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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I wanted to reach out and say “Cheers” thee ol Irish way today. There are lots of Irish blessings being passed around. I hope you catch yours! I am hoping you too can get your Irish Up!

One of the great things I enjoy about the great Emerald Isle is the music there. Certainly there are many versions of Irish music.

On our trip to Ireland we visited a town, Doolin, in County Clare, that had the reputation of the best traditional Irish music around. It was a small town with 3 Irish pubs. Every night Irish musicians of all ages came into jam; nothing practiced, just ‘pick up sessions’. It was great.

So in attempts to help get your Irish up I wanted offer a few quick appetizers of some Irish jams and wishes for an Irish day filled with smiles, fun & some Irish gold.

Welcome to Gus O’ Connor’s Pub in Doolin, County Clare…


Or we can catch a jam session at my favorite, McDermott’s Pub, known as the best pub in Ireland…

Ireland Trip 08-24-2005-10

But beware….

they have some medieval methods of dealing with you if you get served too much!

Ireland Trip 08-24-2005-12

And across the bay from Doolin was a trip back to Celtic Ireland at the Aran Islands, where they still speak the ancient Celtic language and draw shamrocks in the foam of your draft pint.

So get your Irish up today! Dance a jig!

And have a very happy St. Patrick’s day!

Rainbows and a pot of gold

Rainbows and a pot of gold


Ireland Trip 08-24-2005-24

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12 thoughts on “Sláinte

  1. Yes, It was a great time. Not what I expected but so much more in many ways. . Yes, I got the emails. Thanks for your time! I was thinking about reposting one this weekend to see how it worked or not. Thanks so much for sending them! I hope you are having a good St. Patrick’s Day Luanne! Always love to hear from you!

  2. Fun times!!! I’ve always wanted to go there! Did you get my emails and did they work?

  3. Yes! It was a very memorable trip. Did you see my new post? Its more on the trip with some amazing pictures…Thanks for looking in Pop Tart!

  4. You went to Ireland?! Awesome!

  5. Karen, you would be interested to know I am working on a post on the Aran islands right now, with pictures from our visit. Yes, we started in Galway and finished there, just staying in two B&B’s in Counties Galway and Clare instead of doing the ol’ bus routine. We loved it! We hope to go back again BUT like the Amx commercial, I found out my heritage is actually from Scotland on this trip so we may go there first. Not a bad destination either, eh? ~ Thanks for dropping by Ms. Karen O’Malley! Have a great week!

  6. Love it Andy! My mom is from Galway. I’ve been twice, including the Aron Islands. Beautiful!1 I got my Irish-On….for sure!

  7. It was kinda like that. Stay tuned until tomorrow for some of the lands where the Hobbits lived in the Shire. I am doing a post on the history in the Aran islands and how old that stuff really is. Should I put you down for the trip to Scotland then?

  8. You went to Ireland without me? Whatttt??
    I’d like to go to Ireland but mostly because I think that’s where Hobbits live and I’d like to go on a Hobbitty-Goonie adventure. 😉

  9. Evidently I didn’t know what it meant either! I think that was a an old WordPress trick for drawing interest to a post…a titile that nobody knows what it means. Thanks for dropping by. If you like those photos stay tuned as this makes me want to talk a little bit more about the Aran Islands and some of the eye popping things we found there. ….like an ancient fort sitting high up on a cliff where you can walk right to the edge…with out a safety net.

  10. I’m glad someone else asked what does Sláinte mean! New word for me:-) I like your photographs.

  11. I always understood it was Irish for “Cheers” but in looking up the way it is pronounced, I saw Wikipdeia says Sláinte (SLAHN-chə) is a word literally translating as “health” and is commonly used as a drinking toast in Ireland.

    It actually means “Cheers” from its Gaelic roots and is pronounced ‘slawn-cha’, which as you can see is not how it is spelled in its English form. Thats too much learning for a Sunday! I hope you had a good one!

  12. (smiling) Happy St. Patty’s Day! What does Slainte mean?

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