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Our 3D Workout Video will have you looking and feeling younger!

Have the post holiday blues got you round down?

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We start off this great workout video in the 3D Boot Camp with some stretching to loosen those tired muscles and get the blood flowing through your veins, raising you heartbeat, and starting the burn. Follow along as we all stretch to “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”:

Now that we are feeling loose the dance party begins in at 3D. Hot Dog! Here we kick up the tempo a notch, burn some calories and have a lot of fun. This aerobic dance party literally turns into an all out, anything goes Rage, where anything goes and nobody can be too Goofy. Check out the rockin’ clubhouse, the “Mickey Mouse Club House”.

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How to Beat the Birthday Blues

I’m not a big fan of birthdays, as you may know by now. This last weekend is a prime example. My wife calls me Peter Pan, as I don’t want to grow old and sometimes the birthdays can just sour me a bit.

Such was the case this past week. But I beat those Birthday Blues this time. One might say by getting in touch with my “feminine side“, based on my antidotes for the Birthday Blues, along with some great and kind advice from the blog-o-sphere. You’ll see what I mean. But, if you ever have trouble with your birthdays, here is my recipe for kicking those Birthday Blues in the bum

1)     Listen to “Don’t Fear the Reaper”. The popular 70’s rock song, made famous by Christopher Walken’s “I got the fever for more cowbells” on Saturday Night Live. My brother sent me a birthday card and when you opened it up this song played. I had to laugh. I was feeling sorry for myself and he just kinda made fun of me. It was just what I needed. I didn’t fear the reaper anymore!

This was one of my all-time favorite songs from my youth. It is a very cool, harmony-laden, well written song that romanticizes death (Romeo & Juliet are together in eternity) leaving you to believe it is ‘trendy’ to walk with the Reaper and that there is “nothing to Fear”; i.e. “40,000 men and women do it everyday; 40,000 people redefine happiness / We can be like they are”. … Hey, at 50 I still want to be hip!


2)     Got the Blues? Buy a new pair of shoes! Right? Every woman knows this. In my case I took some birthday money and went out and bought some new high end, eye-catching, feel-better… Asics running  shoes. I am hoping the curiosity of ‘are these things going to help’ will get me running more. And more better better! The last time I bought some racing Saucony’s it worked miracles for my performance.

Let’s go for a run!

3)     Go get some great looking, feel-good cosmetic surgery! I get this tip from my wife watching the Housewives of Beverly Hills. When those girls are feeling down they go get some plastic surgery to make them feel good again. OK, I have no use for implants; or Botox. So, to make me smile and feel good about myself again I went…….. to get my teeth cleaned. 🙂 And I feel so much better!  (wink, wink) They don’t look 20 years younger but at least the stains are not scaring little kids anymore. Tomorrow, I may get my hair done cut and maybe my nails. Nah, not the nails.

The ladies at Flowertown Dentistry will make you smile!

4)     Go to the gym. Simply go prove you are not as old as the calendar says. This Saturday I hit some new highs with the weights including 3 sets of 70lb bent over dumbbell rows (these will be important later), 190lbs on the Hammersmith Bench Press machine, and 480 calories burned on the treadmill on a good 35 minute run. These aren’t my all-time personal bests but I haven’t touched any of these 3 levels in a good year or so, telling me my body is not withering away like my sorry butt wanted to believe. In fact, its still getting stronger each week. I just need to go to them gym to remind me of that. Exercise will make / keep the body younger. JDI!

I felt 20 years younger! (almost)

5)     Enjoy your surroundings. Do a put off Home Improvement project. If I want to be around awhile I might as well make my home a little nicer to grow old in. So I went out and worked on my weekend patio project where I am making a stone patio and walkway out back, replacing the torn down deck we first had. Folks this will look nice when I am done making a bigger patio and a bigger backyard for our girls. I was so energized to get this done I moved 4 tons of stone and cement! In 3 hours! I placed 3 tons of individual flagstaff stones in place on my patio and then bought, moved, and stored 12 80lb bags of cement. Now that might not sound like a mental rejuvenation but just the fact that I did all that tells me I can still hang. Four tons, one rock, or cement brick at a time! Those dumbbell rows came in handy! In fact, I wasn’t even sore the next day.

Tons of fun!

So that’s my recipe for beating the Birthday Blues. I stumbled on them all by accident this past weekend but each one had a positive impact on my attitude. Sorry for being such a stinker last week. Being Peter Pan, I never really have enjoyed birthdays for the last 10 years. “Life begins at 50” someone said last week and so I have nothing to fear. So, come on take my hand, we’ll be able to fly, we can become like they are, come on baby, don’t fear the reaper…..I got the fever…. for more cowbells!

What Am I Doing Wrong?

This morning is my gym day. It was a good day! I am largely reduced to making it to the gym once a week now, with everything going on. So big gains are hard to expect. I hope to do some maintenance there and work on my running. I have been stuck in a rut though these past few months.

Back in October I broke a toe. So I couldn’t run for 2 months. Then came December and the holidays. Between the lack of running, being locked up in the house all week, and the fat we consume over the holidays I have put on 10 pounds! I never put on weight.

Today, however it was different. I hit the weights and felt strong.  I ran for the full 45 minutes without stopping. The calorie counter said I burned over 625 calories on the treadmill, although the weight scales still said I weighed the same. ~ at least it wasn’t MORE (again) this week!

So I came home and we did what we always do, go to our closest restaurant for a Saturday lunch. The manager at this Texas Roadhouse has basically adopted our girls. It started years ago when Dylan wouldn’t talk to her. The manager said, I’m going to make you talk to me yet!”  And so she ran back to her office took a picture of Dylan and then came back out producing a paper placemat with Dylan’s picture on it. They have been inseparable ever since.

When we come in every Saturday the manager gets to a point where she can stop what she is doing and corrals, now, both our kids. She’ll put one on her hip and holds the other by the hand and off she goes. The manager takes these two to do table visits, make corrections on the computer, into the kitchen and behind the bar, where another fan of the kids awaits. Dylan come out from the bar with a styrofoam cup full of cherries or oranges. They come out of the kitchen with bowls of marshmallows. And then she walks the kids to our car when we leave and buckles them in their seats. She is priceless!

Today was different though. Today Tammy came out with two large Christmas bags! She had been saving them but just too busy to ever bring them out over the busy holidays. Our youngest got a little cart to push with a tea set on it plus a  life-size doll. Literally. It is as tall as she is! Dylan, being in her Disney Princess phase,  got a Cinderella doll that dances in the bath and Belle, from Beauty and the Beast, sitting on a horse. It was awesome! And way too much!

Is it any wonder these two think the world belongs to them? When managers at restaurants spoil them too? You should see the treatment at Carrabbras, where all the staff know them too.

So we had a great time at lunch. While my legs were tightening up a little from the earlier run, I still had a great meal, the usual smothered chicken, loaded sweet potato, house salad plus the macaroni and cheese that our kids didn’t eat. (Along with some rolls with the yummy honey butter spread on them)

We came home, plopped the kids down for their naps and I took a nap, not before popping three pieces of chocolate, from the left over Christmas candy, in my mouth. I was pleased I ran better today but still frustrated that I hadn’t lost any weight. What am I doing wrong?

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