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Report Card Day

Friday was a big report card day here in 3D.

Dylan received her first ever report card from Elementary school. I guess you all know how proud we are of our little school girl. She has continually flashed signs of brilliance in most things she does.

It was also 'Crazy Sock Day' at school

It was also ‘Crazy Sock Day’ at school

To our surprise then we found out she did not get all ‘A’s on her report card.

She got a ‘B’ in Writing as well as Music and Art.

Now her writing is not what you and I do. It is simply learning how to write upper case and lower case letters, as well as making sure they are placed on the ruled line. And to be honest she has trouble with this. If she would have gotten an ‘A’ here it may have made the others grades suspect. But we are so very proud of her, ‘B’ and all!

Her teacher says she is a real joy to have in class. She says she is a good helper. And when I walked into school this week I found Dylan’s picture on the wall outside her classroom.

Lifeskill award

Dylan’s teacher spotted D. using the ‘Lifeskill‘ of Responsibility and gave her an award for it. Atta girl Dylan!

Plus those Parent Police out there may be happy to know she has replaced the Buffett CD with her favorite Disney songs CD for our ride to school in the morning.

Skylar, on the other hand, did not receive any report card Friday. But she did attend a preschool Arts and Crafts session at our local library that day. She cut out materials to make a paper pumpkin that she is so proud of.

She evidently behaved so good at the library that our nanny decided to take her to the mall for a soft pretzel. OK, this may have been as much for the nanny as it was for Skylar.

While sitting at the mall eating their pretzels a lady at the near by both asked is Skylar wanted her hair curled? After a little negotiating Skylar got herself a brand new ‘dew…until bath time later that same afternoon.


She is so cute and mastering that ‘Say Cheese pose’ at such an early age! 

Her nanny confides Skylar is doing quite well in her own school work at home and do a lot of the things Dylan is asked to do in Kindergarten right now. Go Skye!

And I had my first report card of sorts, as related to my cancer treatment. I had an appointment with my cancer doctor Friday. It wasn’t so much to see where I was at with my cure but to take a pictures of all the seeds that were inside me.

Its funny, when you think of ‘seeds’ and you may think of Spring or Growth or Life. With my seeds, it is quite the opposite! These nuclear bad boys are to kill existing cancer cells. The ‘weeds’ in my prostate so to speak.

They checked my vitals. Took a quick scan of my mid-section via a CAT scan machine. And then gave me 20 minutes of face time with my doctor.

He smiled and told me everything looks great, just the way it is supposed to look. All the seeds were properly in place. And that these darn side effects affecting my urinary tubes, pee’ing and getting up several times at night should start to wear off about now.

So I was all smiles and left in a pretty good mood. They didn’t have to stick me (yet) or insert anything anywhere or test anything. Just a few pictures.

So, feeling pretty good, I decided to celebrate at my favorite restaurant that just happens to sit at the end of the road from the doctor’s office…


That’s right, a dozen Halloween donuts from Dunkin Donuts, including my favorite…the Boston Scream!

So Friday was a great Report Card day all around!

I have talked a lot about Dylan’s techno-savvy skills her lately, between Internet searches and skills on Mom’s cell phone. So I wanted to leave you with a cute video from December 2010. Dylan was about 2 1/2 years old I think. You all know the Hookie Pookie, right?

Back then that was Dylan’s favorite song and we had a video I bookmarked on Youtube where we could do a crazy dance to it once a day. Lots of fun! OK, several times a day.

So if you are familiar with the Hookie Pookie you know how the dance goes,

“…you put your left leg in, left leg out, left leg in and you shake it all about.

You do the Hookie Pookie and you turn yourself around. That’s what its all about”

Well we just got done playing with the song on the computer and I must have walked away.

I say this because I went to record some Christmas videos a few weeks later and found one video on there I didn’t remember making.

What is this I thought?

So I played it. Here Dylan climbs up on top of my chair in front of the computer. Remember, she is two and 1/2 now. She then plays the video again on youtube, without anyone’s help  (2 1/2). Then she decides to pick up Daddy’s video camera and film herself doing the Hookie Pookie…sort of.

In the video, she is dancing and turns the camera on and then holds it to her eye like she has seen daddy do time and time again. If you take a look keep in mind she is dancing while filming this and so the movements of the camera represent her ‘shake it all around’ and so on. Take a look…

Oh, and she is innocently singing the song too while she is dancing…and filming with camera to her eye…while standing on top of the chair…with nobody around to see her. She’s just in her happy girl mode!

The sippy cup sitting there illustrates how young she was then. Yes, that’s my Dad, her Grandpa, chiming in there at the end. He is turned around and facing the other way watching TV. He just heard her singing to herself. He didn’t realize what she just did.

Have a GREAT rest of your weekend everyone!

I hope you find that happy innocent inner child too and do a Hookie Pookie with someone! Or alone like little D.

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