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Mug Shot

Its true.

Today I had to spend some time with the local law enforcement to make a bad deed I did last weekend right. That’s right, up and including a mug shot.

Relax...its my new driver's license..and I WAS smiling

Relax…its my new driver’s license..and I WAS smiling

You see, I have a history with the law I hate to say.  A history that spans many states actually. It seems one of my faults is….

I like to drive fast.

Now, not to worry you mothers out there. I have been able to curb my addiction to being able to hoover around 5-10mph over a posted limit all the time now; kids in the car not withstanding.  Especially after my punishment the last time I was caught fracturing a local driving law….


So I made it right today. You see, I was pulled over for speeding with out any A) Registration, B) Proof of Insurance, and C) tag saying I paid my taxes. So I went to the local DMV to update and renew all that material today. Heck even my drivers license had the wrong address on it.

And there in lies the problem.

You see my taxes were due to be repaid last September. BUT we moved into a new county when we moved earlier this year and so I never received a tax bill from my new host county.

I know what you are thinking, you, being the responsible person that you are, would have called, emailed, or went online to take care of your annual tax burden and nip the problem in in the bud, right?

But September, for me, held lots bigger obligations that demanded my attention. Some would say, life threatening obligations and an appointment with a certain cancer doctor and radiation seed gardener.My new tax bill was the furthest thing from my mind! And my new tax bill was actually paid in November. I just didn’t have any proof to it with me last Saturday.

Twenty years ago, heck , ten years ago I would have blamed my speeding ticket on the slow truck that pulled out in front of me back in our sub-division that afternoon. He sped up to pull out in front of me and then drove 5mph under the speed limit all the way out to the highway.

So when I reached the highway I sped around him, gave him a courtesy wave, and tried to make up time on the highway.

I could also blame my speeding ticket on the forthcoming speed trap on said highway. The highway is 55mph at the light where we pull out on to it but very inconspicuously drops to 45mph a short distance down the road at the bridge right before the next traffic light.

And when you are going across any body of water, who takes the time to look at speedometers, much less speed limit signs?

I was looking to see if there was a train on the tracks in the distance..

The officer said he had me going 63mph in a 45 zone. Well, by that logic, I would have been going 63mph in the 55 mph zone right before that too, right? That would be a far cheaper ticket I believe.

And I will not place any blame on my mind set, as my car had just acted up earlier in the day and I was thinking about that and spinning the idea of whether I should stop at the local service station on the way to have it looked at while I was out. ~ The Lexus dealer already told me his remedy to fix the car earlier in the day, and I was having none of that!


No, almost being a grown-up now, I am taking full responsibility for my bad driving and the handful of traffic tickets that ensued that afternoon.

I am trying to put this bad habit back in the past where it belongs. I am being more in the moment in the car and be aware of what my speed is. I am trying to set a better example for my girls for when they get this car to drive. And I will never do this again!

So I tried to fix up my problem from last week

Next week I am going in to meet with my arresting officer, show him everything he needed to see last Saturday afternoon and then get down on my hands and knees to beg for him to change the ticket to the 63 in a 55mph zone. …..and maybe offer him a bag of chips or cookies.

Hopefully I can fix it a little bit more and everything will be a good as new; minus a couple Franklins

After all, the points  of that ticket will stay on my record for 4 years I have learned. And some more hiccups can happen over the course of the next 4 years, right Captain Jack?

The Fixer

When somethings dark, let me shed a little light on it
When somethings cold, let me put a little fire on it
If somethings old, I wanna put a bit of shine on it
When somethings gone, I wanna fight to get it back again

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, fight to get it back again
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

When somethings broke, I wanna put a bit of fixin on it
When somethings bored, I wanna put a little exciting on it
If somethings low, I wanna put a little high on it
When somethings lost, I wanna fight to get it back again

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, fight to get it back again
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

When signals cross, I wanna put a little straight on it
If there’s no love, I wanna try to love again

I’ll say your prayers, I’ll take your side
I’ll find us a way to make light
I’ll dig your grave, we’ll dance and sing
What’s saved could be one last lifetime


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11 thoughts on “Mug Shot

  1. Yes, highways were always my playgrounds. I thought if there was little traffic in front of you and its mostly straight, why not drive at a speed you feel comfortable with? But not anymore, like you I make it a point to never go over 10 mph/km over the limit…as long as I know what the limit is. Right? Thanks for driving by Diana! Have a great & warm weekend!

  2. I know Maria, I ‘m not much for this following the rules stuff that they make you do when you get older. And I was doing good for a at least 15 years. I even had a job for 7 years where I had to drive for part of my job. But when some yahoo speeds out in front of me only to slow down I get a little antsy the longer I am behind him….another one of my faults…no patience. Thanks for dropping by Ms. Brickhouse. Have a great weekend!

  3. I used to speed too, mostly on highways. I would just get sick of driving and want to reach my destination sooner is the best I can come up with. I never got a ticket though, twice I was pulled over but they always let me go with a warning. Now I try to stay within 10 km of the speed limit and drive completely within the limit in the city. I’m such a goodie goodie haha!

  4. Oh man! That stinks, Andy! It’s just no fun having to behave all grown up and do the adult thing. Don’t beat yourself up, it’s all a work in process. We are all human…(I think). 🙂

  5. Okay, okay, I can vouch for the need for speed. And for slowing down. Yes, there are even merits in coming to a complete stop even if nobody’s watching. But when they are, a slit skirt and a little leg always get me out of speeding tickets, truth be told. And one time I cited contractions a week from my due date – the officer was so nervous he waved me on and told me to go as fast as needed. He was so very helpful to our speeders’ cause!

    Did you know the Black Pearl was built where I live? We had the pleasure of watching it take form and sail away into Hollywood lore. Gotta run – I just got a case of the hiccups…

  6. Oh AuAu, I was never bad. We just liked to have fun and live life with a little bit of a thrill. And of course I have scars on my face! I’m pirate, savvy? Truth is I have about about 4 scars on my face from car accidents BUT none of the accidents was I the driver. That’s why I insist on being in the drivers seat now and try to be the one in control. My last wreck was in 1983 when we rolled my little Subaru. You are right, car accidents at this stage of life would be a bad thing. I have pushed my luck too far already and learned my lesson(s) and have way too much to live for! Thanks for dropping by Ms. Aurora! Be good!

  7. I knew you are bad! how great, you should be proud, dont let the corrupt government try to tame you.
    tag saying you paid taxes? yuck, everyday those people get worse, here they special taxed pet food, chocolate, everything candy, peanuts, potato chips, sodas, etc. I already stocked before this new year.
    The license photo is good to show, it even looks like you have a big scars.
    Dont get “caught”, theres no point being bad if you get caught, but if you do, at least look mean and cold.
    On the other hand, a car accident at this time of life would be very tragic and worthless, better dont.

  8. Jess, I know Virginia too. I was once dating a girl whose father worked for the FBI in DC. One time I was driving up to see her and they busted me just over one mile within the state line…I had to surrender my radar detector that time as they were illegal in that state at the time. Yes, I am incredibly jealous of how many speeding tickets you girls get out of. I haven’t been caught speeding in over 15 years now I would imagine. So I have been good and turned over a new leaf. But since I moved to our new house my older sister and my sister in law have each been pulled over… So it appears I live in a bit of strict town. I hope you are doing well Jess! Thanks for stopping by…

  9. Sandy, we should swap stories then. I used to feel sorry for my wife as when we first got married and she would meet my friends she would have to sit through an hour of speeding and drunk driving stories. And those stories varied from high school friends to college buddies to friends at the beach. I was going to lose my license for a year in 1990 so I went to the next state (North Carolina) to get a different license before I surrendered my SC one. It didn’t work out so well when I got pulled over again in SC again…Jail. Or when they pulled me over, sat me in the squad, had all my friends lined up along the hwy and then sat a 1/2 gallon of vodka on the roof of the car for everyone to see. I was young. Amazingly , I got off that time! I have, er, had a better chance of getting out of DUI stops than speeding stops. You will have to lend me your secrets! Thanks for dropping by Sandy! Stay warm up there…

  10. Well, we (the readers) learn something new every day. I had my ticket trouble while living in Virginia and I try to keep it that way, but my husband says I get lucky because I’m a girl – we all have our reasons. Here’s to hoping you don’t get caught for a while 🙂

  11. This is now my favorite post of yours. 🙂
    I have a history of getting pulled over for speeding, coming up with the grandest of excuses and getting out of tickets, running out of excuses and accumulating enough tickets in the last however many years (I shall not reveal my age) and have lost my license for a week. Twice. 🙂 Once in high school (I was going realllly fast that time – no excuse could get me out of that) and a little more than a year ago (which worked out well when I had my surgery as I wasn’t permitted to drive anyway).
    It’s funny because my dad gives me shizz for driving like I’m Mario Andretti – yet, I learned it from him. I also get my road rage from him and I wear it all proudly.

    Also Andy…..never say Never. 🙂

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