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Progress so far…


This is a post originally published 12/24/2011. Yes, Christmas eve on my second month of blogging.This was one of the bright spots amid all the stress of preparing for Santa…reliving Christmas past once again:

Yesterday we had to traverse the Mall-WalMart-Best Buy triangle gauntlet on the way to Target. Its our local version of the Holiday frenzy that keeps you from getting to anywhere on time.

The cars waiting to get in the Wal-mart parking lot (let call lot A) were lined up back to the Best Buy parking lot. Cars waiting to get in the Best Buy parking lot (lets call lot B) were stacked up all the way back to Wal-mart. And then there was the mall traffic making traffic come to a standstill.

As bad as it was my wife pointed out trying to make it to the Target today, the 23rd, would not be…

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6 thoughts on “Progress so far…

  1. Oh they are so cute and you could fit inside one I think, or at least your little drummer boy. Yes, Christmas can bring many great childhood memories..and family traditions. It seems your family has some great ones already! Merry Christmas SSM! Thanks for dropping in….

  2. Santa Claus bags sound like great fun – very exciting! Even our older ones are picking up on the youngest one’s intrigue over the whole thing – goes to show you’re never too old to believe.

  3. Oh the boys have to have a great Santa Clause Christmas! My wifeactually found the cutest Santa Clause bag, one he would carry ALL the gifts in, for the girls and they have their name on them. so Christmas morning they will have a sack left from Santa (maybe I get out of wrapping the gifts) God,Jesus and religon they have to know and learn about the rest of their lives but belief in Santa Clause is so much more finite! Thanks SSM for dropping by!

  4. We didn’t bluff our first 3 with the Santa business, choosing rather to emphasize the story of Jesus. But with #4, he is consumed with both Jesus and Santa – and this time we are inclined to entertain both. We have evolved into some sort of holiday bilinguality, and I now believe there is room in the spirit of the child for both. They know what true hope and joy are, sometimes better than we adults. It wasn’t our kids evolving…it was US. Thank you for reminding me of this with this post….

  5. They are learning about Christmas everyday. My oldest has a childs Bible I have been reading to her at nightand teh whole Christmas story…did yo uknow Jesus and his family had to run to Egypt because King Herod wanted to kill Jesus as her heard He was the new king born and that he sent the Wise men to find Jesus.. Thats what we read this week.. Yes I wnat to do a post soon about preparing your heart for Christmas and not just all the glitz and light sand gifts. I am glad you liked this one Sandy! Have a great week!

  6. Very cute story! And proud to hear that you’re teaching your children the story of Christmas and Jesus as opposed to just presents and Santa. Last year (on Christmas Eve) I posted about how kids know nothing these days about church and Jesus. Very sad. Religion is one’s choice, yes, but the purpose of Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Christ. Not about how much loot you’re gonna get.

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