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Go Ahead and Tell Everybody….

Some times a guy just has to flex his muscles….

And so it is on the way to school when I take Dylan and her best friend. (lol, I’m sorry that just sounds silly even to me after I reread those first two sentences)

Most every morning we are forced   enjoying Kidzbopp on the way to school as the girls like to sing to the pop songs. It usually puts them in a good mood and so most mornings I kinda encourage it.

But when one song comes up I make sure they know…

“I’m The Man,

I’m the Man,

I’m the man..”

Well go ahead and play it while you read..It will reinforce my the story…

You see after dinner Dylan came walking in crying big crocodile tears. We sat her down on the sofa and asked what was wrong. She told us she lost one of her brand new flip flops she had just received from the great Aunt Sue down the storm drain in front of our house.

As flip flops go, these were nice for a kid. She had just received them as a birthday present a month earlier when Aunt Sue was down.

You could tell through her tears she was sad from losing them before ever having a chance to truly wear them for the summer. I know she was looking forward to that.

She was scared she would get in trouble. And she was afraid she would hurt her Aunt Sue’s feelings by not having them any more.

You really hated to see her crying and so sad about her new fashion flip flops.

So I said show me what happened.

the Drain Monster

the Drain Monster

What would you or your spouse do?

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Yes,  I went in the garage and gathered a big screw driver and a hammer and I pried up that manhole cover to see what I could see. There it was.

No Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles down there!

No Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles down there!

So I went back into the house,

found a step ladder,

and took a deep breath….

What's my name?

What’s my name?

OK, well maybe not THE man. I’m just a regular schmoe.

But to my girls, Daddy still needs to be The Man for his Daddy’s girls.

And where was Skylar all this time?

flip skye

 Well she was inside finishing my daily helping of birthday cake!

Dylan can’t blame her this time!


Pop Quiz!

Does anyone know what these are?

flip magicIf anyone can tell me what these are, I will sing a special version of “the Man” for them?

What a gift, huh?

I will give you a hint, that is my name on there….

Winners to be revealed on Friday.

Have a great week knuckleheads.

I will try to do better next time

Is anyone ready for summer?

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11 thoughts on “Go Ahead and Tell Everybody….

  1. I looked for it on the internet.
    The photos is very practical.
    I have a phone but has no number, only use it as music player, so in the next post or two would be fine.
    Disney World sounds fun, looking forward to see about the vacation.

  2. …do they go into the drains in goonies? Please don’t hate, I don’t think I have ever seen the end to that one. The drain wasn’t bad at all. Its just a storm drain, not a sewer. But i was wondering how many neighbors were watching as I started to wrestle off the lid to the drain.. i’ll neveer get invited over to cook outs… who wants to invite sewer-boy? Have the best week Sandy!Enjoy your Spring! Thanks for dropping by!

  3. I am ALWAYS up for an adventure so I totally would have climbed down that storm drain too. Of course, my ending would have been similarly along the lines of the Goonies, buuuut to each their own. :p

  4. Ahhh, you have been there or used these before! or are using your computer savy self to figure it out, complete with a copy and paste description. I’ll need a phone number so I can sing to you… And maybe let you talk to Dylan with some of your ideas. yes the Photo Pass it the best reason. Cameras sense you see you coming via the bracelet. take a picture for you then upload it to my website. I won’t need a camera! Thanks for dropping by Ms Aurora! See you in Disney World!

  5. Good Rescue.
    Let me guess, youre gonna turn it into your hideout, the 3d cave (its just a rain collector, right?)

    You can use your MagicBand to:
    Unlock the door of your Disney Resort hotel room.
    Enter theme and water parks (with valid admission).
    Check in at FastPass+ entrances.
    Connect Disney PhotoPass images to your account.
    Charge food and merchandise purchases to your Disney Resort hotel room (only available during your hotel stay).

  6. Hey Ms. Lola! And thank you! ..it wasn’t bad at all..maybe a little dirty. I was worried about rats. And yes Ms. HAACP we did clean and disinfect them as well. 🙂
    Yes for Disney, not so much a pass though. They are the coolest things though to somebody that doesn’t get out much. I hope you are doing well Lora! All the best to you…

  7. Oh she was already attached to the bip-bops. She might have gotten new ones if it was raining out! You have a pretty good guess there; Disney World on our side of the US. Hmmm…I may need to consult the rule book. And the magical bracelets do way more than let you move to the front of the lines….but that is part of it. I hope you are doing well PIF….Thanks for dropping by!

  8. You are the man! Good thing I’m not a man because I would never ever do that for anyone! 😉 Agreed– looks like some special pass to Disney World… or maybe a Disney cruise??

  9. I would have just bought new flip flops. Way to go.
    I’m guessing they’re something to do with DisneyLand/World. You pre-ordered fancy bracelets that will let you move to the front of lines? That’s all I’ve got.

  10. lol, Yes, these girls give me plenty of reason’s to do ‘Weird Stuff’! Yes, ‘Disney items’ are a safe guess but What Kind of Disney items? What are they called? … and I will have the girls sing to you instead… Good job on the safety check with the hammock. I got ours out too and the girls already got hurt playing on it. Sabrina says Thank YOu f(all) for the birthday gifts in the mail yesterday! That glass is just what we need for the pool deck! Thanks for dropping by John! I hear old hammocks often require several safety checks the first week put back up to ensure they are ready to go for the summer…

  11. johnm983 on said:

    You are the Man! Although I think I would do that too..just for the fun of exploration. Its good you had a valuable mission for an excuse to do weird stuff…I love when that happens. (i would guess what the Disney items are, but I’m afraid i would the prize : ) ….Yes i am ready for Summer!! it was over 80 degrees today…So i put the hammock up for the girls. Of course i had to test it for safety purposes first….then I had to mow the lawn for 1.5 hours and other yard work. i still watch my “After the Sunset ” DVD a few times a year……..ahhh the scenery.

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