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“Very Cleverable….”

Well my 3 year old has a new word, “Cleverable”. It’s actually a very good word as she uses it for ‘smart’, as in “Daddy, making us take a bath after playing outside today was very cleverable.”  Good word lil girl.

I was asking family and friends for some feedback on this initial blog and my favorite sister-in-law had a good idea!

I am a big fitness buff. I run and go to the gym when I can. I think it is important to health and one’s outlook. Likewise I think its important for our kids (all kids) to be active and fit too.

For instance, my 3 year old likes to run (who’s doesn’t?). So I took mine to one of my favorite 5K runs a few weeks ago to show her other runners having fun running. I let her ride her bike to the park while I jog with our 18 month in the jogging stroller. I have wrestled with them while mommy makes dinner to keep them out of the kitchen. AND, I am sad to say, my 3 year old has a pretty vicious body slam now! Especially coming off the footstool and I am lying on the floor. OMG! I have to protect myself!

So I am going to start another “Category” for a place to Archive our Fitness Tips to keep these girls fit and active. But I need some help. What should I call it? Help me out Runner Girl? WDYT? Fit To Be Tied? Man In Motion? Movers and Shakers? Running For My Life?

Whaddya think? Could you do me a favor and leave me a note below and tell me which one you like? Or, if you are feeling “cleverable”, let me know your best idea. Thanks from the Fit Crew!

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