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My Christmas P-Vlog

With Christmas becoming a blur and sliding into the rearview mirror I thought I would post some pictures of some of the memories and things my girls had fun with this Christmas season…

Christmas began with the trip to see the Christmas Lights at the Zoo

We all took in a Christmas Play downtown in the historic Dock Street Theater,

It was by our favorite 1st grader, and her name starts with J and that stands for none other

than Junie B. Jones herself!

The kids had a coupla skirmishes with LAnA, our Santa’s elf.

Here, she helped herself to the chocolate covered popcorn overnight.

And while I understand we are not supposed to touch her (or she flies back to the North Pole) I did take the liberty to reseal the popcorn to help with its freshness.

Well LAnA did not take too kindly to that !

(she tends to overreact sometimes)

And picked up the cheese knife let us know not to touch her things any more!

Well Christmas eve came.

The girls had parts in their church’s Christmas story performance.

Skylar played Mary…

our Skylar playing the part of Mary

Little D. played and an Angel..

Our Angel playing the part of an Angel (in her new dress)

Seriously, that’s what they cast her for.

And because of the numbers of youth in our church I was even cast (voluntold) as a Wiseman!

I thought that role may really require some acting on my part…

But, in the end,  I did not have a single line;

just gifts to give


the play went off without a hitch!

Mary, an Angel and a Wise Man…dressed like a King

And I was told I looked very Regal!

I looked like Yule Brenner!

But felt like the King of Somewear Hot…..

but thats another season altogether…

Christmas Eve came…

We got the kids all snuggled in bed and so Santa went to work…

He left the downstairs looking something like this that evening…

Two sacks of toys for good little girls and boys.

Santa’s view from the Chimney

Christmas morning looked like this…

Hatching their Hatchamals

Then they received some gifts from their Grandma, Aunts and Uncles…

These spoiled girls were begging for more gifts to open…

Note: the light out in the Train Station. It must have been shut down with the rest of the government that week. No more trains!

But truly, they had all they could handle!

This time of year is all about Love and Joy and honoring our Son.

And while Christmas’s may come and go, making memories will last forever!

Make some Memories everyone!

Take pictures.

Give someone a hug!

The season of giving and love.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Boo, y’all!

Well, you see, its summer vacation. And Dylan has all this time on her hands.

Well she fancies herself as good with electronics. She likes to be creative. And she has a lot to say. So she decides she is going to START HER VERY OWN YOUTUBE CHANNEL!

Ahh, ahh, ahh!!

She has it all planned out. And, are you ready for this, the name of her YouTube channel was going to be moonshine189.



So after consideration of a clever way why SHE CAN’T HAVE THAT YOUTUBE NAME (!!!)…(deep breath) I googled ‘moonshine189’ on YouTube to show her the company she might be attracting with that name…..

Ok, well the little girl saw my point.

She came up to me the next day and told me she decided on ‘Beach Girl’ for a handle on YouTube (where does she get these names?)

But after searching on YouTube for beach girl herself she decided that might not be appropriate for a girl her age either…..

I promise you I am not this bad of a dad that she comes up with these names!

So I showed her my YouTube channel, mrbrew, (ohhh now I get it!). And then I showed her how many videos I had of her and our family in there….over 120…..which I think I have subjected you too at least once over the last 5 years of this blog.

And so we went scrolling through them to show her just how far they went back.

There were some real gems in there that I had forgotten about over the years.

But I wont’ subject you to these family favorites such as “Boo, y’all” or “Chansons pour le petite Dylan” yet one more time…


This one really touched my heart and brought back memories. She said her first phrase, ‘where’d it go?’ But when I said it to her something really amazing happened (she started looking for IT). Take a look at this nut, ah, I mean happy girl..8 years ago

And then Dylan remembered and wanted to see the video from when I brought a big packing air pillow home after work and she had some high flyin’, impromptu, keystone cops kinda fun…

And I saw one of my all-time favorites!

Dylan made this video when she was about 2 or 3!

No one knew.

I found it on my recorder about 3 weeks later.

She loved to do the hookie pookie dance with me as a toddler. Well one night we left her alone in the living room for just a few minutes. Grandpa was in his chair but Dylan was behind him. She was at our little work / computer desk.

She saw the hookie pookie video up on the screen. So she climbs up and stands on top of the chair at the desk, then turns on the video and grabs my little Flipshare recorder. She then holds it to her eye, hits ‘Record’ and proceeds to sing and dance the hookie pookie standing up on my chair! You know this if you know the song, follow the movements of the camera and listen to what she is singing. I saw this and knew at an early age she was a special girl…..

My dad chimed in there at the end like he was watching her or listening to her sing. But if he was watching her he never would have let her dance on top of that chair.

Too cute!

Listen, sorry to subject you to another round of family videos. Boo! y’all.. scared you!

I imagine you all have your own family videos and pictures that are pure gold and priceless memories too.

Thanks for stopping by!

I’m going to leave you with this quickie that I sent into America’s Funniest Videos…still waiting to here back from them.. while I go shoot down another one of Dylan’s YouTube names.

Have a great weekend!

I’ll try to do better next time knuckleheads…

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