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The Hat Trick

This weekend was a burn burner…in terms of activities; and temperatures. The weekend hit the 80’s both days. Good thing! As we had more fall festivities in store.

Our town had its first ever Fall Festival at its new amphitheater. It was a gorgeous day so we all went to see what we could find!


The timing of the festival lend itself to more Veterans Day festivities, with the bulk of the bands performing playing likewise tunes.

Our girls didn’t understand too much of that part though. Not when there were Jump Castles to conquer!

Skylar going up the castle....

Skylar going up the castle….

..and Dylan sliding down!

..and Dylan sliding down!


And when Skylar found some tables with some arts and crafts Dylan found this mess to get into….


It was truly and afternoon of fun including a rendezvous with the now blog famous Katy (Who is this? This is Dylan!) and also a sighting by the newly famous high school mascot, that just fascinated Skylar all afternoon.

"Hi Mr. Bird"

“Hi Mr. Bird”

"Mommy! Daddy! The bird talked to me!"

“Mommy! Daddy! The bird talked to me!”

Hay rides, dancing, face painting, games, magicians, fair-type food equals loads of fun. So much so it even kept me occupied during college football Saturday afternoon.

Sunday was the Hat Trick though!

Dylan won a prize recently by reading 3 books (Hockey’s Hat Trick) during the week on Halloween. As a PR promotion, our local hockey team, The South Carolina Stingrays, gave out free tickets to anyone completing this Hat Trick that week.


Dylan did, so we went!

One thing I noticed was, even though it was 80 degrees out doors the stands still were nearly half full in the ‘cool’ inside for this game. Second, practically every player in this game was from another country, most notably our friends across our border to the North. And I don’t mean North Carolina.

I tried to explain to Dylan what was going to happen in the game but, only being to one prior hockey game I had a hard time explaining it.


I told her it is fast, like soccer, but on skates, the guys are big and when they look like they are wrestling, like when her and I wrestle, it is actually not as much fun as what we have. I told her it would be loud and a party like atmosphere inside so get ready to dance and have some fun.

We made it in on time. Found our seats. Found some stadium food. And prepared to for some fun!


Seven minutes into the game they scored. Moments later so did the home team. And the place got loud and wild inside! Next thing I know, I look up to see Dylan’s pictureΒ  on the big Jumbo-tron TV over top of the arena!

I tapped Dylan on the shoulder and pointed up at the gigundous overhead TV. She smiled ear to ear.


I told Dylan, every time there is a break in the action the TV people will span the arena looking for people waving and jumping up and down and having a good time. Dylan took the hint!

“Daddy, hockey is fun!”


About five minutes later I get a text from Mom saying Dylan’s best friend just saw D’s picture on the big TV at the hockey arena and wanted to know where she was sitting at. It turns out Dylan’s best friend from school was sitting exactly straight across the rink from us, to the row.

So we waved madly at them and I sent our section number to them via text. Low and behold Dylan was sitting with her best friend from school about 10 minutes later.

The young girl and her mom hung out with us for a little then went back to their seats. When the period was over we trekked over to their section and sat with them the rest of the game.


OK, that was not the truth.

Dylan and her friend actually stood in front of the section’s railings most of the time and talked and laughed and jumped and waved the rest of the game.



Dad sat there eating the rest of her popcorn in the stands…keeping a watchful eye on them.

I think Dylan had a great time. She was fast asleep before I made it up to her room to give her a hug good night that evening.

And that, my friends, was our Hat Trick of a weekend.

'Cool Ray' the mascot

‘Cool Ray’ the mascot

I hope you all scored some fun yourself this past week. Stay tuned, there is one more Fall Festival to come next weekend.

Come on and join us!

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16 thoughts on “The Hat Trick

  1. That was only my 2nd game; each one was a gift. yes, I don’t quite get the fighting in it although I know that is a drawing card. They are fast and very well conditioned though. that part was impressive. Yes, I see the great opportunities opening up for our lil girl. Its fun to see. thanks for dropping by Ms. Cyndi! Have a great holiday!

  2. It was a GREAT weekend Ms. D Anna. Lots of fun on one last warm weekend down here. I hope your weekend was spectacular too! Thanks for dropping by!

  3. What a fun weekend! πŸ™‚

  4. Congratulations to Dylan! Reading rewards are always the best. You are ahead of me. I have never been to a hockey game…by choice. I’ll take a peaceful yoga class everytime. πŸ™‚ Glad to hear Dylan is having these great opportunities. Life is a great adventure!

  5. Oh they are all the fun..I’m just along for the ride….and reliving my childhood. Last week I opted to stay home and miss the Fall carnival…and regretted it. This week I asked if I could tag along…the football game can wait! I hope you had a fun weekend or come hang with us next weekend…we have one more fall festival to go yet. Have a great week Maria!

  6. What a fun weekend, Andy! I really want to hang out with your family – fun is your middle name! I’m still so impressed with Dylan’s reading abilities.

  7. Oh. You mean there are positions!?!
    I just like to watch the fights.

    Oh and just raise the roof when whatever team scores. Woot woot!!

  8. You sound like a hockey player! Yes there were some fights, didn’t see any blood. I was amused as the refs just stand right beside the guys fighting… and watch them. They don’t try to break it up until someone falls. Being a past football player, I liked the guys flying into someone else at full speed trying to take them out. What postion did you play in hockey Lisa? πŸ˜‰ Thanks for dropping by and jumping into the fray here! I hope your week is a great one!

  9. I love a scallop! Never had a ray before…that I know of. Yes the Rays made it out alive. We won! It is actually a pretty good minor league team. Yes, hurray for Dylan. She is growing up and seeing more and more experiences in her young life. Evidently that talk I had with her about not growing any older wore off. I don’t like it. How I wish I could preserve these years for both our girls….Thanks for adding in SSM! Save me some scallops or whatever. I hope your week is a great one in your piece of heaven along the coast!

  10. No they are a minor league team. We live on the coast here so we couldn’t support a NHL team. But we have room! Pack your bags. Our airport is CHS. And or town has lost os opportunities for a Leader in Charitiable Fundraising. You would be a perfect fit…. See you this weekend at the fall fstival..bring some shorts πŸ˜‰ Thanks fordropping by Di! Have a great week!

  11. It was a pretty nice day. It was too warm actually. Here’s an idea, see if Blair can get hired by the Stingrays. You both would be among other Candadians plus be in our 9 months of summer as a perk! Thanks for dropping by Sandy. Stay warm my friend….(note my smugness there) πŸ˜‰

  12. How come your Fall Festival looks like a gorgeous summer day?? That doesn’t seem fair.
    Seems like you had a great weekend. And congrats to Dylan for scoring you tickets to hockey. Lucky me (note the sarcasm here), Blair plays hockey so I am ever so delighted to have to sit in a cold arena on occasion to either watch him play or watch a real game as a date night event. :p

  13. She’s right – hockey is fun! Was that an actual NHL game? I have never seen an arena that empty. Oh and your 80 degree fall weather is hotter than any summer day we had this year! That’s it, I’m moving in with you guys!! πŸ˜‰

  14. What a barrel of fun all weekend! I believe you missed my recipe for sting rays: http://southernseamuse.wordpress.com/2013/09/01/weekly-photo-challenge-sea/
    You didn’t mention if your Stingrays team got fried in hot oil and mistaken for scallops, or made it out alive….I suppose, no matter, not if there’s a cameo on the big screen! Yay for Dylan!!

  15. OHHH I love hockey!!! but only when they break out into a knock down bloody teeth knock out fight…jersey over the head…i want to see blood all over the ice!! YES!!!
    Put em in the BOX!

    can ya tell i like it rough?

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