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How’s your Monday going so far? 

If it’s not a Happy Monday come on along for a ride in 3D 



That’s right, we listed our house on Monday online. We had 3 showings in 3 days. And the 2nd visitor opted to buy in! We closed the deal on Friday. Friday! Five days! It was so exciting. We actually counteroffered via texts. Is this the way it is done now? 

I asked some others in the real estate business if our asking price was possibly too low? Almost unanimously they all said, “no it was offered just right.” Thanks Anna! 

I think you all remember the hurdles and hoops we had to jump through to get to this point. And then it sold just like that. 

I think everyone should meet our All-Star Realtor. 


If Realtors had a board she would Chief. If they honored their own she would be in their Hall Of Fame. If they had a league she would be an All-American. If Realtors were a pizza she would be Supreme. If they were ice cream she would be Catfish with brown gravy! Lol Sorry Anna. I had to put that in there. 

I found Anna through a friend of mine from grad school. He’s in the mortgage business so I asked him when we started this house hunting journey if he could recommend anyone. Anna is who he suggested. 

Anna had a reputation, if not legend, of selling a house in 7 days in the development she now resides in. My mortgage broker knew of this. My recent contractor and painter of our abode heard of her name this way and of her 7day selling feat. Know what? I think she just topped her own record. If you need to sell your house fast you can find her here at CarolinaOne Reality

So hats off to Anna and many, many thanks! Only problem is we have to be out of our house by the end of April now. But that’s a good problem to have I think. 

Happy Monday? We are absolutely giddy her in 3D land. Birthdays start this week. 

They began with a special, huge gift box in the mail from one of our, now famous, grandmothers and daughter. This box was so big it would have a hard time fitting in the back seat of my car. Once opened it was literally packed, layer after layer of great. Great (not allowed to use the word ‘awesome’ any more) birthday gifts and Easter gifts for both our girls. Videos will be offered as soon as they are processed buy here is a look at the fun things inside.

Dylan asked if I could blow these ballons up right now?

Dylan asked if I could blow these ballons up right now?


But unwrapping this gift treasury was just the start. 

Our girls got a visit from some long-lost cousins (and their family) of theirs. Long lost cousins you ask? Here is the last picture of our girl(s) with their one cousin. Dylan was 4 months old! It was from their mom’s and my brother’s wedding, almost 5 years ago. 

John's Wedding 023[1]

One of the girls was in town visiting a college for next year. 

Four Cousins Family Photo. See the resemblance?

Four Cousins Family Photo. See the resemblance?

Some might notice an age difference? But not these great girls. They played and laughed and danced (the girls are trained dancers) Two nights in a row all 4 girls ran upstairs and played and jumped and laughed until something got broken. 

The girls came down stairs then and gave our girls some more b-day gifts. We threatened them enough to sit still for some quick family pics until the next 4 year reunion. Ok we will see them this summer. 

They taught my cherubs the fishy-fishy face.

Practicing their Fishy-Faces

Practicing their Fishy-Faces

Here is their “Fat Duck face’ 

“Fat, fat ducks never, never smile….

But we do!”

Fat-Duck Faces don't smile

Fat-Duck Faces don’t smile

Here they did something terrible to Skylar….

They told Skylar she had to stand on one foot...

They told Skylar she had to stand on one foot…

It was tons of fun having them and their parents in town. We all had a great time…once we were all healthy. And are really looking forward to the next fishy-face faceoff. 

Thanks for all the great toys Marty, Jordyn, Sara and John! Happy Monday! 

The birthday’s actually start today. Happy Monday! If you have a chance come on by and have some fun.

PS…We sold our house!

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28 thoughts on “HAPPY MONDAY!!!!

  1. Congratulations! Watching those listing shows… have made me weary! Never seems as easy for them… always having to stage a house and clear out for Open Houses or showings! You missed the black hole stuff! So great! Must have been a great little home you were offering!

  2. Thanks for dropping by Scott. Yea, the girls are the main characters here. I love it when Susie has these party mixers. You get a chance to meet some nice people / nice blogs like yours.

  3. Stopped over from Susie’s.
    Congrats on the house!
    Beautiful young ladies there. I bet they are a hoot to have around.
    Mine: http://kindredspirit23.wordpress.com/2013/03/25/i-am-learning-about-me-and-sometimes-its-sad/

  4. Susie, love your idea. I have checked out a few of the links. Selling in 5 days..now all we have to do is FIND a house so we can be out by the eondof April…no stress!

  5. Fantastic!
    Congratulations on selling. In 5 days???? Wow!
    The girls are so sweet! What a great visit.
    Have fun clicking on links and saying hello. Stop by anytime. You sound very busy!

  6. thanks for dropping by Coleen! I love your blog and unique style. Congrats on your book too! Jersey Shore? We are taking my clan to OCNJ (again) this summer. Luv it there for the kids! Have a great weekend!

  7. Stopping by from Susie’s–HI! Congrats on your house–and that balloon wreath is really kinda cool. 🙂

  8. Ahh….we did…but the story continues to evolve….how is your house hunting going?

  9. jackie.eat.world on said:

    Congratulations!! You must feel so relieved!! 🙂

  10. Thanks Karen…they are pretty neat; better than I deserve that’s for sure. Its a rare day I don’t give thanks. Cross your fingers on this house buying business for us. It is getting stressful all over again!

  11. LOVE! I love your beautiful family, Andy. And CONGRATS on your house. WooHoo!! Good for you.

  12. lol….I really hope you post it to your blog when you get it down! Have a great week Di! Thanks for dropping by…

  13. Congrats on selling your home…now if you’ll excuse me…I have to go practice my fishyface!

  14. We might have to! We put a bid in on a house yesterday. They didn’t even acknowledge it. Back to the drawing board! What do house boats go for? And what school district would they be in? thanks for dropping by SSM!

  15. Woohoo! Congrats on the 5-day sale. Ready for that houseboat?

  16. Wow, congratulationson the house, thats great news! You guys have been real busy! Great pictures-as always! 😀

  17. Congratulations the sale. So nice of you to honor Anna. Best wishes on your quest for the new home. Happy Birthday Week:-) I love the balloon wreath too.

  18. Thanks Kim! Now wish us luck in finding a new home fast! Thanks for dropping by …Happy Monday!

  19. Thanks Jenn! Come on by for some cake and gift unwrapping! The more the merrier! Hope you survived your weekend. 🙂 Happy Monday!

  20. Yes, one trek is down and a new one begins. We put a bid in for a house. the owners didn’t even acknowledge it, not aknowleding that house appraisals have actually gone down the last few years of foreclosures. They want 13% growth over the lst 2 years. …and a new trek begins! Thanks for dropping by Terry! Happy Monday!

  21. Thanks Sandy. We can cross that one off and let the real house shopping begin. Funny, its a dbl whammy here. We need to find a house we can live in for the rest of our lives in a few weeks plust the rates are going up as we speak… Thanks for dropping by! Have a happy Monday!

  22. Congrats Andy! 🙂 Happy Monday!

  23. YAY congratulations!!! how exciting! and adorable photos, too. : ) happy birthday-ing!!

  24. Thanks, Andy. I love that–CACB!

  25. Yeah!!! Congratulations and happy trek to the new one!! Beautiful pics!!!

  26. I think so too! They’re ALL CACB! (Cute As Can Be) Have a Happy Monday Luanne!

  27. Congrats on the house sell! Whoo hoo!
    And the cousin pics are adorable.

  28. Congratulations!! So happy for you! And, yes, the girls all look alike–same beautiful smiles!!

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