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Our Elephant Died!

That was the news I heard on the radio last week. The Riverbank Zoo’s female elephant died, supposedly of natural causes. 

Being quite fond of this and all elephants, we decided to go to the zoo last weekend and pay our respects.

Well the daddy elephant looked very solemn, choosing to eat some comfort food….

And so we wondered if our other friends at the zoo ahhh, got wind of the news?

The Bears looked quite angry..

…but seemed to make up….

The Lion family was laying around, bummed about the news..

The kids didn’t seem to take it too bad…

The baboons were picking at each other….

And the Giraffe showed his ass….

Even our little monster was upset and broke free from her room!

Still others seemed at peace, like the freakish Tapir…

That went for a swim

The Tortoise didn’t seem to lose a step….

The monkeys were playing

The Penguin Girl was preparing her Happy Feet…

my little penguin

And Mr. and Mrs. Gorilla were letting their baby run wild!

While Mommy watched…

and Daddy watched from a far…

Soon, though, the baby came to play with his mum…

and play….


and that’s when I realized I had something in common with the momma Gorilla….

My feet and toes are starting to look like hers!

That’s about all there is for now knuckleheads.

I will try to do a better job next time.

One final bonus question….

What is the difference between a Turtle and a Tortoise?

No Googling now!

Have a great weekend!!


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14 thoughts on “Our Elephant Died!

  1. Exactly! Turtles swim and tortoises crawl. We have a winner! 🙂 Good to hear from you Ms Aurora. Thanks for dropping by

  2. What is the difference between a Turtle and a Tortoise?

    One can swim and the other dont!
    Thats my guess, Im not really sure.

  3. It was. But inevitable…..it will happen to all of us. Thanks for stopping by Resa…

  4. Thanks Betsy…. Maybe we’ll get another elephant 🙂 They say the elephant did live a long life and longer than expected. And she didn’t let him Forget that..

  5. Great pictures! What a fun time. Sorry about your elephant though. :/

  6. 🙂 Back at you Susie. All the best….and keep enjoying your wild ride!

  7. You too! (((hugs)))

  8. That’s great news Susie! And it doesn’t seem like you have list a beat! I’m happy for you, and us…

  9. You too! I am six years cancer free! Can you believe it’s been that long?

  10. I think I’ve heard that too about elephants. I was kinda surprised to see him out as they were a couple, in that there are no other elephants in the exhibit. I hope you are well Susie.. Thanks for dropping by

  11. Thank you for coming along with us Amelie. I love the zoo. Have a great weekend.

  12. Thank you for this beautiful visit of the zoo

  13. Oh, noooo! I read a book that included how elephants mourn better than humans!
    Love your photos!

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