light from the Dr’s. Cross your fingers, I start going back to the Dr’s to check results this week. Thenits nothing but excercise and decadent desserts with friends for the next 2 years! Thanks for dropping by Susie! I hope you are feeling better and better

  40. Hi Ms. Donna! I am glad you enjoyed the post. I sometimes feel these come across as too self-serving. YOU are the winner today! This post was my 200th post my stats say and when I posted this I had 2199 comments. So your comment was # 2200 in my 200 posts. I thought who ever was my first commenter (assuming I had one) I would do a guest post for or come up with some other sort of appreciation. So thank you! Would you like a guest post at your site?

  41. I now have a craving for chocolate drizzled popcorn.. and a vacation. haha

  42. Garsh-a-golly, 3D – thank you! Y’know, you’re never too young to be a Parrothead, I always say. Your girls (all 3 of ’em!) rock!

  43. Congratulations! I just saw a recipe for white chocolate dipped pretzels for Halloween. I am going to have to get out exercising too!

  44. Congrats! So well deserved:) I really enjoyed this post!

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