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Fat Sugar Lee!

What’s Your Blues Name?
This is a table tent at a favorite local restaurant. We would sit and have fun with it while we waited for lunch. Then see how long the names stuck into the night.

So what’s your blues name? Thanks H.E. Ellis!, “Fat Sugar Lee”


This is odd and random but I couldn’t help myself. I’ve been laughing at this stupid thing longer than I’d like to admit.

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16 thoughts on “Fat Sugar Lee!

  1. I like Curly Gumbo Parker. I bet there are not too many Bluesy Chinese ladies named Curly? I think Texas Dog Jenkins is pretty cool too. Thanks for playing along .

    ~Perky Peppermint

  2. I have two middle names since I’m Chinese..haha! So umm…if I use them, I have a ridiculously long Blues name of Curly Gumbo Liver Parker.
    Or you know, I could just go with Curly Gumbo Parker or Curly Liver Parker
    Somehow, that doesn’t sound too appealing! ROFL!
    Was definitely fun! I even tried it out with my boyfriend’s name and he got Texas Dog Jenkins. I’m pretty sure, we weren’t made for a Blues alias at all…hahaha

  3. Reblogged this on OUR LIFE IN 3D and commented:

    This post has always been one my favorites. It fun and Bluesy. So, “What Is Your “Blues Name?”

  4. Its OK, maybe the Blues isn’t meant for you, CJ . 🙂 I know your blog rocks! Thanks for looking in and playing along! Hope your job is going great!

  5. Sticky Fingers White. My blues name doesn’t really have a ring to it!

  6. I see the bluesy ‘Curly’ in your avatar. Now, I want to hear more about your ‘Bad Boy’ side! I like it too! Have a great weekend! Enjoy that great weather…

  7. Curly Bad Boy Franklin…. I like it!

  8. I kind of like mines. Skinny Bones Baily. Maybe it is the Baily part that I like, lol

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  10. Ok, I HAD to try it for the rest of my family and my kids’ names are so awesome:

    Sticky Bones Dupree
    Sleepy Boy Dupree
    Screamin’ Harp Dupree

    Now I just gotta convince them to start a blues band! Oldest already sings and plays the guitar, Middlest the trumpet. We’re like halfway there already.

    • Just need a slide lead guitar and some back beat drums. Maybe check out some of these other great Blues names. What position in the band are you? Singer? I can’t remember a goth blues singer….

      Thanks for playing along ….Ms. Dupree! Enjoy your vacation!

  11. Mine is Fat Hips Dupree, which is awesome yet insulting. In the best way.

    I tried it for my full, maiden name and it made no sense whatsoever….Buddy Eyes Rivers? Oy.

    • It tells me you are at your Bluesy Best with your Hubs! That new leather jacket seals the deal! Now, are you going to get upset when I address you as ‘Fat Hips’ on your blog?

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