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One Vice Gets a New Fix

Remember all those trips to Ocean City, NJ we made in the past?

“America’s Favorite Family Resort”

And remember one of our top favorite destinations in OCNJ?

Remember Browns Donuts?

Warm, fresh, made to order donuts?

Remember them?

Well forget about them!

I found a new warm and fresh and made to order donut stop here in town and they actually have a menu for all the different combinations of ingredients. (drum roll please)

Everyone let me introduce to you the Fractured Prune!

I know, what’s in a name?

But they make warm, fresh, made to order donuts but add a sundae bar kinda thing to it.

But they dont stop there…

Fractured Prune has a whole menu

and Special Board

to help you pick your poison.

Fractured Prune is actually a Franchise out of the other Ocean City, Ocean City Maryland. They were so popular on their boardwalk that they started franchising.

Brown’s donuts never paid attention to me when I said I wanted to open up a Browns donuts.

And the concept is simple.

You come in to Fractured Prune and fill out what you want and how many on a card. Hand the card to the cashier, who hands it to the donutmeister, who makes the unique fresh donuts. mmmmmm

And viola…

So there you go,

my new vice found a home in Fractured Prune.

Where ordering and making donuts is so simple even a monkey could do it!

How can you have just one?

That’s it for now knuckleheads.

I will try to do a better job next time.

I am still trying to understand this new WP block type of writing.

There are so many things I used to do but now cannot.

Who do I complain to?

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