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The Pineapple Song

Feeling tropical this Holiday?

Want to give it a try?

Kick your shoes off, clear some furniture, click the video below, turn it up and dance like like you just don’t care!

“Its really easy!

Easy, peasy,

You can do it anywhere…

Jump around like you just don’t care.”

I love this song!

This is a song from one of my favorite movies that I just watched again.

After The Sunset is the typical story of a couple of gorgeous, jewel thieves that retire to the Bahamas and Paradise Island to watch sunsets.

"I could get use to this"

“I could get use to this”

Pierce Brosnan tries to readjust to retirement while Ms. Hayek tries to get him to write his wedding vows as they consider there ‘ever-afters in the Caribbean. It may be a predictable storyline but the Caribbean scenes are breath taking. Clear blue water, white sand, unspoiled beaches, and Salma Hayek

I love it because these two love birds try to retire there and I have been wanting to retire to a similar local for about the last 20 years! So this picture makes it easy to fantasize visualize about what it may be like, even if I will be 20 years older than our heroes in this one.

Yea, that's what I'll look like when I retire!

Yea, that’s what I’ll look like when I retire!

One of my favorite lines in movies is when Pierce comes out of their ocean front beach hut to find Salma behind an electric saw. He asks, “What are you doing?”

“Expanding the deck” .

“You’re trying to stay busy?

Salma puts down her saw and informs Pierce, “Look, on this deck we are going to sit here and watch sunsets every day until we get old.”

"...but you are going to have to lose that phone".

“…but you are going to have to lose that phone”.

Ahhhh. Yea…that’s for me!

And it doesn’t hurt this movie either that my favorite actress and 2nd most beautiful gal in the whole wide world is in this flick either. Yea, this movie is easy on the eyes!

But I digress!

Keep jumpin’ around to the tropical Pineapple Song! Bookmark for some fun this weekend. Turn it up. Dance and have some fun like nobody is watching!

And if you want to escape to a tropical hide away and some clear blue waters this weekend, or sometime soon, take a look at After The Sunset.

What's not to like?

What’s not to like?


Have an exciting and safe 4th of July all you Yanks! Happy birthday to a certain matey! And Happy Canada Day week to all of you north of the border. did I forget anyone?

Dance around like no one is watching! Lets see some movement below the waist.

Here is the link to get you started.


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