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Boy Wonder

A moment of clarity, or a moment of confusion, hit me today.

We were all going to ride bikes at the local county park as it was Free admission today. But my little soprano tried to bring here Hoverboard in instead.

No dice the park ranger said.

So, as I raced back home to get her roller blades, I craved a Mountain Dew. And I thought, where am I at in my parenting, or life, that I would prefer a Mountain Dew right now, on a Sunday afternoon, instead of a beer or margarita?


Yes, that’s as deep as I get I’m afraid.

Listen, there is a GREAT movie out at the rentals right now, WONDER!

You have probably seen the commercials for it and have an idea what it’s about.

I did.

I really didn’t want to see it.

Not another touchy-feely feel good movie again.

But oh what a movie!

It is the predictable story of the little boy pictured above but so much more. It’s about everyone around him too; and why they act the way they do even when they disappoint you or surprise you.

Friends, Sister, BF, Mom, Dad, everyone. And THAT surprised me..

Its funny. Its sad. Its heartwarming. Its tears and laughter. Its surprising and Luke Wilson’s character is so me.

Based on the New York Times bestseller, WONDER tells the incredibly inspiring and heartwarming story of August Pullman (Auggie), a boy with facial differences who enters fifth grade, attending a mainstream elementary school for the first time.

Anyone with children in grade school or middle school should really see this movie. There are so many life lessons in it. For all of us. And that we all have our reasons..

Check it out with your kids!


Oh, and one last thing….

Dylan has a birthday coming up. She is into football now at recess and so asked to have a football themed party.

She even asked me to invite Saquon Barkley from my favorite college to come down for her birthday too. … from all those times I said to her, “hey Dylan, watch this!” after Saquon does another highlight reel move.

Well is having a pretty good week at the NFL combines this week and he has been too busy to to notice my humble little Twitter request.

As it to turns out his hometown is throwing him a ‘going away party’ the week of Dylan’s birthday, before he goes on to the NFL.

Sorry Dylan.

So if there are any famous NFL or college football players reading this, would you want to be the guest of honor at my little girl’s birthday party in March? Maybe you ?

You can be the honorary Team Captain (and some great PR).

And make some little girl the Big Kid On Campus for at least a week for and after her birthday week!


That’s all for now knuckleheads. Have a great week!

I’ll try to do better next time….



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8 thoughts on “Boy Wonder

  1. I agree Ms Aurora. I try to have those two bases covered. Try. I hope you are doing well!

  2. I dont think depth is that important, priority should go to be interesting and have a good sense of humor.

  3. We found it at the Red Box. Like I said I really didn’t want to watch it. But glad I did!

  4. I definitely want to see that movie.

  5. She will be ok. She will have 12 or so of her closest friends there. I dont know if this dad can pull something THAT miraculous off or not. 🙂

  6. I wish I knew someone to show up!

  7. You will have to keep it up Luanne. Its not for three more weeks.. 🙂 Grab your football and come join us!

  8. Happy birthday, Dylan! Woohoo!

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