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I’d like to be a Jellyfish,

Cause Jellyfish don’t pay rent.

They don’t walk and they dont talk

with some eurotrash accent.

Shopping with the World’s Largest Glass of Sweet Tea

(its a southern thing)


They’re just simple protoplasm,

Clear as cellophane.

They ride the winds of fortune…

Life without a brain!

Bird Watching yesterday

(They did not move all afternoon)


In one ear and out the other,

Don’t you get crisscrossed.

I reccommend you try a little ….

mental floss

Its’ the small, small problems

that get me so upset

and send me seeking shelter

beneath my mosquito net.

I stay there for hours,

protected from the night

all those insects and vipers…

and other things that bite.

Baby Gator in our neighborhood

(A time when its not so good to be a Jellyfish)


In one ear and out the other,

Don’t you get crisscrossed.

I rec-commend you try a little ….

mental floss.

Floss everyday!

Washed in the Ocean; Dried in the Sun

~~I’m trying to kickback into a relaxing weekend.

Thanks Jimmy Buffett for helping to put things in perspective..

Have the best weekend everyone!

DYLANism: the Truth about Easter ~ Busted

~~ here is an oldie but goodie that I saw in my Reader yesterday as I reread this year’s Easter Post. This post from 3 years ago was an intro for things to come…..


Easter morning went off without a hitch this year. Through a series of poor communication, that my family is getting famous for, our girls ended up with four Easter baskets each. [same this year in 2018 ugh…something has to change!!] We have enough Easter candy in our home to fill a small Dollar General!

Dylan! Where did all that candy go?

Daddy! Whah do you mmmmean I have too much cammmdie. Dis isn’t mumpch at all!

We had Easter dinner. Ate our fill and beyond. Then clean up was left to moi, a.k.a. the Easter bunny.

So while I was cleaning up Dylan decided to go back to our computer and play with her adopted-pet stuffed-dog-thingy that she got for Christmas. You adopt your stuffed toy, give it a name, and then log on the computer to find out all about it; history birthday, favorite foods and such.

She came out of my office and confronted me about 3 minute later. She walks up into my face and firmly states, “I know who the Easter bunny is!”

Before I could get out a word she says, “its YOU isn’t it? I know it is.”

Me: “ahhhh…”

Dylan: “the receipt from the Target store is laying on top of the desk and at the top of it is everything that was in my Easter basket….”

Me: “ahhh….”

Dylan: “See? Ring pop. Peeps. Peeps. Chocolate Bunny. Sweet Tarts. Jelly Beans. Its YOU! I know its you, isn’t it?”

Me: “ahhh… Mommy and I bought you some stuff we thought we knew you would like to get you an extra basket cause you and Skylar have been so good this year.”

Dylan: “I knew it. I knew it…”

Seven years old! She is so going to be out smarting me when she becomes a teenager.

…or before. I am so in trouble!

I guess we will have to have a plan for Christmas. Pay in cash? Not very likely for this Santa Clause.

Easter Bunny's credit slip

Easter Bunny’s credit slip

Spring Break From the Routine


We decided to take a quick holiday out-of-town this week during the kid’s spring break.

Here are a few pics that captured our adventures.

We stopped in Orlando, not for Disney World this time, but Sea World.

I found a hotel close to the fun..

The hotel offered some fun too.

But not like Sea World….

Read more…

Live In Concert

Hello World,

We continue to be busy in 3D but I did want to try to sneak in some of the songs and performances of Dylan’s chorus event last Saturday.

First, please forgive me, I am on a hotel computer and if I stand still too long on here it logs me off.

So I have to work quick!

Second, I don’t know what I did to get a recording with out my hand shaking so bad ‘last year’ because this year my hand shakes like I’m freezing!

I found someone else recorded these songs and placed them on YouTube already but, to be honest the sound quality is not as good as what mine was on my phone. So if you want a good quality visual recording of the event click on the video below. “God Is In My Head.” a wonderful song for sure….

If you want a better sound quality recording and the spotlight on someone you may have become familiar with in 3D please click on these recordings.

The first is the cute number you got to see the girls practice last week, Let Me Fly, a gospel type song that was actually written by this year’s chorus conductor, Rollo Dilworth.

It is an awesome song and may stick with you!

(First row, 4th from the left)

My favorite number the chorus did was actually a Jazz number with some finger snapping action going on, Now’s The Time:

Another interesting piece was actually a Chinese folk song called Moh lee Hwah. I say interesting as I think the conductor and the chorus did a good job of replicating a Chinese folk song, in Chinese. (!)

(And a tribute from the lone viewer of 3D today…my Follower in China)

They actually sang a song in Latin too (but who really understands that anymore? ) Yes that one was tricky too. But come on they are singing in Chinese here.

Which leads us back the first song at the top of this post, the gospel song, God Be In My Head. And, if you can make out the actual words, it is a great song!


Be prepared…I must have been really freezing for this number, the way the camera shakes. If you get car sick you might be better off shutting your eyes for this song…

It is a fitting ending to this post, as God has blessed these young kids with a talent. One of His miracles to them. And what a fitting song as we part ways, God Be In My Head.

That is it for now knuckleheads.

I will try to do a better job next time,

Check back, as this late night blog post may change a few times as my blog proofer, seem’s to be in bed. Read more…

The making of a chorus event

Hey everyone,

It is that time again.

Once again the Choral gods have smiled down on our oldest daughter as she was selected for our state’s All State Chorus again, where a blessed select few from each elementary school in our state come together to learn and show what they can do.

Do you remember this post when it happened last year?

Not expecting much last year, I was really impressed by what the kids and the brilliant choral conductor put together last year. So it is with anticipation that this year’s event rolls in, with what I hear is an even more sought after kids coral conductor.

Last year the conductor was great with the kids. He worked with them, at their level, trying to bring out their very best.

This year it looks much the same. And while I have not seen the finished product yet I did get a glimpse of how he warms up the kids to develop their best singing skills as well as coach the young singers through each stanza in each song.

It was interesting to watch!

So if you are interested in seeing some young angels and hear how they put together their musical gift, tap on a few of the 20 second videos below.

Relax, come on in and join us..

We had to race up at the end of school to make the first practice Thursday evening. They practiced 2 1/2 hours that night!

So out of a sea of 300 little singers, how do you think we could find our little Dylan?

Found her!

The Choral gods smile on D once again and put her upfront for all our friends and family to hear.

Thank you Choral gods!

See her there?

Up front with the legs?

So, yes we have another accomplished choral conductor. That is what I hear.

Are you curious how he gets the kids to sing their best and loosen up?

Well he simply makes them think of their favorite things.

Similar to the talented Von Trapp kids, they just start with their Do-Re-Mi’s

And then there was a new version of the ABC song..

And then I got a chance to watch them practice a song or two.

Here is a song that must be called ‘Walk On By’ or “Pass On By’ or something. The conductor instructs the kids not just in their hand movements for the song but how to get the most out of the stanza and then mellow out at the end.

And here is one more try, the almost polished one (they had a lot of fun with this) …..

So yes, the parents applauded after their kids nailed that last stanza.

Which led the conductor to also teach these young Tabernacles how to accept their praise from the audience…..

Ok, so I whipped out my camera a little late for the bowing.

But they were instructed, and did practice the bowing several times.

Anyway, I hope you found that a little interesting. I am looking forward the final product tomorrow morning.

Theres a good chance you might see it yourself here sometime soon..  🙂

And, in the paraphrased words of Ed Sheeran,

“up on stage, those kids sounded Perfect tonite.”

I will see you later knuckleheads!

And try to do a better job next time..

with even less word misspellings and errant apostrophes..


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