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Celebrating 3’s in 3D

Hey, it’s me again! Remember me?

I hope everyone is having a great summer. We have been staying busy, having fun, but, unfortunately, not too many blog worthy things. We have become so average here lately. Average?


 I hate average

Yes, it’s been that kind of a ho-hum life lately. Forgive me! I will do better in the fall.

Have you ever noticed things travel in 3’s?

I guess that’s what the saying is.

Well this past weekend I had 3 quick things happen worth celebrating.

First, after years of my belt getting tighter and tighter, and using one more belt hole after another, this past Sunday I was able to comfortably us one less belt loop when getting ready for church in the morning.

(yes it’s come to that…celebrating victories in belt loop loss ~ so sad)

Anyway, this past Sunday I was able to easily use one less belt loop when putting on my Sunday best, instead of sucking in the gut, holding my breath, and working up a sweat wrestling that belt to get it latched. It was very gratifying!

I thought maybe, just maybe, I have arrested this aging issue I have had over the past 10 years or so of slowly but surely gaining weight. For the first time in many years I went back on a belt loop instead of forward! It felt great!

Maybe I lost some weight? Maybe I was looking more youthful? Maybe I wasn’t getting older after all? All that hard work was finally paying off!

So I was all smiles as I strolled downstairs to the kids to get them in the car. In fact, I felt GREAT!

I felt invincible!

I felt invincible!

I attribute this waist of a waste to my training the past month of Saturdays for this Stairclimb I was doing for the American Lung Association, which happens to be celebration number two this past weekend.

You see my second celebration came the day before this victory with the belt, I was the third fastest overall male to finish the Climb For Air Stairclimb!

That’s right!

I had a good time. While the overall amount of participants seemed to have gone down this year, I was quite proud of my accomplishment after a year of ups and downs with my health and cancer treatment. Yes, I was all smiles last Saturday.

some of the medals

some of the medals


Ok, you had to be pretty slow not to get a medal on Saturday...

Ok, you had to be pretty slow not to get a medal on Saturday…


After church was over, and I had given thanks for some completely selfish reasons, we all went out to eat for brunch. We tried a new restaurant in our area, the Bonefish Grill, which as it turns out, is part of the Outback / Carabbas chain.

The place was nice; it looked upscale and boasted of fresh fish from our local seas. The brunch menu was amazing with so many great things I wanted to try. And so, once again, I was paralyzed by alternatives, not able to decide on which brunch entrée to pick. I selfishly considered my conquest with the belt that morning and then my placing in the stairclimb the prior day and so asked the server if I could have TWO entrees?

Yes, I couldn’t decide. I wanted to taste them all! And so I chose a well written Western Omelet in the menu and some fabulous French Toast, served with  Grand Marnier crème brulee and sliced strawberries.

complete with a Grand Marnier Creme Brulee topping.....oh my goodness!

complete with a Grand Marnier Creme Brulee topping…..oh my goodness!

The server said, “Oh yes I could chose two entrees” as her check average climbs but challenged me to finish them both.

Oh no she didn’t!

Yes, I am such a pig!

Yes, I am such a pig!

So Third, not only did I finish them both, I was actually the first one done at our table.

I am such a pig! 

Take that you unbelieving restaurant server!

Score another victory for the ‘garbage can man’, as I am loving known at our dinner table for my propensity to finish the kid’s plates each night. (I had Depression Era parents and nothing was wasted at our dinner table).

And so that’s why I haven’t blogged much lately when a mild grooming victory, coupled with a mediocre athletic feat and my ability to make a pig of myself are the top events this summer in our ho-hum life.

But when you have wonderful kids, that’s all the magic you need! Right? 

We have a 5 month pregnant nanny. She is quite pronounced in her belly right now. And yesterday Dylan asked her, after thoroughly analyzing her situation, “How was the baby going to come out of her?”

Our nanny politely responds, “She will have to ask mommy that question to explain it to her. That mommy could explain it better than she could.”

Dylan chimes back, “but mommy got us a different way. They wanted a baby so bad that they asked God and they got me and my sister and they love us so much.”

it was God's stork...

it was God’s stork…

Yes Good News like that fills my summer up. Ho-hum ain’t so bad.

Say what?

School starts when?


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12 thoughts on “Celebrating 3’s in 3D

  1. We’ve missed you!

  2. So true. Hanging bacon around your neck is just asking for trouble… rabid dogs, crazed people….

  3. Why thank You D’Anna! Less fabulous, more fun maybe. I hope YOU are haveing a Fabulous and Fun week! Thanks for dropping by D…

  4. Ijust wouldn’t want to hang the bacon around my neck though. Yes, lots of medals for everyone to foster some good will for future races, i.e. Everyones a winner!

    I hope you are doing good! Always great to hear from you PIF…

  5. Fabulous and fun!

  6. I thought that first table of medals was actually strips of bacon. I guess I wasn’t too far off, though!

  7. Do you ever get like that, where everything sounds good? And you just want to tate everything? Guilty! being trained in the restaurant industry I just love tasting new and great tasting foods. And thanks for your kind words on my feats but they are not really so much. But I enjoyed them! I hope youare doing great! Sorry I haven’t been by your place as much as I like. Have a great weekend!

  8. So funny about the 2 entrees! Great post. Glad to see you’ve done some really great things, and big congratulations on the shrinking waistline.

  9. Thanks Ms. Aurora! I wishit was that easy. Yes the aging process isover and is reversing itself! I wish! I hope I have just boasted my metabloism enough to take care fo that extra breakfast…..and that bag of chips I ate last night.

    I hope youare doing good AuAu. Sorry I don’t get by your place as often as I want. Keep up your good work and thanks for dropping by…

  10. Congratulations on the climb and getting slimmer.
    I guess the eat-a-lot celebrations are fine and wont get you fat again 😛
    Good to see you ok after the health problems.

  11. Hi Diana! yes they are growing up fast and big, yet my oldest still enjoys throwing herself at me like a missile when she wants to wrestle. She’s getting to the size I feel I have to protect myself . She never heeded my request that she needs to stay 4 or 5 forever. I hope you are doing well! Sorry I haven’t been by lately, Although I see you did pick one of my favs for your Friday Pick last week. Great choice! Have a great week Dianna! xo

  12. The girls look like they’re growing up so fast Andy!

    Ho Hum is a blessing my friend. ❤ Most of the world longs for a day like that.
    Diana xo

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