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Today’s Significance

Well, I guess you have all figured out what today is….

It did not escape our little spunky one (I have to conserve names here to protect the guilty).

Yes, its APRIL FOOL’S Day!!

So Miss Spunky decided she would prank us all.

This morning when we all woke up and raced downstairs to find what the Easter Bunny dropped. ~ oh wait, that didn’t sound so good.

Easter Breakfast

…to see what the Easter Bunny left the girls, it turns out the Easter Bunny left everyone in the house an Easter Basket (I didn’t know anything about this! ~ which is not uncommon) and unmistakably, laying on top of everyone’s Easter Basket, was a brand new $20 bill!

Thank you Easter Bunny!!!

Well a little giggle came from the direction of Miss Spunky. Then She cried,

April Fools!

Don’t you know what today is?

She got us good.

She said “pick it up….”

Here she took a $20 bill and copied both sides of the bill on our copy machine. Then she trimmed the bills to size and glued the front and the back together.

The fake Easter currency looked very real but felt thick and stiffer.


Mom was quick to point out what she did was quite illegal and that she could get in a lot of trouble… 

….and with people who spank harder than daddy.

We all had a good laugh and went back to looking at the Easter Bunny droppings.

In the back of my mind was a take on the Easter chant,

“She’s in prison.”

She’s in prison indeed.”

Happy Easter Everyone!

And thank you Easter Bunny!

our Easter Bunny

We made sure none of the funny Easter money made it to the offering plate later on that morning.

I guess I better go make sure that all bills are still accounted for.


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9 thoughts on “Today’s Significance

  1. They so are…….and I’m a push over.

  2. Haha! Your kids are so spoiled!

  3. Phew! I’m glad somebody got that. I was going to put allelugiah or hallilegiah after Indeed but my spelling for the words was so bad not even spell correct recognized them. I hope you had a blessed Easter w you and your family Ms Betsy. I I just laid down the law at dinner about limits on candy and the amount of Easter baskets these kids get every year. I was quickly out voted. 🙂

  4. “She’s in prison. She’s in prison indeed.” Hilarious. What a spunky one you have! And clever and creative.

  5. We’ll see how the day goes.

  6. The days not over yet! Especially on your side of the US. Enjoy your day Jessica…you could always prank him?

  7. No pranks for me this year.. unless my husband hasn’t surprised me yet!

  8. Did you know it’s April Fool’s day? 🙂 lol yes there always seems to be something hoppening around here! Thanks for stopping by Jess!

  9. Nothing short of an adventure for your family. Thanks for sharing what’s hoppening!

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