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School’s Out!

Yes, once upon a time I knew and celebrated Alice Cooper’s song religiously. There was nothing like the feeling of the last day of school.

Now it takes on a whole new meaning.

Dylan’s last day of school was Friday. She didn’t quite understand what it meant. I didn’t know why she wasn’t as excited (for her) as I was. I told her it is a last day to see your friends at school. Its a day of celebration. There won’t be any work to do. No more teacher, dirty looks.I said the day will be loud and it will be noisy and fun. Let a summer full of playgrounds, riding bikes, swimming pool begin!


Sure enough, as I held Dylan’s hand walking into school as a Kindergartener for the last time on Friday, the halls were stripped bare of decorations and accolades. Kids were running a muck in the hallways where I am used to them sitting quietly along the walls in the hall. And the noise level was a good bit ‘enhanced’.

Remember those days?

OK, good, cause that was just my desperate attempt to tell you all about Dylan’s report card one last time. We received that when she came home from her last day of school Friday. Forgive me if you are tired of me bragging on our girl but (proud daddy at work) she received all A’s again! Yayyyyyy!

take the picture daddy

A quick ‘scan’ down the report card revealed all 4’s. They do a numerical 4 point grading system. We were not disappointed! The second page is my favorite page however. Where the first page suggests the intelligence or willingness of the student to learn to second page rates more the character of the student; something possibly harder to teach.

Our Dyl received all 4’s again in such things as:

Takes on Responsibility

Respects others

Follows Rule and directions

Uses time wisely (oh isn’t that an important one grown-ups?)

Participates in class discussions

Exercises Self-control

Atta girl Dylan! The teacher goes on to write    “….She has continuously been a leader and role model in class (!!!).  She is exceeding grade-level standards and expectations independently.  She has solid foundation to enter the first grade and we expect the transition to be smooth”.

Well that is a good cause to take our little girl out to her favorite pizza place tonight!

And while we always enjoy seeing and reading of her accomplishments she actually brought home a little gem for us. She handed us a few writing journals where they are asked to put forth their thoughts or ideas on paper each day. It looks like most days the writing has a theme but some days they can ‘freelance it‘  if you will. And we found a few gems in there.

So if I have not bored you to death yet, or thinking about hitting that back arrow button, here is a sampling of one such gem we found from our little girl. I hope to offer a few more of these in the upcoming days as 3D tries to regain a pulse.  Spelling (this time) will not be edited so I can show you a truer nature of these kindergarten essays:

Journal entry:

“Next time i will look at the bored before i think that i no what to do. I am sorye and i apoligey. That is a nother word for sorye. I bet you alredy no that alredy. I no that to.”

Thanks everyone for dropping by!

Have a GREAT summer vacation!

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