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What Am I Doing Wrong?

This morning is my gym day. It was a good day! I am largely reduced to making it to the gym once a week now, with everything going on. So big gains are hard to expect. I hope to do some maintenance there and work on my running. I have been stuck in a rut though these past few months.

Back in October I broke a toe. So I couldn’t run for 2 months. Then came December and the holidays. Between the lack of running, being locked up in the house all week, and the fat we consume over the holidays I have put on 10 pounds! I never put on weight.

Today, however it was different. I hit the weights and felt strong.  I ran for the full 45 minutes without stopping. The calorie counter said I burned over 625 calories on the treadmill, although the weight scales still said I weighed the same. ~ at least it wasn’t MORE (again) this week!

So I came home and we did what we always do, go to our closest restaurant for a Saturday lunch. The manager at this Texas Roadhouse has basically adopted our girls. It started years ago when Dylan wouldn’t talk to her. The manager said, I’m going to make you talk to me yet!”  And so she ran back to her office took a picture of Dylan and then came back out producing a paper placemat with Dylan’s picture on it. They have been inseparable ever since.

When we come in every Saturday the manager gets to a point where she can stop what she is doing and corrals, now, both our kids. She’ll put one on her hip and holds the other by the hand and off she goes. The manager takes these two to do table visits, make corrections on the computer, into the kitchen and behind the bar, where another fan of the kids awaits. Dylan come out from the bar with a styrofoam cup full of cherries or oranges. They come out of the kitchen with bowls of marshmallows. And then she walks the kids to our car when we leave and buckles them in their seats. She is priceless!

Today was different though. Today Tammy came out with two large Christmas bags! She had been saving them but just too busy to ever bring them out over the busy holidays. Our youngest got a little cart to push with a tea set on it plus a  life-size doll. Literally. It is as tall as she is! Dylan, being in her Disney Princess phase,  got a Cinderella doll that dances in the bath and Belle, from Beauty and the Beast, sitting on a horse. It was awesome! And way too much!

Is it any wonder these two think the world belongs to them? When managers at restaurants spoil them too? You should see the treatment at Carrabbras, where all the staff know them too.

So we had a great time at lunch. While my legs were tightening up a little from the earlier run, I still had a great meal, the usual smothered chicken, loaded sweet potato, house salad plus the macaroni and cheese that our kids didn’t eat. (Along with some rolls with the yummy honey butter spread on them)

We came home, plopped the kids down for their naps and I took a nap, not before popping three pieces of chocolate, from the left over Christmas candy, in my mouth. I was pleased I ran better today but still frustrated that I hadn’t lost any weight. What am I doing wrong?

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10 thoughts on “What Am I Doing Wrong?

  1. No problem, and yes 13lbs in one week. I weighed in and lost 1lb and I take it! Each pound is one step closer to my goal no matter how little it may be:) There is nothing wrong with enjoying food just enjoy it in proportion. LOL, you had me chuckling on age factor and metabolism. I had to laugh because my aunt use to always say that saying, “a few second on that hip is life time on your hips. Enjoy it while your in your prime because the older you get it will take more effort just to get rid of it”. Each weigh in I think about her and now just reading your comment. Take it easy on yourself and still enjoy food just watch the portions, eat more vegetable and fruits when hungry and most of all leave the babies plates alone:))) I will come by sometime to check on you:)

  2. In the post I meant I was running better than ‘the last month or so’. Otherwise I am far behind where I would like to be in my running and getting ready for upcoming races. I ran lots better / faster 10 pounds lighter. But I do appreciate your opinion here. Thanks for stopping! I have my favorite races coming up over the next few months and I would love to be better prepared!

  3. Well if you are running better than before, then maybe you were not at your ideal performance weight and your body likes this one better? Feel free to veto this if it makes no sense with your current weight, but it is a thought…

  4. Thanks Pat. I want to spend more time working out now that my toe is better. In truth, I did embellish a bit with the meal at Texas Roadhouse (shhhh). But I do wish the kids would finish their plates….so I don’t have to! Thanks for looking in Pat!

  5. : ) Thanks Karen, Many parts I am content but I would still love to run (and eat) like I was 40. You are right, the kids make a nice distraction for me from all this. Thanks for looking in Karen!

  6. You lost 13 lbs in a week? That’s great! I do need to be more active during the week. But I do love to eat too much! It used to come off a lot easier but the older I get… I just think I would run easier / longer / faster if I lost those 10 pounds. My mutualistic hobby of eating and then running it off is getting the best of me as I am doing more eating and less running. Thanks for stopping in and saying Hello!

  7. patsquared2 on said:

    A doctor once told me that 100 extra calories a day (a piece of dry bread) adds 10 pounds a year. That said, you may not be losing weight but you may be gaining muscle mass which weighs more than fat. Don’t drive yourself nuts. Just keep working out and maybe stop eating the kids leftover.

  8. The world does belong to them! You’re not doing anything wrong. It’s called contentment. 🙂

  9. You are not doing anything wrong. Weight is so easy to gain and stubborn to go away. Give it a week or so and you will see it slowly shedding away. Don’t get frustrated … continue being active. I have lost 13lbs last week this week I feel heavy as heck. I have a funny feeling I gain something, but you know what I am not going to beat myself over what every I gain (I will know by tomorrow weigh in…so not looking for it but need to know for my progress to continue). I am just going to tell that scale you got me this week just wait until next week I show ya, lol, I am so serious. So please don’t be so hard on yourself…you are doing great!

    I love your banner..very cute. Also your girls sounds so precious.

  10. We do a supper club for senior citizens once a month. I take my 4 year old son to this and every time he ends up eating his weight in junk they give him. She will look in the fridge for all sorts of things for him. As for the weight– I think your routine of lunch is a good one after work out. I have been to Texas Roadhouse one time and found it to be really awesome.

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