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Trick OR Treat?

With Halloween only a week away, I have been getting an increasing amount of fan mail about what Halloween costumes will be worn?

(OK, I embellish sometimes )

And I know, all you really don’t want to know what our little cherubs are wearing this year. After all it will be same as what 80%  of all the other young girls will be wearing.

How boring!

Yes, so I have received hundreds of emails wondering who I was going to be dressed as this year.


I will be dressed again as the great American Hero of fable and fairy tale,

Flynn Rider!

flynn and rapunzel



Why he’s edgy (his shadow rivals mine), yet naive, and such a humble fellow….just like me!

Take a look:

See? Isn’t he the coolest Disney boyfriend yet?

Isn’t he way smoother than Ariel’s Eric?


Doesn’t he have way more ‘game‘ than Princess Anna’s Kristoff?


 And he has a secret weapon! Something up his sleeve.  Something that separates him from every other Disney beau. Something that makes him practically unstoppable.

Beware….the Smolder:

The smoulder gif

What? You don’t get it?

You don’t see it?

Unconvinced of this Disney’s Super Power?

Here is his legendary Smolder in action

  (before it gets broke)

Pretty cool, huh? (wink)

So you see, if a Dad has to have a favorite Disney character (and sometimes I think this whole “Dad” thing just goes to my head to let me live out my youth), my character has to be Flynn. That’s why I will be dressing as him, again, on Halloween. In fact, some people, SOME PEOPLE,  say they can barely tell us apart….

OK, that was kinda an off impersonation for me. It doesn’t usually happen….

I have been so much ‘in character’ lately that my youngest thinks is Flynn Rider too. That SHE has a better SMOLDER going on then her old man!

Can you believe that?

My youngest Skye actually trying to steal some of her old man’s thunder.

Well I  humor her but she isn’t even close. Geez! Here, you take a look. See for yourself….

What? You like her’s better than mine???


Oh well a guy can dream

So when Halloween rolls around next week and you are wondering what will the hottest, best looking, most in demand costume be?

Forget Elsa and Anna…..

the smolder

I think I ‘ll have another piece of fantasy chocolate….

PS: and for those of you who are not familiar with Flynn or Disney’s movie Tangled, HERE  are a few reasons why Rapunzel and Flynn are the best Disney couple of all time

See? See how he makes her smile?

See? Look how he makes her smile?

He’s really got it going on!

Hi! How ya Doin'?

Hi! How ya Doin’?


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14 thoughts on “Trick OR Treat?

  1. Kids, they are so innocently honest. Did he give out all the candy or hide some for himself. We told Dylan that she couldn’t have anymore candy when she got home as she was eating some as we walked most of the night. So she asks if she can hand it out to any last minute Trick Or Treaters. We agreed, so she grabbed / hid 4 pieces of candy and sat outside where she thought we couldn’t see her… Yea, like I was never a kid, right? Thanks for stopping by Nancy! Have a great weekend.. When can I ask your husband some more computer questions? 🙂

  2. I have been immersing myself in my fantasy chocolate! It keeps tasting better and better SSM! How about YOU? How did you make out Trick or Treating with your boys? I hope I you are doing well SSM. Thanks for looking into 3D… I need to go get another fix now…

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for my laugh of the day. I am also laughing because this post reminded me of my DH (sort of). He usually answers the door for the little trick-or-treaters. I ask him what are the popular costumes this year and he says, “Um, I don’t know. All the kids look the same.” 🙂


  4. Happy birthday, John! Your nieces rock…and better send your brother some more “fantasy chocolate” for the holidays. He’s gonna need it, surrounded by his princesses.

  5. Hi Luanne! I am glad you liked it! I hope you have a chance to enjoy tricks or treats too. Tell everyone in your clan Flynn and the Princesses said Hello! Have a great weekend Luanne!

  6. Your smoulder is SPOT ON. Hahaha. Happy Halloween to the girls and to you Flynn.

  7. Happy Birthday John! I hope its a SWEET one!


  8. johnm983 on said:

    You and Flynn do look a lot alike…… Skye did have a good smolder, gave you a run for your money : )

  9. Her’s was funnier when she first started doing it a a month ago, but as she looks on the video, is just getting too many requests for it now and it going straight to her head! Yes, wait till you see her in my Flynn Rider costume! Thanks for looking in Ms. AuAu! Have a great week…

  10. Thank you PIF. Yes with two budding Princesses its hard NOT to be well versed on all the Disney princesses. AND, not only am I well -versed, I am down with all the latest gossip. Take a look at the love triangle in the sequel to Frozen:

    Thanks for looking in PIF! Always great to hear from you!

  11. That was so cute. All of it. Way to go for being well-versed in all the Disney princesses and their “princes.”

  12. Mmm, I think I like your smolder better, but that can change with the costumes on.

  13. Hey! How you doing? 🙂 Happy Halloween Diana! have a great week! Thanks for dropping by…

  14. Happy Halloween Flyn..I mean Andy!
    Diana xo

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