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Good bye Matt (Matthew part III)

Some of you have been wondering what eventually transpired to our home and family after Hurricane Matthew struck last Saturday. And I imagine my not posting for a few days may have led you to wonder.


Our Internet went out.

We all lived!

Here is what our house, or at least our back yard, resembled after Hurricane Matthew.ย 


We were blessed.

We went to bed Friday night as the winds of the Cat 3 or 2 storm were approaching Beaufort, SC (about 2 hours to our south).

We went to bed wondering what were we in store for that night? What would happen during the night while we slept? What would we wake up to? Would we hear a crash in the middle of the night.

So when I woke up around 7:00am Saturday (OK 6:30 cause I was making a video and I had to change my clothes cause all of you might be watching).

Yes, a welcome sigh of Relief!

My shower curtain did not blow away.

Still the hurricane was about an hour away from our town and had not arrived yet. It now appeared the eye would go right across Charleston. The winds did actually died down around 10 or 11am or so here as the eye passed. It was actually kinda disappointing after the big media storm build up.

“Come on Matthew! Is that all you got?”

Then Matt packed his bags later that morning and headed to Myrtle Beach, leaving drier but just as powerful gusts from his rear, er, from behind him. The winds, after the rain stopped, were every bit as serious as before the storm.

Still we were very fortunate. My whole neighborhood was actually. It just looked like a summer rain out front Saturday morning.

It wasn’t until I decided to go out andย  return the Red Box flicks before late fees hit drive around exploring our area that morning I saw what effects Matt had on us. Mainly it was just fallen trees and downed fences. Completely bearable!

Especially since it wasn’t my fence that was laying down. ๐Ÿ™‚

I was most concerned about the Storm Surge of Matthew the days leading up the storm. I knew the storm itself was not going to be a catastrophic one. Luckily we never saw anything resembling a Storm Surge at my house, 20 miles inland. Below are some pics of what the surge did look like in the tidal creek that goes behind our house.

Here is the creek at high tide the day before Matthew:

Tidal Creek before Matthew

Tidal Creek before Matthew

You can make out the boat docks or landings as well as a good foot high Lowcountry grass across from the homes.

Here is what the storm surge did to those homes, again 20 miles from the coast:


The docks are gone and the water is a good coupla yards up into the backyards (Yikes!). The outer layer of the sea grass is practically covered.

What did the Storm surge look like in downtown Charleston?

Remember this pic of the pink house on the Battery from last summer?

A pink flamingo colored property, reminiscent of the plantation owners in the Caribbean

A pink flamingo colored property, reminiscent of the plantation owners in the Caribbean

Here is what Matthew did to introduce it to the Atlantic ocean:

King Street at the Battery

King Street at the Battery

That first pic was taken from on top the wall of the Battery so the water in the second pic had to breach that wall and accumulate there on King Street.

Still, it could be worse, right? Right Haiti?

And the effects of the storm did vary up and down the coast. I understand Interstate 95 in South Carolina, a good two hours from the coast, was just devastated with accidents and the 85mph traffic coming to a halt.

I could go on and on about Matthew’s wrath but I guess you all know the story by now.

As for us, we never lost power. We didn’t lose a shingle. My cable did go out Saturday afternoon around 1pm just as my team was ready to score. But if that is the price I must pay for a hurricane, so be it. I was lucky!

Say a prayer for those in Haiti and seriously think about doing what you can, anything, to assist the people of that poor Caribbean country.

There ain’t no trying to reason in Hurricane season…

Thanks for dropping by and looking in!

Tune in again for my next post with (more ) evidence that I may be the missing link…….

and I am not talking about my dancing…

You all are great!

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19 thoughts on “Good bye Matt (Matthew part III)

  1. It is….look to the right margin and read through some of my cancer stories in September. Truly laughter is the best medicine!

  2. Only to those who don’t like a good sense of humor… and know that a smile/ laughter.. is the very best thing

  3. Thanks! but I will get annoying after awhile.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. You are so funny ๐Ÿ˜‚.. but very entertaining..

  5. Thanks so much for sharing with us.. so happy ๐Ÿ˜ you were spared Matthew ‘a fury..

  6. There’s my favorite ‘crazy’ lil Mermaid! Yes tell the good people of Mauritius not to write us off yet. If you have beaches, water and good food we are still coming. Do you have a post on your island or country anywhere? I would love to find out more about it. Until then Charleston is still a popular travel destination too (hint, hint) I hope you are doing good Ariel. Thanks for looking in on us! Do you get storms like this at your longitude?

  7. I’m so relieved you guys are safe and sound. Otherwise, Mauritius would have had absolutely no problem in welcoming you lovely people.

    Kisses to the girls and take care xx

  8. My pleasure. Again, glad you’re okay.

  9. We are all fine. The girls got a bit of cabin fever. And they all had to sleep in our room that night. (errr) One thing that has been on my mind a bit has been Haiti orphans from this storm and adopting. Have you heard anything on that? Just curious. I hope you are doing great Luanne! Thanks for stopping by…

  10. I would say most of them stayed, at least where I lived. the neighbors on each side left but that is about all I know. It mainly depended on how close you live to water. yes I was happy all those trees behind us stayed straight up. It makes me wonder what will happen when they remove 80% of them and they don’t have each other for shields. Especially after I saw all the trees laying down else where. Did you hear them in the video? I wanted to add in the blog how they sound like something out of the Blair Witch Project… ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks, again, for dropping by and saying Hi!

  11. Oh wow, so glad you are all ok!!!

  12. So glad you and your neighborhood were fine. Did most of your neighbors stay or leave? Bummer about losing the trees behind you to houses. :/

  13. Thanks PM. We are too! Hawaii was a nice diversion! I hope you are doing well PM. Thanks for dropping by!

  14. So glad you and your family are safe!

  15. You may laugh but I DID swim with the frogs! Sunday afternoon I had to pull a lot of debris out of the bottom of the pool so I could clean it. It was chilly! And while I didn’t have any boat I did get out the floats and rafts we use in the pool and the ocean….just in case. Great to hear from you Ms. Aurora! I hope you are doing well!

  16. You should have swum with the frogs for the video!
    Hurricanes dont seem to like city folks anymore, last year I got one and went for the country view instead.
    Good to see you stayed, a boat is in order for the next one.

  17. Snack Man and family survived! Yes, Haiti is in a tough spot. They have so little to fall back on. If this year follows history in Haiti, disease will be the next emergency there. I hope you are doing well Nat. Thanks for dropping by!

  18. Mr Snack Man and family survived!

    I hope Haiti’s can bounce back quickly. It was so sad reading the news Friday and Saturday morning.

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