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A Great Place To Be A Kid

Well pardon me…

Its time for another great version of:

What I did on my summer vacation!

(How has everyone been?)


Three guesses where we went?

Yes, the very day school let out here we packed our bags for …

“our favorite beach town…its Ocean City, NJ”.

Actually you all know this by now I guess.

Again this town, now TOWN(!), is a GREAT FAMILY Resort.

ocean city

It markets itself that way and does a great job to brand itself that way too.

Imagine a resort where they don’t sell alcohol (at least not on the island)? All that tax revenue gone.

But the no alcohol sends that element somewhere else and you are left with a vacation spot full of young families, older folks looking for a quiet town and some really well raised teenagers.

It truly is a great place to bring be a kid.


This is the place where my parents brought me and my siblings when I was young. We made some great memories!

Now its our turn to bring our girls back OC and let them make some fun memories; as well as recreate some of our own.

What were those memories?

As Junie B. Jones would say,

‘It is my favorite thing in the whole wide world! And it starts with the letter B.

And that stands for….


BOARDWALK _20160608_095220045

And Ocean city’s boardwalk is a great place to be a kid!

(click  HERE or at sunset HERE and take a peak at whats going on right now

…and get fat!

Yep, you just try and run all this food off...

Yep, you just try and run all this food off…

Ahhhh…. yea!

Some of the best food known to kid-dom resides on ‘the Boards’! And when I say the Best, it is truly the best of the best…

“Laura’s Fudge is so so nice
Kohr Brothers is cool as ice
And top it off with a slice
And they’ve got FroYo, too

Eating all you can
Pants start to expand
Even ate some sand
Where you think you’re going baby?”

Well, we went each morning to Brown’s Donuts on our bikes. We strategically rented a home a block away from Brown’s.

BROWNS DOUGHNUTS_20160609_093706303

This is the spot where I try to sell you on brown’s, again. But this year it was summed up our very first day.

As we walked through the front door to get a table two ladies in their 50’s were sharing some donuts on the bench by the door. And as I walked on by one won-over lady was licking her fingers and said,

“Best donut ever!”

Ahh yea! They are.

Warm, fresh, made to order Brown’s donuts.

Accept no substitutes!

Powdered, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Vanilla, and Honey

Powdered, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Vanilla, and Honey

After Brown’s its a trip down the boardwalk on our bikes as we try to decide what stores to stop in and where to play miniature golf at on our way back.

'how hard did you hit that Daddy?'

‘How hard did you hit that Daddy?’

Getting back to the Boardwalk, it now carries several regional brand names synonymous with the Boardwalk. (You will see below in the vid)

If some one say Kohr’s you think the best soft custard ever!

If someone says Johnson’s Popcorn you think warm fresh, smell-to-die-for caramel corn.

If someone in Philadelphia says, Manco and Manco they know they are talking about delicious 26 inch pizza pies.

And I already told you about Brown’s Donuts.

Yes, the stores carry t-shirts, pictures, key chains, and refrigerator magnets with these brands on them

So? Best place to be a kid?

Howabout a place with world famous soft custard, warm caramel corn, pizza and donuts. I promise you we ate 3 of the 4 EVERY day (I’m such a pig) including Browns donuts every morning and Kohr’s soft custard every night.

We did!

lose 10lbs

Its like being a kid in a candy store!

Like a kid in a candy store

Like a kid in a candy store

Oh yea, they have a few old, established famous ones there too!

BOARDWALK CANDY_20160605_132223258

Did I forget to mention fresh fudge kids?

Now here is the part where I try to find a video that summed up OC’s boardwalk but I found this gem instead.

Kudos to Mom and Dad and their talented kids for pulling this off!

Their smiles and enthusiasm are A-typical of the kids in OC and the kids in all of us!

Sing along with them to the familiar tune:

We come here ev-ver-ree year.

To the beach where there is no beer.

We really like it here.

We think you will too…

We take a walk on the boards
This pizza won some awards
We’re on the Jersey Shore
But not the tacky one”

I love it!

Now if you ask our kids what the best part of their vacation was they will tell you



There are two amusement piers on the boards with a lot of carnival type kid rides. One pier may be geared more to younger kids than the other.

We went to both.

OMG don’t ask me how much money we spent on tickets!

It starts to put a Disney trip in perspective!


This year we thought we would hang out with some Pirates too.


We took a trip on a pirate cruise.

Again, this adventure, that we have always been curious about is geared to small kids.

Skylar let one loose....her 'Stinky Pete the Pirate' joke..

Skylar let one loose….her ‘Stinky Pete the Pirate’ joke..

We sailed around in the OC Harbor.

Tried to sink that smelly ol’ Pirate, Stinky Pete.


We They even found seem Pirate grog buried deep in the harbor.

PIRATE TREASURE_20160610_114828568

It turned out to be in a Treasure Chest with a lot of plastic kiddie toys and a 2 liter bottle of root beer.

It was great…if that gives you an idea of how cold that harbor water is!

Great job you scallywags!


But while the trip was for the kids (most of it) Dad likes to go to the beach.

BROWNS TO THE BEACH _20160606_093233214

..where I can listen to the tides, watch some girls gulls, (an abundance of laughing gulls), chill, and get rid of my flip flop tan..


"Beach-Life tan"

“Beach-Life tan”

Sadly, the air temperature was chilly for being the first week of June. We all had to buy sweatshirts. It kept a lot of the people off the beach and even more out of the cold ocean water.

I shore do love a picture where the land breeze blows the spray off the tumbling waves though!


And this pic below is for a blog follower, Apple Pie & Napalm, who did a photography post on ‘Sky’ while I was on vacation.She mentioned that she has started noticing the clouds more lately.

Well here is your typical ‘brush-stroke clouds cruising across the skies in OC…


Ocean City even boasts of a well trained legacy of devoted life guards overlooking each beach, complete with rowboats, jet skies, and shaded life guard towers…


“Its our favorite beach town, Ocean City!”

Yes, a great place to be a kid!

And its a Great place to be a kid!

Have a great summer everyone!

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20 thoughts on “A Great Place To Be A Kid

  1. I love Stone Harbor! Wildwood? I had a high school buddy whose family had a house on 83rd Street. He lived there all summer so I visited as often as I could in Sr. High. That is when I decided go into the Hospitality Industry, so I could live and work in a resort location. Thanks Lora! Have a great 4th weekend! Shore hope it is a fun one!

  2. Ah, yes. Had a friend from Stone Harbor. Nice to “see” you again, Andy! Hope you’re well too!

  3. Ok then. Mark your calendar…a summer in two years you are going holiday w us. Do you do babysitting?

  4. ALWAYS start with the donuts – you need the energy to burn off. 😀

  5. Haha. I need to go on a vacation!

  6. Betsy…. I am all about the comfort foods! Haven’t you heard, when you are on vacation donuts do not have any calories? or Fat…or Sugar…. Oh I am making myself hungry now… 🙂

  7. Haha. Yes, that meme was hilarious. Don’t ever become a counselor and a weight loss clinic! 😉

  8. Yes! Still am in jail but, you know me and my good behavior, they let me out to see my dad. Plus the donuts are just my jail’s version of bread and water for the well behaved….donuts and diet coke…and bacon….Hungry this morning? Here have a nice warm cinnamon donut… Great to sea you Ms. Aurora! I hope you are doing well!

  9. Great to sea you again too Matey! Yes, what would life be like without donuts? I felt like I was celebrating good health reports all week..we ordered a dozen every morning for breakfast but there were only five of us so if we each ate 2 there were 2 left over. Guess who ate them….and the side of bacon every day? Now I have 15 lbs left of the 10lbs I was trying to lose this year! Have a great weekend Betsy! Care for a donut?

  10. Werent you in jail? do they give vacation time?
    Those donuts reminded me that I didnt have breakfast :s

  11. It does look like a great place to be a kid. “Savvy?”–ha! You crack me up. And the donuts! There’s always gotta be donuts! Haha. And yum. Nice to see you again, 3D!

  12. Hi Susie! Great to sea you too! It was a lot of fun.. could have been more fun if it was warmer but still nice to get away and watch our girls smiles. I know you know what I mean. I hope you are doing great Susie! Thanks for stopping by..have the best weekend!

  13. Looks like fun in the sun! Great to “see” you!

  14. Sandy!! I am sooo sorry for not telling you when we were visiting OC. We had a spare room and everything! And you could have been my nutritional compass that week. ..or I your nutritional bad influence. Take a look at some of those cams in the morning and just watch all the runners and bikers go by. You would love it. Now can I ask you, should you start at the donut place and then ride it off or start riding bikes first and end up at the donut spot? Its a tough quandary! Have a great weekend Sandy! Thanks for virtually dropping by!

  15. Yes I took that pic the same day as your Sky photo post so I have been waiting to share it with you. Yes, there were lots of blue skies with wind swept clouds there for several days if you can make the sky out in other pics. Come on, bring your camera! Lots of great photo ops for a seasoned photographer! Thanks for dropping by Ms. Country Music! Have a great weekend!

  16. yes! Skee Ball. That is a memory from our youth. My girls aren’t quite big enough yet to master the skills just yet as they insist on throwing the balls towards the holes. Yes OCNJ is on Cape May I guess you might say. It rests right beside Atlantic City on the coast (which is quite ironic, given OC’s Family atmosphere.), Only a bridge away from each other.Thanks for dropping by Lora! I hope you are doing well!

  17. I’m still dying to come here!!!

  18. I LOVE IT! What a gorgeous photo of the sky! And I think I gained 5 pounds just looking at the delicious dessert photos. I hope you ate the bacon with the donut, that’s an awesome pairing. I’m glad you guys had a fun vacay!

  19. I have great memories from the Jersey Shore… Loved playing Skee Ball at the boardwalk in Point Pleasant and hitting the beach in Manasquan! Is Ocean City in the south?

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