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DYLANism: the Truth about Easter ~ Busted

~~ here is an oldie but goodie that I saw in my Reader yesterday as I reread this year’s Easter Post. This post from 3 years ago was an intro for things to come…..


Easter morning went off without a hitch this year. Through a series of poor communication, that my family is getting famous for, our girls ended up with four Easter baskets each. [same this year in 2018 ugh…something has to change!!] We have enough Easter candy in our home to fill a small Dollar General!

Dylan! Where did all that candy go?

Daddy! Whah do you mmmmean I have too much cammmdie. Dis isn’t mumpch at all!

We had Easter dinner. Ate our fill and beyond. Then clean up was left to moi, a.k.a. the Easter bunny.

So while I was cleaning up Dylan decided to go back to our computer and play with her adopted-pet stuffed-dog-thingy that she got for Christmas. You adopt your stuffed toy, give it a name, and then log on the computer to find out all about it; history birthday, favorite foods and such.

She came out of my office and confronted me about 3 minute later. She walks up into my face and firmly states, “I know who the Easter bunny is!”

Before I could get out a word she says, “its YOU isn’t it? I know it is.”

Me: “ahhhh…”

Dylan: “the receipt from the Target store is laying on top of the desk and at the top of it is everything that was in my Easter basket….”

Me: “ahhh….”

Dylan: “See? Ring pop. Peeps. Peeps. Chocolate Bunny. Sweet Tarts. Jelly Beans. Its YOU! I know its you, isn’t it?”

Me: “ahhh… Mommy and I bought you some stuff we thought we knew you would like to get you an extra basket cause you and Skylar have been so good this year.”

Dylan: “I knew it. I knew it…”

Seven years old! She is so going to be out smarting me when she becomes a teenager.

…or before. I am so in trouble!

I guess we will have to have a plan for Christmas. Pay in cash? Not very likely for this Santa Clause.

Easter Bunny's credit slip

Easter Bunny’s credit slip

Today’s Significance

Well, I guess you have all figured out what today is….

It did not escape our little spunky one (I have to conserve names here to protect the guilty).

Yes, its APRIL FOOL’S Day!!

So Miss Spunky decided she would prank us all.

This morning when we all woke up and raced downstairs to find what the Easter Bunny dropped. ~ oh wait, that didn’t sound so good.

Easter Breakfast

…to see what the Easter Bunny left the girls, it turns out the Easter Bunny left everyone in the house an Easter Basket (I didn’t know anything about this! ~ which is not uncommon) and unmistakably, laying on top of everyone’s Easter Basket, was a brand new $20 bill!

Thank you Easter Bunny!!!

Well a little giggle came from the direction of Miss Spunky. Then She cried,

April Fools!

Don’t you know what today is?

She got us good.

She said “pick it up….”

Here she took a $20 bill and copied both sides of the bill on our copy machine. Then she trimmed the bills to size and glued the front and the back together.

The fake Easter currency looked very real but felt thick and stiffer.


Mom was quick to point out what she did was quite illegal and that she could get in a lot of trouble… 

….and with people who spank harder than daddy.

We all had a good laugh and went back to looking at the Easter Bunny droppings.

In the back of my mind was a take on the Easter chant,

“She’s in prison.”

She’s in prison indeed.”

Happy Easter Everyone!

And thank you Easter Bunny!

our Easter Bunny

We made sure none of the funny Easter money made it to the offering plate later on that morning.

I guess I better go make sure that all bills are still accounted for.


Our Easter Story

I thought Easter was a great time to repost an article I wrote for LifeLines, Bethany Christian’s Adoption magazine several years ago on our journey through starting our family. Easter gives us rebirth and that is what adoption did for my family, rebirth, when it appeared we could not have one without God’s grace.

Amid all the struggles with infertility, numerous expensive and highly emotional IVF procedures, doubts, fears, and worries, adoption was the perfect solution for my family, allowing a rebirth or sequel for my family when my wife are merely an epitaph.

Parenting two great little girls and all the trials and tribulations that go along has been such a blessing! If you want to read my story I penned LifeLines and how 3D got its start, adoption and the blessings of an ‘open adoption’ read on! And always remember, “the more love the better”!

Happy Easter everyone!

Happy easter

A Dad’s Perspective: Our Journey Though Open Adoption

My wife, Sabrina, and I got married in 1996. About eight years later, we wondered why she had never gotten pregnant, so we went to a gynecologist and found out it was impossible for us to conceive naturally. Undaunted, we went down the uncertain road of IVF procedures. Anyone who has been down this road knows how emotional the trip can be—with extremely joyful highs and tearful lows, not to mention the agony of giving your wife shots a few times a day.
Feeling frustrated amid our third IVF attempt, we attended a local adoption information meeting. Sabrina felt we were meant to adopt; I wasn’t so sure. Call me crazy, but as we left that meeting, I saw a rainbow in my rearview mirror. That was my sign, and so our adoption journey began.

We researched adoption programs and agencies and chose Bethany. We went to meetings, paid the fees, got our physicals, and completed the paperwork. We were ready to start our family!

Probably the best advice we got along this journey was not to paint the new baby’s room just yet. It was a year later when we got our first call that some birthparents wanted to meet us.

Sabrina and I were nervous before our first meeting, but it left us more worried than excited. One of the birthparents had some diagnosed emotional disorders that we knew could emerge as their son got older. With no training about or prior exposure to these disorders, we reluctantly decided this was not the adoption for us. We wondered, Was this part of God’s plan or did we just sabotage it? We had waited so long!

Our First Adoption
A month later, we received another phone call. We met a quiet, pretty young lady. The meeting went smoothly with the help of the adoption specialist. We really liked the expectant mom but felt like we had botched the interview.

A few days later, we received a second phone call saying that the expectant mom wanted to meet us again. That meeting went fine, and we laughed and cried together. Her reason for getting together was to establish ground rules for an open adoption.

The expectant mom wanted us to send her photos frequently. She was a sweet, Christian young lady, and she needed to be sure that she was making the right decision. If all it took to realize our dream was to e-mail some pictures, it was an easy decision for us. What ever it takes, we thought.

Some people ask us why we said yes to an open adoption. We say, “Why not?” Try to put yourself in the shoes of the birthmother. To say this is a “life-altering” decision is an understatement. As I see it, adoption is an act of love and selflessness for these women. They love their children more than they love themselves. That’s what great mothers do. If we were to ruin that equation by being selfish as adoptive parents, what message would that send to our kids?

Have I told you how wonderful our two daughters are? We adopted our second child through open adoption in 2010 from another special young lady.

All that waiting. All those tears. It all was worth it. What a wonderful plan God had for us. Our daughters are awesome! Each day we tell them how much we love them and thank God for his gifts.

The More Love, the Better
Our journey continues to evolve. We feel like we expanded our family twofold, and the girls are the benefactors. Can you imagine growing up with four grandmothers? What could be better to a child at Christmas?

Our relationship with each birthfamily is unique. One family calls and visits more often. The other e-mails and sends gifts in the mail. But when they send gifts, both families send packages for both girls! These families have embraced us as parents. They do not intrude. They do not preach to us about how to raise our kids. They are simply happy to be included in the process.

Both birthgrandmothers are wonderful ladies, and we feel blessed to have them in our lives too. They love our children so much. One of the grandmothers caught us off guard when she said, “You are like family to us now.” Wow! The more love the better!

All this for two little girls at Christmas

The Future

When our daughters receive gifts and cards in the mail, we try to explain who they are from. We save and date the cards to show them at a later time. We tell them that the ladies who sent them love them very much.

We will explain open adoption to our daughters at the right time. To us it is not a moment but an ongoing conversation. You answer the questions as they come up and at a level they understand. The adoptions are not to be seen as dark or dramatic moments. Its more about how God put our family together. We actually have a “Family” cheer we do at the dinner table! We speak openly to friends about adoption in front of the girls, so when the subject comes up the girls will not be unfamiliar with it.

We are not sure what the future holds. It comes on so fast and can change in many ways. We do hope to stay in touch with our birthfamilies. We want to share birthdays and milestones with them. My personal hope is that, as we get older / they get older, our girls will know and be close to each birthmom. They can be a source of “family”, moms and siblings, after we are gone. The more love the better!

We will always be indebted to our two birthmothers for entrusting their children to us. And we thank God for our wonderful journey, and we will be sure that our daughters know that He brought us all together.


Some of my favorite things…

Tonight I saw something that I had never, ever seen before.

I got home and my girls both tell me my favorite show is on TV. Coming through the door, and curious, with high expectations I asked, “Oh yea? What is this?

They both scream out “Football!


Only to walk in the living room and find its some college baseball. (sigh) Not even close.

But here is the thing, the game was on…are you ready…channel 1679. Yes, well into the 1600’s in channels.  Who needs 1600 channels? Please list your jokes at the bottom of the page about this.

Well I have been telling you about a few of my favorite kids and their birthdays over these past few weeks. I finally got around to viewing some pictures from all the various events this past month. So I wanted to share some of them here. I hope you enjoy them. And thanks for dropping by…

the b-day month started with seeing their cousins, which they haven't seen in 2 years. They were a little shy at first...

The b-day month started with seeing their cousins, which they haven’t seen in 2 years, at the O.G. They were a little shy at first…

Both of their cousins are dancers in high school. Here they are teaching D. how to stretch the right way

Both of their cousins are dancers in high school. Here they are teaching D. how to stretch the right way

They taught our girls some dance moves...

They taught our girls some dance moves…

They taught them some gymnastic moves

They taught them some gymnastic moves

I think everyone had a great time

I think everyone had a great time

It looks like somebody's birthday ~ but who's this time?

It looks like somebody’s birthday ~ but who’s this time?

Playing dress up ~ this is Ariel at her marriage to Prince Eric

Playing dress up in her new dress~ this is Ariel at her marriage to Prince Eric

Future Charlie's Angel

Future Charlie’s Angel

She's growing up WAAAAY to fast!

She’s growing up WAAAAY to fast!

The famous Princess Castle. How many Princesses do you see?

The famous Princess Castle. How many Princesses do you see?

Looking for an Easter basket after the Princesses had an Easter blow-out party

Looking for an Easter basket after the Princesses had an Easter blow-out party
The girls racing at the beginning of their Easter Egg hunt

The girls racing at the beginning of their Easter Egg hunt

Somebody needs a bigger Easter basket.

Somebody needs a bigger Easter basket.

She just couldn't wait until the end of the hunt

She just couldn’t wait until the end of the hunt
Dylan! Where did all that candy go?

Dylan! Where did all that Easter candy go?

Its where Easter Eggs come from!

Its where Easter Eggs come from!

Playing Air Hockey  with Grandma @ Chucky Cheese

Playing Air Hockey with Grandma @ Chucky Cheese
She's giving her big monster roar to Chucky Cheese

…trying to scare  Chucky Cheese

Skylar had a birthday too...

Skylar had a birthday too…

Playing Peek-a-boo

Playing Peek-a-boo

Better than Easter candy AND lip gloss!

Better than Easter candy AND lip gloss!
Wrong opening there Skylar ~ Happy Birthday-month girls!!

Wrong opening there Skylar ~ Happy Birthday-month girls!!

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