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Sing it loud…

This one is for all our Grandparents, family and friends out there.

Today in church my wife had Nursery duty so I was a solitary spectator in our church pew. Shortly before the service however Dylan came out to join me in our pew.

While her attention span still prohibits her from sitting quietly through a service, she has been able to find things to keep her busy so she is not so much of a distraction from the rest of us.

But that’s not to say she doesn’t have her own favorite parts of our service. One of them is the regular song of praise we Lutherans sing each week. As Lutherans we are very regimented and our skills and talents in singing are not nearly as evolved as our Baptist bretheran.

This song of praise, Gloria, or Glory to God, we do sing each week, its fairly easy for us Lutherans to sing and Dylan can now read along in the hymnal as we go.

So this morning it was great to see her singing along to this song. She was singing it proudly that even our neighbors in the pews glanced over to notice. It was a proud daddy moment!

So after the service was over I went to spring mommy from her nursery duties. I told Mom how proud I was of Dylan in church this week and I told her of her singing along to Gloria.

Mom, taking it all in stride replied, “Yes, Friday when she was searching her favorite Disney videos on youtube she actually did a search for ‘Glory to God In the Highest’.”


Well that did my little daddy heart proud and it took me back to memories of when she actually sings this song to herself, either on the way home from church some days or on the way to school some mornings.

Waiting in line at her new class room

Maybe I don’t have to worry so much about this one anymore.

What do you think, all you parents out there?

Have a great week everyone!

Stay warm!

Think warm thoughts…

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16 thoughts on “Sing it loud…

  1. She is one of a kind! You and Sabrina have certainly two adorable little girls!! I hope someday I can see all of you again!

  2. Thanks Ms. Karen! She does a daddy proud. I hope you and your clan are doing great was well! thanks for dropping by!

  3. Super sweet!

  4. Thanks, Mr. 3D. We had a splendid time at the beach today; I’m looking a little lobstery as a result. I think I’ve discovered a new passion, moonlight runs – I used to love my early morning runs, but last night got me hooked. Miss Dylan sounds like a real angel – she’ll set the bar for the Lutheran music scene.

  5. Funny you mention the church songs video, I ALMOST videoed her today singing but I thought she would see me and stop. I have about 60 videos of the girls now on my youtube page. Yes, we go to a small church where everyone knows each others name. Lots of fellowship. us Lutherans like to feed each other and have many banquets after our services. I hope you are doing well Ms. Aurora! thanks for dropping by!

  6. Thanks for your kind words SSM! Yes, Shout to the Lord great praises! I hope He is happy with her. She has been God’s child from the beginning, just a real happy child with rarely a cross temper. She makes my job easier. How are things on your beach today? I hope you are doing great and wish you lots more moonlit runs!

  7. Thanks so much Terry for your kind words. She really is a good kid and it makes this parenting job a lot easier! I hope you are doing well Terry! Thanks for dropping by…

  8. Thanks Diana! Truth is she has been God’s child from day 1. She has just been a happy, good kid and we have been the lucky one! I hope you are doing well and staying warm up there. Thanks for dropping by Diana!

  9. Mine to Lisa. You shoulda seen her in church. She was making up for my abysmal singing! glad you stopped by Lisa! Hope you are doing great!

  10. Maybe you should have a collection of church songs to do rehearsals at home.
    You can download the youtube videos, I can tell you how over the mail if you want to.
    Im not church religious of any kind, but I liked it how in america is much more family oriented and with a sense of community, here in mex its just go and come back, theres other stuff but thats basically it.

  11. Ahh, thank you for your kind words Ms. Jessica! I tell you the truth, this one has been this happy and a child of god from day one. She’s just a happy kid. And so we feel like the lucky ones here. I know you will make a great Mom too Jess. Thanks for stopping by. Its always great to her from you…

  12. Miss Dylan is definitely on the right track, thanks to her dedicated parents! Great job, Mom & Dad! Miss Dylan is exemplifying Psalm 100:1, and that makes everyone happy – especially the big Guy.

  13. Wonderful post as usual! Very sweet and endearing! 🙂

  14. I think that you’re a great Dad and your wife is a great Mom!
    Diana xo

  15. this just made my heart …pop.

  16. So sweet! I’m not a parent or grandparent yet, but I have to say: I think you’ve got nothing to worry about. Dylan is obviously the sweetest of sweet little girls on her way to being a great success both personally and professionally. And she will have you and your wife to thank for it!! You have a beautiful family. 🙂

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