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I may need some more rest…..

Hello everyone!

How is your winter going?

If I hear one remark about ‘global warming’ this summer I may choke someone!

Yes we have been bundled up, like the rest of you this winter, and not being as busy as we would like.

But finally this past week we had a wee bit of good news. Dylan received her 3rd report card for the year.  That’s right, all A’s again. She did great! She even received the highest marks in PE and Music.

Possibly the best news on the survey though was on the back of the report card where the teacher rates everyone on Personal and Interactive skills. Dylan received all A’s there as well. Her teacher goes on to mention, “Dylan is at, or above grade level, in all areas. She shows leadership daily in all activities in the class room.”

You go girl! We are so proud of her! ~There’s some new news, right?

So Friday she asked if she could go to Chucky Cheese and help ‘celebrate with her sister and a few of her friends from school. Sure we thought? She’s earned it and she also has a big day coming up.

She had a great time! She played with her friends. Ate some pizza. Collected a gazillion tickets from playing the games. It was a lot of fun…

Its like old times here..in this ride...

Its like old times here..in this ride…

Dylan's first time to Chucky's just before her first birthday

Dylan’s first time to Chucky’s just before her first birthday

Carrying on and having fun..


girls being girls

girls being girls

Saturday she invited those same school friends to our now monthly ‘Vacation’ Bible School at our church. Again, they had a good time, making crafts, playing games and decorating cupcakes I hear. (Skylar was using the icing for lipstick). She was worn out!

Sunday was Stingray Hockey night again! Dylan had won the ‘trifecta’ by reading 3 books in one week, good enough for free tickets to the local hockey team. So she and I spent Sunday afternoon at the hockey game. Dylan claims she is getting to be quite an expert at getting around our local coliseum with so many trips that she has made there recently. .(2 hockey games, the circus, and helping daddy with an American Lung Cancer event there.) She insisted I was going the wrong way in the parking lot at one point

All in all it was a pretty fun, busy, and rewarding weekend for me. Ahhh, I mean a fun weekend for her! Lots of good clean fun! Now, the only thing she has left to look forward to is her BIRTHDAY tomorrow!

…I may need to get to bed early tonight!

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