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What’s up?

I received an email from WordPress saying if I do not post something very soon they will consider 3D dead or abandoned

and shut me down since I have not posted in a while.

I told them I was busy.

~ actually my kids have just been hogging the computer….its been hard to get on.

They replied: see my WordPress contract, Article 19, section 5, paragraph 8, where it mentions the consequences of an existing blog without a pulse.

So here I am, (remember me?) with a few pictures so I don’t lose my 3D blog.

The last time I left you we were midway through birthday season.

Last month was youngest daughter’s birthday. She enjoys helping her mom in the kitchen so she decided to have a cooking birthday party.

Ever heard of that?

Her and her friends produce a three course meal, over two hours, that they get to make and then eat.


First, was a really yummy and refreshing cranberry/grape fizzy drink.

Then they made their own pizzas, cutting up fresh vegetables.

And then they got to decide on what ingredients they wanted to put on their flat cookie-type cake.

Being some hungry creative youngsters you know it was delicious!

Her Skye-pie. it was AWEEEESOME!!

It was an innovative and different kind of b-day party and we think Skye had a lot of fun with her buds.

Along the lines of other blogs never gotten around to, I was considering doing another consumer advocate post on the company installed our solar panels (Vivant). But they stepped up and ended up making the situation right.

My gym also closed so I found a new one. But they altered the details of their contract within a week, which was making me want to do post on that outfit, if only to vent.

But they made it right too.

My oldest enjoys following me to the gym now

Another pretty girl getting buffed up for the summer.

Speaking of…. she just got her braces off after 14 months of restructuring her mouth and smile (and getting her to stop sucking her fingers). She was a bit apprehensive and nervous, not only about the routine but the outcome.

She did great and our movie star was all smiles when it was over.

This is her new smile.

She will probably need more braces in a few years after her molars come in. 

Kids…don’t suck your fingers!

Birthday season wound up last night as we ‘acknowledged’ my birthday.

Some not-so-sexy underwear and PJs 🙂

I am no longer celebrating it. In fact, the thought of getting older brings a tear to my eye as I think of all the things I have not done yet.

So, going forward, I am going to start subtracting a year on the date of my birth.

…and see if that helps my shoulders and knees feel any younger.


The summer is right around the corner!!

 Are YOU ready?

Work on some tans? Fun in the sun? Trips to the beach and pool parties?

I will leave you with one of my summertime-dance-poolside-beachside favs as we raise a toast to SUMMER..

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Go Ahead and Tell Everybody….

Some times a guy just has to flex his muscles….

And so it is on the way to school when I take Dylan and her best friend. (lol, I’m sorry that just sounds silly even to me after I reread those first two sentences)

Most every morning we are forced   enjoying Kidzbopp on the way to school as the girls like to sing to the pop songs. It usually puts them in a good mood and so most mornings I kinda encourage it.

But when one song comes up I make sure they know…

“I’m The Man,

I’m the Man,

I’m the man..”

Well go ahead and play it while you read..It will reinforce my the story…

You see after dinner Dylan came walking in crying big crocodile tears. We sat her down on the sofa and asked what was wrong. She told us she lost one of her brand new flip flops she had just received from the great Aunt Sue down the storm drain in front of our house.

As flip flops go, these were nice for a kid. She had just received them as a birthday present a month earlier when Aunt Sue was down.

You could tell through her tears she was sad from losing them before ever having a chance to truly wear them for the summer. I know she was looking forward to that.

She was scared she would get in trouble. And she was afraid she would hurt her Aunt Sue’s feelings by not having them any more.

You really hated to see her crying and so sad about her new fashion flip flops.

So I said show me what happened.

the Drain Monster

the Drain Monster

What would you or your spouse do?

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Yes,  I went in the garage and gathered a big screw driver and a hammer and I pried up that manhole cover to see what I could see. There it was.

No Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles down there!

No Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles down there!

So I went back into the house,

found a step ladder,

and took a deep breath….

What's my name?

What’s my name?

OK, well maybe not THE man. I’m just a regular schmoe.

But to my girls, Daddy still needs to be The Man for his Daddy’s girls.

And where was Skylar all this time?

flip skye

 Well she was inside finishing my daily helping of birthday cake!

Dylan can’t blame her this time!


Pop Quiz!

Does anyone know what these are?

flip magicIf anyone can tell me what these are, I will sing a special version of “the Man” for them?

What a gift, huh?

I will give you a hint, that is my name on there….

Winners to be revealed on Friday.

Have a great week knuckleheads.

I will try to do better next time

Is anyone ready for summer?

Hot in Labor

“I’ve traveled all around the world
And there are places that still stand out to me
But none can really quite compare
To my Isle of Palms by the sea

beach picnic

My personal Utopia
A place to run to where I can hide away
Where I can truly reign supreme
Somewhere Hot yet clean and where a man can dream”

I’m king…

And true to form the week before this  for your Majesty had to get fitted for a brand new crown!

Exciting, huh?

Every King of Someplace Hot should have a shiny new crown for his adoring subjects, right?

So the Tuesday before Labor Day I had a Hot date for my royal fitting. I was escorted back to the royal ‘Crown Fitting Chambers’, told to put my feet up, as I awaited my fitting and crafting of my brand new crown.

It was so majestic!

dentist 2 Ah, but it wasn’t all fun and games. My new crown required intricate craftsmanship! But it was guaranteed to enhance the smile on my face!

I hate getting old...

I hate getting old…

Later that Labor Day weekend, I had news that my alma mater was going to play my other alma mater in a college football game on Saturday. Yes, Coastal Carolina (my 4 year school) was going to take on the Citadel (6 year school). The Coastal alumni courted their king’s presence more than the local Citadel alumni so I attended a fun little pep rally under their tent, complete with food, beverages, and FREEBIES!



It was my first college football game in some time, and the first ever for our girls. The Citadel starts off every home football game with a parade it turns out. When all the enrolled Cadets enter the stadium of this military type university, they all must fall in line and enter as a unit, complete with a bag pipe procession to announce their entry. It was kinda impressive on this Hot Labor Day Saturday night!

Yes, I have been King of Somewhere Hot again. And it has been Hot here this past week. The thought of September always brought thoughts of moderate temperatures but not this year.

So Labor Day we loaded up the car one more time and headed out to the beach. It was lots of fun again. The ocean temp was VERY nice after the Hot weekend. it felt very tropical and refreshing. But I didn’t get to spend much time there as I had a job working with my loyal subjects building sand castles!


And, like any great scenic resource, the sea always brings new and extremely curious and interesting discoveries each time we visit. Last weekend we discovered they really do exist! They are not mere folklore but actual, living sea creatures.

I am talking about those ever elusive




We had a great time at the beach Labor Day and you couldn’t help but break out the Pineapple Song and do a little tropical jig there on the beach

 I love it when it’s Hot! It’s so much fun….

“…..Someday I hope to find my queen

I know she’ll come my way
I’ll give her all my love
It’s not a complicated thing someplace I can swing
And she treats me like a King

I’m King
King of Somewhere Hot”

PS: it is due to be a bit cooler this weekend.

In fact, the kids say it might just get Frozen outside!

"you like it.....Hot?"

“you like it…..Hot?”

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