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Old Fashion Christmas

Hi Everyone!

And Merry Christmas!


I am sorry about being so distant. I had a day or two of some photo harvesting of  my girls it appeared and so I got concerned and shut down a bit, hoping it will blow away and on to some other blogs.

We went to our favorite Christmas party last night and it reminded me of the blog post I did last year about these nice people, their great food, conversation and Christmas ambiance. And so I wanted to revisit the post again (and not take pictures of their home again) with wishes you and yours are enjoying the Spirit of Christmas.

Merry Christmas!!

Is there anything wrong with being old fashion and clinging to tried and true ideas?

Last night we went to an annual Christmas party, hosted by some friends of ours.  Does anyone have those friends that love to entertain that they just take it to a whole new level? I know some of you reading this are that way.  That’s the way this couple is. They enjoy hosting. They love to entertain. And they take great pride in their final product.

Their house is always decorated for Christmas tastefully yet still above and beyond. They maintain an ‘old fashion Christmas’ theme. And it truly is! We enjoyed our evening so much the food, the wine, the decor that I leaned over to my wife, gave her a nudge and a wink and whispered, “This house is truly blog-worthy.”

So come and join us down Christmas’s past and a truly festive Christmas night.

I missed the pic of the life-size Nutcracker man at the front door of their house, but here is a glimpse of what you see when you walk inside.

enteranceSee what I mean by a theme of Christmas’s past? Here is a glimpse of their living room…

WP_20141219_017See the Santa Clause picture? Every single picture in their house is switched out to a Christmas picture. In fact, ALL normal house decorations are removed for their Christmas decor.

Like that end table, the toy blocks, they actually made them themselves.

They should be 'the first toy maker to the king" its a difficult responsibility..

They should be ‘the first toy maker to the king”…….. it’s a difficult responsibility..

The toy blocks actually do stack one inside each other for storage.

See the jacks on top?

And those skates?

skatesThe skates actually have wooden wheels. Can’t get more old fashion than that. 

And more signs of their handy work and their pride in decorating sits beneath their tree…

treeYes, that’s a toy drum they made to enhance their theme.

I swear, I have to take a testosterone enhancer every time I leave their house as I am so humbled by their wood skills, crafts, and initiative. I was so impressed.

Other ‘old fashion’ parts of the living room looked like this beside the entertainment stand..

santa from floorThere are some vintage dolls, bunnies and bears there. And the camera doesn’t capture the magic of Santa’s Sleigh, but that is brightly finished metal 3D replica, suspended from the breakfast bar above by fishing wire to give the illusion of Santa dropping his gifts and flying away leaving all to a ‘good night’.

santa sleighThe golden snowflakes also had the illusion of hovering as well, don’t they?

There were some vintage reindeer above the entertainment stand

entertainment stand

The walls had all the normal accessories removed and replaced with Christmas themed eye candy..


I know, I know what you are thinking, where do they store all this? They told me they leave that to their little elves!

Even the dresser in the bathroom hallway has an old letter to Santa with it..


The house was so adorable it was hard to remember we were there for a bit of a party.  The buffet line was equally magnificent

buffet line

With some very special ornaments there as well..

See the fishing line now?

See the fishing line now?

The dining room (and dessert buffet) had equally charming decor…

It looks like they were preparing for the King of Kings

It looks like they were preparing for the King of Kings

Joe and Deborah were truly spectacular hosts and we had another great time at their Christmas shindig.The atmosphere was festive. The food was 5-Star. And the company was the best.

And yes, I must be the guest / blogger from hell as I go and record the privacy of their home for the whole world to see.. or at least you dozen or so that read my blog.

Do you think I will be invited back next year?

I hope you too are able to recapture the joy of Christmas’s past and create some more new memories of the miracle of Christmas present this year.



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20 thoughts on “Old Fashion Christmas

  1. Wow. They really go all out!

  2. Thank Mr. ken for me. I really appreciate his time! yes old fashion Christmases are the best I think. its like the old Christmas carols that never go out of style. i toasted it at the party actually. I said thank goodness we all have great Christmas memories to pull from to help make our new family Christmases classic too. I hope yours a Ken’s are a classic one too this year Nancy. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Hi Andy,

    Great pictures. I’m with you – I love old fashioned Christmases!

    I hope you and your lovely family have a truly wonderful Christmas.

    P.S. Mr. Ken is still researching the picture thing – so far he hasn’t been able to find anything about not copying stuff.

  4. I can’t imagine you a Grinch Ms. Aurora. You are one of the funniest ladies I know. Your sense of humor is unique! Ok, so can you draw some pictures of my girls for me if I send you the pics? Have a great Holiday Aurora! Thanks for dropping by!

  5. Some people really do. Heck its getting that way with Halloween now too! Come join in in part of the Spirit Natalie! Have a great week! TY for dropping by!

  6. Us Europeans always think you Yanks go all out for Christmas! Blame it on Hollywood Christmas movies, National Lampoon, Home Alone, Elf, etc! I love it!

  7. Good to see you back.
    You can do like AuAu and make everything drawings, even the girls can help and get more actively involved with their blog. That way you dont have to worry about lurkers.
    Merry Xmas, though they call me Grinch here and I’m planning to skip the dinner.

  8. johnm983 on said:

    I was wondering about their storage ,just before you mentioned it. But more than that, i am wondering about the amount of time it takes to get all that done. The way things have been going at our house, we’ve barely had time to put the tree up and a few nick nack decorations. (Its been an overly busy year.) I love the picture of your Dickens town around the tree…..that is the traditional Christmas scene I remember.

  9. No, I don;t have those skills either. I do enjoy being a little creative with our Dickens village, but even that takes too much time. I am sure your house is tasteful and festive. Thanks for dropping by. We are having a few friends over the 24th if you two can stop by 🙂 I hope you have a warm and Merry Christmas and the best New year yet!

  10. How funny! We went to a party last night, and we always make similar commentary about how amazing their parties are. I noticed they even had Christmas lights on a tree outside the window of their hallway– the tree isn’t visible from the street. They clearly put lights on it, so they can see it from this one spot inside the house. Impressive, but I don’t have those skills! Merry Christmas to you and your family, Andy!

  11. Why do they call you the Grinch? What have you done? And I did consult them about taking the pics..most of them.. We had a great time. The food was even better than the décor! I hope You are doing well Ms. Aurora. thanks for stopping by!

  12. Yes, its pretty bad when I have to chat about somebody else’s party, eh? And by all means, nest time you throw a party let me know and I can tell the world… at least what I remember of it.. I hope you have a Merry Christmas Tom! Let me know when you find that dream bar.. Thanks for stopping by…

  13. Just had our sixth annual Christmas party this weekend – I should have had you blog about it! Hope you have a Merry Christmas, Andy!

  14. Im still making posts with the old form, it keeps telling me to change to the new but I dont, and I dont like the old that much.
    Im sure they wont get mad about the photos, it does look good, specially the old fashion details of the theme.
    Here where I live they actually call me grinch, but anyway, merry xmas.

  15. Hey Karen! Thank you! I know when Christmas rolls around each year I fall back on family traditions from my past to try to recapture for our young girls (they are doing great by the way, thanks for asking). They were always warm great times, old fashion or not, and I hope our girls are building there own images of Christmas memories along the way.. Merry Christmas Karen! I hope you and your kids are living out your traditions as well. Thanks for dropping in …

  16. Great read, Andy! Looks / sounds like a lovely tradition. Thanks for sharing their beautiful home with us! Hope you and your girls are well 🙂

  17. lol.. that’s right. To each his own. I enjoy decorating a bit but I stop short of spending weekends in my garage creating the decorations. It was a great night though… and I am sure your Nativity scene beats theirs as I don’t remember seeing one there. I hope you are doing well Ms. Anna. Always great to hear from you…

  18. I hope your party is a success, as I know it will be. And bless you for using the old snail mail way for sending out your invitations. Cause I gotta figure my invitation to your Christmas rave can only be lost in the mail. If you want to take and send about a dozen cool pics I can blog about your party and confirm your legendary status as a party-thrower. Kinda like the ol radio sportscasters who broadcast the games but weren’t actually there. I hope you have a great one Sandy! Thanks for stopping by…

  19. Good grief—they DO go all out! I’m doing good to put the Nativity scene on the mantle. 🙂

  20. The new stats page is a bit of a trip. I don’t like change.
    I love that you’re blogging about the party. I’m hosting a party here in about 40 minutes and I would love it if someone blogged about it. The food is incredible. :p

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