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A Challenge For YOU! (Yes You)

I have a super fun challenge for you.

Yes… I am talking to YOU!

Take a look below if you are fearless, can embarrass yourself a bit, and almost sing… all for a good cause?

Are you fun?

Can you lip sync?

Meet some of my friends from the Charleston area Lung Association…


They have a message for you…

So raise your hand if you want to act crazy, raise some money, and have some fun!

Who is with me?

I know I have a lot of very creative Followers out there. A LOT!

Ones that can make a fun or funny or glam video for a good cause without breaking a sweat.

Any runners or fitness individuals out there?

That’s right I know who you are. I want to hear from you!

That’s right, YOU!

You know healthy lungs are vital part to your fitness and strength. So I want to hear from you healthy people. Find your fav song or singer or group and have at it!

Then post it on your own blog or send it back here to Lip Sync Central to help  keep this healthy party going.

I mean this!

Or run some hills, or 5 miles or climb a few stairs instead of taking the elevator at work and tell me what you think of efficient healthy lungs.

Now what about those who don’t have a chance to do that due to asthma or unhealthy lungs?

Aren’t you glad it’s not you?

So, are you thinking about it?

Thank you could have some fun with it?

Here are the videos from my bud’s above to give you some ideas on what you could do and the fun to be had.

You may get discovered!

Here is Michele.

She is awesome.

She’s an inferno…

Wait for the crystal ball..

And here is Margaret Ann.

Margaret Ann heads the area Stairclimb Dylan and I do each summer.

She’s way cooler than me….

And here is Geoff.

He shows you what you can do when you are creative, fearless, have a great vid editor as part of your posse

…..and can drive backwards without fear for life or limb…his dog? He’s not so sure.

Its awesome and over the top!

“If I was you, I would want to do this too..”

He’s way cooler than me too!

So now its YOUR turn!

Yes, I am still talking to YOU!

Think about it, have some fun by yourself, with your family or at work.

Just do it! Be fearless.

Your creative efforts and collaborations will benefit the lung association and help others breathe easier… as well as possibly propel YOU into stardom.

Let  me know which ones of you are going to participate.

Have fun with it!

And I am counting on YOU!


invitationLast night as I viewed how my Stats in 3D have slid into the ‘nothings-going-on-here’ cavern again, I noticed all of the sudden my views take off.

Every now-and-again, somewhere around the world somebody(s) gets a hankering for Shel Silverstein and his wonderful poems.  Last night  a few searches were done and 3D received 10 hits for some of his poems, including Snowball, which was viewed 6 times along.snowballSnowball was actually founds via search 161 times last year alone. Another one of my personal favorites, Hug Of War, was viewed 4 times last night.

hug or war

Back when I created this blog I put a smithering of our family favorites from Shel’s book, “Where The Sidewalk Ends”  in the top header entitled, Bedtime Stories as we always read some of these poems to the kids as they went to bed. As you can see, these are not the typical children’s’ stories.

They are fun!


If you have an propensity for the silly or imaginative readings these poems can be a lot of fun as you act out the character in the poems.

But as a parent these poems, or this book, has greater value. Our kids loved hearing these stories at night and then want to try to read them their self . It  created genuine interest in books and reading for our girls. Now, every night at bedtime they demand to hear another story.

The benefits of enjoying books and reading?

Dylan brought home her 2nd report card this week. She received all ‘A’s again. Her teacher’s comments included how “Dylan is advanced to the next grade level in all her academic studies. She is a great listener and contributes well in class discussions.”

As a parent you gotta feel proud of that and can’t help go back to when we read ‘Acrobats‘ over and over until the girls could read it by heart.

I’ll swing
By my ankles,
She’ll cling
To your knees
As you hang
By your nose
From a high-up
Just one thing, please,
As we float through the breeze–
Don’t sneeze.

This year, while shopping for Christmas presents for the girls, Santa spied another Shel Silverstein book for them, A Light In The Attic.

200px-A_Light_in_the_Attic_coverAnd I hope to start reading and learning this book with the girls real soon. But first they feel compelled to finish reading another good children’s book, The Children’s Bible.

If you have some young children I invite you to explore the world of Shel Silverstein and open up their world of imagination and fondness for reading and books.

(My ‘Stats’ are going to soar now!)


Sure enough, 2 hours after I included the words Shel Silverstein, Snowball and Hug Of War in the same post….I became popular again!

Your stats are booming! Looks like “OUR LIFE IN 3D” is getting lots of traffic.
Look for more upcoming stories and poems by Mr. Silverstein so I can make a little cash flow from this blog.  🙂
Have a great weekend everyone!
Thanks for stopping by

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