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The Story Behind Your Thin Mint Purchase

…OK I am new to the Girls Scouts.. so lots of this stuff is new to me.

No, I am not in Girl Scouts, silly person, Dylan is!

But every year those cute little Girl Scouts come to your door with smiles and batting their eyes in hopes of selling you some over priced Girl Scout cookies. They are a cultural icon I guess by now, right? When someone says the word ‘Thin Mint’ what do you think of?

Have you ever wondered what the Girl Scouts do with all that cookie plunder money?

Lets take a poll:

Without giving away the answer, here are a few pictures from last weekend at our local Girl Scout’s year-end party.

First off there was some food! A lot of it for a little Girl Scout troop…

GS Buffet

There was this buffet table, complete with 30 Papa John’s pizzas at the end of it.

There was the colorful and inviting Cup  Cake table

GS cupcakes There was also an equally colorful Candy Table  behind the buffet table filled with colorful gum balls, lollypops, Skittles, and Pixie sticks!

Are you kidding me?

Are you kidding me?

Maybe that is not enough sugar for our little princesses, er, brownies you wonder!

How about a Sno-Cone table?

GS sno cones

Now with all this sugar in their system these young ladies surely needed a way to burn it all off, right?

May I present Big Blue:

GS big blue

Now it wasn’t this Big Blue…..

..but is was more than enough to entertain Dylan for a while!

She seemed to enjoy it going down a few times…

GS slideIn fact, she got real good at going down the  slide, she went down so many times….

GS slide down

..in fact she spent most of the next 2 hours going down the slide…

GS sliding

Have another sno cone Dylan!

But it wasn’t ALL fun and games!

There was some business at this cookie-funded year-end party sugar-bash!

…and Dylan got to ‘Bridge into Brownies’

GS Bridging

Cool stuff!

She had a ‘Certified’ great time on my birthday weekend!

GS brownie

Oh my birthday weekend you ask?

It was nice!

No big deal!


Same ol’ same ol’

Have the best holiday weekend knuckleheads!

You all rock!

Thanks for looking in!

Can I interest you in another Thin Mint or Samoa?

Follow your heart…

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