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I am sorry. I have been gone for a while. Too long really. But I visited a place!


A magical place!

One that can put smiles on little girl’s faces!


And fill them with wonder and awe.


A place filled with magic!


And where dreams come to life.


..and fantasies really do come true.


Gather around! I have some stories to tell!

Epcot_Magic Shot

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10 thoughts on “AWOL

  1. Can’t wait for all the magic to come!

  2. They sure are! So many great smiles when they met their favorite. Disney Princesses. And some of the happiest smiles when they met Winnie the Pooh and friends. It is such the best part of being a parent, to see these happiness. Thanks for dropping by Ms. Gull. Lots more smiles and stories on the way…

  3. The pictures are love. Pure. Love.

  4. Great photos Andy! Can’t think of a better reason to be AWOL! ❤

    • Thanks Diana! I am glad you like them. You may be forced to look at dozens like them here over the next week or two. Truth is Disney paparazzi took most of them. Wait till you see the commercial for Disney we are in! Thanks for dropping by Diana! I hope your week is Magical too!

    • You’re in a commercial? How cool is that???

    • Its 7 Dwarfs Mine Ride. Im the 8th Dwarf. 🙂 I will have to download it first. Its all part of the magic of Disney!

  5. Awesome picture #2. Faces like that make the two hour Elsa line worth it

    • Thank you! Actually pic 3 IS after standing in line to meet Elsa. We did it first thing, ran to the back of the park to meet them and only waited about 20 mins. Then it was too much excitement for my youngest. She cracked and Froze in Elsa’s presence! That’s why she isn’t in that bottom pic. But she pulled it together for Anna and beamed that smile all the way through. Yes, a Princess Post forthcoming. Thanks for dropping by! Have you ventured into the Magic Kingdom recently?

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