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Life’s Ups and Downs…

We have a family ritual that we do at dinner. Mommy thought it up. After we sit down and start to eat she will go around the table and ask each person “What was your BEST thing that happened today?” Its kinda a way to get the kids engaged during dinner as well as have them stick around a little bit longer.

Well on Thursday night when she got to me. I told everyone, “I called the cancer doctor today and he said it is OK for me to start holding you kids again and let them sit on my lap; that the radiation in my belly should have subsided enough to where I am no longer harmful to them.”

Well smiles lit up all around the table.

He also told me I should be OK to start running again. And so we can start rebuilding some of the family dreams that have been put on hold these past few months.

To be clear, this has nothing to do with my body ridding itself of the cancer cells.  But a little family bonding should do this ol’ body and spirit some good.

I told the girls it was OK to sit on my lap again for an extended period of time. What my girls actually heard was, “Its OK to jump up and down on daddy’s belly again and maybe get back to a  little wrestling.”

That’s OK. I’ve been waiting for this! And so have they! Funny thing, few things in this family bring on such uncontrollable laughter as jumping on and diving at Daddy, with little care or regard about his welfare. See for yourself…

Nothing like having a 45lb girl drop to her knees on your belly! It was OK. The girls really enjoy this and so do I. I may make wrestlers out of them yet. And the boys better beware!

One other fun thing that happened that night was Dylan found her lost key to her Rapunzel book of secrets. She got this book about a year ago from one of her awesome grandmothers.

Its a kinda diary for kids and asks you to write down favorite things and such. It also has several listings of Rapunzel’s favorite things, as well as some fun facts. Flynn Rider has similar listings in the book.

So one thing led to another and we started doing our Rapunzel and Flynn Rider impersonations, based on pictures in the book.

Dylan would stand there and model like the picture of Rapunzel, right down to the hands and expression.

And then I worked on ‘the smoulder’. 

“Hey, how ya doin’?”

But every time I did this ‘smouldering impersonation’ Dylan would whack me in the nose! After the second time I stopped her and said “Why did you do that?”

Dylan replies, “Well that’s what Rapunzel does in the movie.” ….she was still playing her part of Rapunzel it appears.

Now, any of you out there that have seen this movie (my personal favorite Disney Princess movie) remember this seen? I kinda remembered the scene. It goes like this….

Now do you think she was yanking my chain or not? This is Dylan we are talking about and the unflappable memory of hers. Do you think she actually remembered it that way or she just enjoyed booping Daddy in the nose, burning out her left over violence from the belly jumping episodes earlier?

Regardless, she genuinely enjoyed my impersonations so much I just kept doing them. She laughed so hard each time.

Mom walked by and Dylan made me do ‘the smoulder’ for her. No, she didn’t whack me in the nose like Dylan had; thank goodness! She didn’t seem to get the thrill out of it like Dylan had each time either.

I dunno. I can do some good impersonations sometimes. What do you think…

OK, I am little embarrassed now that you actually saw that. Please don’t hate. I do a much better ‘Rainman’ and Bogart impersonation.

On the way to school the next morning Dylan asked to see my smoulder a few more times. And that put her in a good mood as she laughed half the way to Kindergarten.

We pulled into the lot to park and as we got Dylan says,  “Daddy I think you should do that Flynn Rider thing for my teacher in school!”

I will have no humility left when this girl is done with me!

One final note, I received this video in  my Inbox from Youtube this week. I think its a pretty snazzy vid on the whole Movember movement.

Are any of you still participating in this cause by boycotting your razors? Guys? Girls?

Again, think of some of the fun conversations you can have at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Not your usual holiday discussions.

Plus, you are raising some great awareness for the trendy Prostate Cancer! My cancer might have just been ‘stoomped out’ on Thursday!

Thanks to everyone for helping this awareness out!

Oh, and all the Kindergarten teachers loved the impersonation. It went better than I thought it would. 😉

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33 thoughts on “Life’s Ups and Downs…

  1. I am following along, the last thing I read about it was that Dylan got a frowny face for not obeying like a robot, that she was told to sit in the corner after doing nothing wrong, and that the neighbour has a doorbell but doesnt care about opening the door.

    You would only get a piece of envelop after the border taxes.

    “What am I going to do if a teacher falls for the smoulder?”
    Be happy (pick a good looking one).

    I didnt make any homework ever, and look how well I ended up 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. I am doing great Jess and my abs are getting stronger with every bounce. I’ll soon be able to keep up with you running. And the truth is Mommy, while prefering to stay behind the scenes here in the blog, is the big reason why this family flows so fun. Most of these things, like Fall Festivals, are her ideas. I’m just the supporting cast. I hope you have a great week and Turkey Day my friend. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. LOL…Oh Cassye, I am disappointed! I wanted to see YOUR smoulder. 🙂 Yes I will keep practicing..you don’t know how many takes it took to get that of the Grumpy Old Man in that one. Still dylan laughed and laughed when I did these. She must see some sort of resemblance or just enjoys her dad making a fool of himself. ..which is a big part of my routine! I hope you are doing well Cassye! Enjoy your Turkey Day and don’t feel bad about going for seconds! Thanks for dropping by….

  4. Some Pesos in the mail then maybe? 🙂 What am I going to do if a teacher falls for the smoulder? trust me the hate will come soon enough there… gifts of cookies can only go so far until someone gets jealous. And besides, you haven’t been following along. Dylan will not need any help making the Honor Roll..and we want her to do the homework to help her learn…since she will have take of us in our golden years…

  5. So glad you’re doing better! And I too dig the smoulder… Also, I love your wife’s idea about sharing the best thing that happened to you that day at dinner. Just awesome!

  6. I would gladly send you the 5 dollars, but for some reason the internet doesnt recognize my AuAu credit card, and its the only one I have.
    But, but, but, if the teacher falls in love with you, its all A grades! she wont even have to do homework anymore, until the teacher starts to hate you of course.

  7. dig the smoulder

  8. Congrats on you lap clearance – just in time for some holiday hanging out I hope! I did the smoulder and think you should definitely keep training for the 1st grade teachers next year…:)

  9. Yes, we do that sort of wrestling here most every night. I just love the sound of that type of laughter, hence the title to that vid. But no, no repeat of the smoulder at school…I embellished a bit there. I have to have some sense of dignity when I walk my girl in there…and not have them scatter when they see me coming! I hope you are doing well this week and have a wonderful holiday with your family Ms. Cyndi! As always, so great to hear from you!

  10. Isn’t that one of them laughing the best?! I just love to hear that sound, hence the title to the vid. And you would be happy to know that is practically an everyday occurrence here. They are happy kids…as long as my belly holds out! Ham huh? lol I think of it more as Cheesy…my wife likes to say the only thing cheesier is cheese! I hope you have a wonderfully spicy Thanksgiving Brown Eye! Thanks for looking in!

  11. Yes, the jumping on daddy has to be good for building up my stomach muscles! And sorry to disappoint again but still no smoulder for the teachers…I need them to take me seriously in there and not avoid the nuthouse guy. 🙂 OK, I’ll do it for $5.00. I’m cheap! And our girls are the lucky ones to have these great teachers! Always great to hear from you Ms. Aurora! Thanks for riding along!

  12. Good news! And fun way to celebrate??? Ouch! A repeat performance for the Kindergarten, too? Ah-oh, all the kids will be lining up to have a whack at you.

  13. Oh Andy! You are hilarious! I love all the videos. Those girls of yours sure love their daddy! Your smoulder is awesome and that facial hair is looking good on you. Thanks for bringing so much awareness to the blogging world. Now you go have yourself a wonderful Thanksgiving! (Are you having turkey? Cuz you sure are a HAM! hee,hee)

  14. Yes, up and downs, been there haha. But you know how to make some lemonade in your blog posts! Yes, Marisha is on her way here!

  15. “Jumping on daddy” is an exercise to get you back in shape after the procedure recess.
    I just read in another comment that you didnt really do the smoulder to the teachers, and I must say Im dissapointed, I hope that it actually happens first hour monday, you can chose the female teacher you best like, no warning before! if you do it right she will know youre acting.
    The video was good, but its obviously not the same in person, she will be one lucky teacher 🙂

  16. Yes we can have our fun and I feel we have some catching up to do here in a sense. We also have the common ups and downs that everyone else has too…they are not so fun to write about however. I hope you and yours have a great Holiday weekend! Is Marisha coming home? And thanks for dropping by our place…. 🙂

  17. It is Diana. We love to wrestle and laugh and carry one but the best part is still just the holding on laps. ,,,which is My focus this week, to necessarily theirs. The whackin’ in the nose wasn’t too bad. She didn’t wind up and really clock me, just playing the role. Thanks for dropping by Diana! Have a great week…

  18. I like that, ‘release into the wild’, like a caged bird or something. And back on the slopes already? That is great! And I was worried about running… Have a great week Susie!

  19. You have such a fun household, Andy! Happy Thanksgiving to your family!!!

  20. You too! I am great although easing into things after my “release into the wild.” I’m going to stay off the slopes on busy days. I bought a bright stop sign colored ski jacket!!!!

  21. Ms. SSM….I have to confess…sometimes I embellish a bit….I never did the impersonation for the school teachers. But I did get a laugh thinking about it. However if Dylan doesn’t secure straight A’s on her own intelligence I am sure all the cookies I bring the school may help as well. I did crank out 2 miles in 17 minutes yesterday too (Yay!!) Aren’t those laughs of the girls like Gold! I wanted to put that in there but I forgot…(distracted frequently while I was conjuring up this latest post 😉 ) …falling back on your recent post of impromptu moments from God. Did you get a laugh? Has the BP improved at all? How is everyone feeling at your house? Have you whipped out your cape and tights yet super woman? Ah gosh that sounds like a quiz. I hope you are doing fine! Have a great Sunday and Holiday week! thanks for dropping by our beach house…

  22. lol…yes I have to remind Dylan to make sure I see her coming before she dives at me so I can get my armor up! Oh but those laughs are so worth it! And that smoulder has about smouldered out. But it was fun! How are things in your neck of the woods? I hope you all are doing great! I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving! Thanks for dropping by!

  23. Thanks Ms. Runner! The unwritten post there was I went out and ran 2 miles right away and trying to get my wind back again. Thanks for dropping by! Always nice to hear from you. See you at a Turkey Trot one day soon!

  24. It must be great to hold your kids again. Ouch (regarding the punch in the nose!)

  25. Jess, that is a normal way of life at our house hold. I take the punishment so mom can cook in the kitchen. I love it! I love to hear them laugh so hard! Oh, that impersonation….I was trying to keep it from sounding like Joey on Friends. Thanks for dropping Ms. Jessica! Have a great Holiday week!

  26. I am sooo bad about that too. Usually my typos shame me in WP. Where did Cruciferous come from? It felt like Easter 🙂

  27. I am not so big on my cruciferous, unless I can get them smothered in cheese. Not to worry though, Mom like to hide all the veggies, I mean crucifers in the spaghetti sauce and other imaginative ways. How are you feeling? Eating your crucifers along your travel? Thanks for dropping by Ms. Susie! Have a great Holiday week!

  28. Congratulations on being able to resume normal Daddy activities! What a long road it must have been for you. I hope your impersonation secured Dylan with a year-ful of straight As.

  29. Sounds like a happy family all-the-way around! Although, you may want to invest in a little armor as D gets older! Just say’in. Nice smolder!! 🙂

  30. Great fun. Pleased to hear of your progress.

  31. Kudos for posting the impersonation video. Glad to see you are back to being a human trampoline – that’s always a sign of good health 🙂

  32. vegetables. I should always proof before posting….

  33. That is such great news! I’ve heard a couple of times recently how important cruciferous are to people who’ve had cancer. So now you can run to the store and buy some broccoli!

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