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An Understatement

courtousy  of Beach treasures

Anyone who tells you fatherhood is the greatest thing that can happen to you, they are understating it.

Mike Myers
That was a perfect quote I found last Father’s Day about being a Dad.

And if you couldn’t tell by my Valentine’s Week post, I really enjoy being a Dad to my two little, or not quite so little girls. They are so much fun and I enjoy being a kid again with them. Somehow we have developed a loving family , despite all the daily drudgeries going on. And I feel so blessed with these two gems.

Mom has instilled a love for crafts in the girls and they have really taken off with them. Skye loves to paint while the other likes to draw and create things. When this is combined with a holiday and a loving, sweet, happy child these days are priceless!

I bet I received a hand-made Valentine card almost every day for two weeks before Valentine’s holiday from my oldest daughter, Dylan. And she gets into it so much, trying to do her best to show everyone how much they mean to her.

Heaven help someone if she sees one of her cards in the trash can. She will get upset and tell you about it. I left a hand-made Valentine’s bag (present) of knick-knack snacks in front of the trash can and she questioned me about it and told me I couldn’t do that. She really made me feel bad. But in my defense, I only have so much room on the refrigerator door for these treats. Right? But .night after night she really puts her heart into each and every creation.

How can a Dad not feel good about a good happy child like that?

Want to see what I am talking about? Here are some treats from my first grader. This is the outside of one V-Day card …



 and then this was on the inside…



Kinda neat although I appear to be a doctor dressed in a green smock that day. Here is another favorite sample…

v  day card dad 001See all the detail and thought that went into the dress she was wearing? (yes that is supposed to be Dylan on the card, if you couldn’t guess) She then got a little creative with stickers on the other side of the card.

Here is another one that touched my heart a week ago….

A tribute to singing songs on the way to school in the morning. I'm so modest...

A tribute to singing songs on the way to school in the morning. I’m so modest…

 Yes it did.

Yes it did.

Yes it did.

Its taken from one of the songs we sing on the way to school that Dad occasionally ad libs on. Know what song I mean? 

But you can see the love and passion Ms. Hallmark has in making her cards. I have to guess this isn’t unusual for some kids. But is sure nice to see her be so passionate about something so nice, especially since I am often the receiver of these works of art.

We have built a very special relationship. Yea, Fatherhood’s pretty cool!

Like this….

At school Dylan’s teacher uses a ‘clip-up ‘ chart of various colors designating students’ good behaviors for the day. Last week Dylan was on the highest color 4 out of the 4 days of school. Mommy has told Dylan anytime she can get 4 ‘Purple’s in a row she can have a treat. Dylan said she wanted another “Daddy Night“.

So, on a good night to go out, Dylan and I negotiated and agreed on a restaurant to go to when I got home from work. I just asked her for a few minutes so I can put my things away and transition from work to home.

In the meantime, Dylan ran upstairs and put on her favorite Sunday dress for our dinner date (It was at the Cookout). I was flabbergasted! She put on her favorite nice dress to go out on a dinner date with here Dad…..

And then covered it up with her jean jacket to keep warm, like a lady of the south.

Dad's Night date

Dad’s Night

We had a nice time. I opened and closed the car doors for her although she confessed, “Daddy, I can do it myself“. After we got home she changed out of her fancy dress and asked if we could do her most favorite thing in the world, Wrestle!

And we did. And I won, She has yet to beat me although that doesn’t stop her from trying amongst all the tickles and tosses and body locks.


This past Friday she had two hours off from school in the morning due to the temperature being so cold (its true). I was getting ready for work as she woke up and walked in my bedroom. She asks, “Daddy,  Can I come to work with you? I don’t want our nanny to take me to school today. I would like you to. Can I come with you to work?”

I spent all of three seconds considering my options. “Of course you can Dylan. Go get dressed warm for school.”

I wouldn’t, couldn’t miss a second of my greatest thing.

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2 thoughts on “An Understatement

  1. maybe, someday. I still have about 100 pounds over her so she will have to keep on growing. 🙂 Plus I have all the wrestling moves from high school. I actually beat Dyl and Skye at the same time. They fall helpless to my tickle fingers.. Always glad to hear from you Ms. Aurora! Thanks for dropping by…

  2. Someday she is going to beat you at wrestling.

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