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Sing it loud…

This one is for all our Grandparents, family and friends out there.

Today in church my wife had Nursery duty so I was a solitary spectator in our church pew. Shortly before the service however Dylan came out to join me in our pew.

While her attention span still prohibits her from sitting quietly through a service, she has been able to find things to keep her busy so she is not so much of a distraction from the rest of us.

But that’s not to say she doesn’t have her own favorite parts of our service. One of them is the regular song of praise we Lutherans sing each week. As Lutherans we are very regimented and our skills and talents in singing are not nearly as evolved as our Baptist bretheran.

This song of praise, Gloria, or Glory to God, we do sing each week, its fairly easy for us Lutherans to sing and Dylan can now read along in the hymnal as we go.

So this morning it was great to see her singing along to this song. She was singing it proudly that even our neighbors in the pews glanced over to notice. It was a proud daddy moment!

So after the service was over I went to spring mommy from her nursery duties. I told Mom how proud I was of Dylan in church this week and I told her of her singing along to Gloria.

Mom, taking it all in stride replied, “Yes, Friday when she was searching her favorite Disney videos on youtube she actually did a search for ‘Glory to God In the Highest’.”


Well that did my little daddy heart proud and it took me back to memories of when she actually sings this song to herself, either on the way home from church some days or on the way to school some mornings.

Waiting in line at her new class room

Maybe I don’t have to worry so much about this one anymore.

What do you think, all you parents out there?

Have a great week everyone!

Stay warm!

Think warm thoughts…

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