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More good news…

In this season of preparing for the Good News to come, I ran into a bit myself last week.

It was check-up time with Dr. O. and the Oncology team. Dr. O. is the physician that orchestrated my whole green-belly, radiation, Bruce Banner, planting seeds in my flower garden thing.

Well the whole ordeal started with a simple blood test, PSA’s and the reading there of. You want your PSA to be low, near zero I understand. My initial PSA of 6.5 sent me to see Dr. O. and I had a PSA as high as 7.5 before my procedure.

Well last Tuesday the good doctor said my newest PSA registered a 1.5. (Yayyy!) I asked him what his target PSA, or my GOAL. Dr. O. says his job is to get it to a 0.2.

So I asked him his time frame for accomplishing his goal? He said over the next 1-2 years. He followed up that he was very excited with good news to start!

PSA Chart showing how 'Its Not My Time'

PSA Chart showing how ‘Its Not My Time’

But I tell you he was not the most excited one in the room!

With a little luck I should be around for a long, long time he says. And if I can just get the kinks out I can start working on my immortality; again.

But you see…I have kept this news largely to myself for the last week or so, really just to bubbling over with joy to do anything.

So I wanted to ask you, If YOU got good news, such as this what would you do?

How would you celebrate?

I can’t tell you what I actually did and spoil the survey!

Suffice it to say, I was the last patient of the day, it was late, and I pass right by  Dunkin Donuts on the way out of the parking lot.


I’m so boring!

But I can sing Auld Lang Syne a few more times!

OK, you got me.

I could never really sing that song anyway…

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33 thoughts on “More good news…

  1. Thanks Tom! Yes there will be many moments of reflection at the end of this year. I have to say I envy you, my goal or dream is retire to an island in the Caribbean too one day. Have a great Holiday…its the most wonderful time for a beer…

  2. Andy, that is such great news! My father-in-law died of cancer about 20 months ago so I love hearing about the battles that we’re winning. What an awesome Christmas gift and best wishes to you and your family! By the way, I chose an island in the Caribbean. For a lover of beach bars, there wasn’t really any other option. 🙂


  3. Congratulations on the good (maybe old by today) news.
    Nah, youre not boring, I did the exact same thing this week, but with pizza, yummy, donuts are good too.
    I think the immortality option will get you killed out of stress and such, how ironic.
    Telling wp friends is also a great option, one needs to post the stuff, otherwise whats the point, I voted for the donuts anyway.

  4. I am happy because you are happy. You are more than welcome.

  5. Hey Andy! Want some more good news?! I nominated you for the Blog of the Year Award!! Woo hoo…party time!:) I’ve really, really, really enjoyed all your posts, especially ‘Dylanisms’ and I can’t wait to see what you come up with in the new year! Thanks for all the support! – Donna

    You can read my post here: http://donzwebb.wordpress.com/2013/12/17/blog-of-the-year-award-2013/

  6. Thanks sooo much!:)

  7. Thanks so much Ms. Donna. I knew if anyone knew this feeling it was you. I hope your health and happiness is the best ever too in 2014! Thanks for dropping by the celebration!

  8. Our crew is beside themselves with anticipation with every package that arrives on our doorstep. Our relatives had some great gift ideas this year – every other box is labeled, “OPEN IMMEDIATELY!!!” So we do, and it’s something yummy to eat – and it helps them with the waiting game. Except the baby learned tonight he does NOT like fruitcake. My car trunk is turning into the go-to hiding place this year. God help my fellow commuters if I get in an accident between now & Christmas – it’ll be like Target blew up all over the interstate! I hope your girls are containing themselves better than our boys!

  9. Congratulations Andy!!! I know the feeling is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced! 🙂 Soo happy for you and wishing you good health for 2014!!

  10. Thanks for looking it up Andy! We’re having mild weather again until tomorrow but am enjoying it while it lasts! Always a pleasure to stop by and see what you’re up to Andy!

  11. I have totally sucked at WP lately too, although you keep cranking out posts so fast I can’t keep up with…Thanks for dropping by my celebation party. Thanks for the dance! I will look for it under the tree next week! I hope you are doing great and out from under ‘the Blues’. Have a great week my friend…

  12. Thanks Ms. Jessica! I am still trying to make that first one, the Carribbean Island thing a done item on my Bucket List. Maybe after I pay off some bills we can address that particular goal. I hope you are doing good my friend! Thanks for dropping by the celebration! Did you get a donut? The stars were Boston Cream!

  13. I had to look that up Dinna: Prostate-specific antigen. Stil couldn’t find out what that means. I think it is a specific source the cancer that may flow in our blood. (?) but that is how they can tell if you have prostate cancer, when it shows up in your blood sample…andthat was my Public Service Announcement along with be sure to tell the males that are near and dear to you to get checked starting at 50 and often and find it early, like they did in me. The outcomes are vastly better! You can have donuts! I hope you are doing well and staying warm where you are. Thanks for dropping by the celebration!

  14. Muchas Gracias mi Amiga! Yes it is the best present I could ask for..like ever! Donuts and Sangria? Breakfast is Puerto Rica? I like it! Yes, it appears you will be stuck with 3D for a good long time to come it appears. 🙂 thanks for dropping by the Celebration Maria! Have a great week mi amiga!

  15. 🙂 Yes there will be some cork popping this Holiday season! Many things to be grateful for AND put behind us, back in 2013. Can I get an Amen? ~Thanks for dropping by and Celebrating with us! Looking forward to see what Wild Ride you and your crew are doing for the Holidays!

  16. thanks Ms. Turquoise, or should I call Ms. Shine On? Yes, I feel very blessed! Thanks for dropping by and celebrating with us! Have a great week!

  17. I like a donut! And that way my whole family could celebrate with me! Thanks for stopping by Ms. Parenting! Always great to hear from you….

  18. Thanks SSM! Living with a little tag of cancer being removed will be a cause for reflection on the 25th for sure.Yes, I never bargained for that race…never really felt like I was in it except the doctors telling me I am sick. Thanks for droppinb by SSM! I hope you are having a great week…and getting your boys ready for a special week to come..

  19. I am a horrible WordPresser of late. *sigh* But so very happy for you and your good news. *does a little dance* It’s a little somethin’ extra nice and cozy under the Christmas tree this year.

  20. Awesome! So glad to hear it friend! And eat those donuts while coming up with plans to cross one of the items on your bucket list off your list!!

  21. Loving your good news – thanks for sharing it! What is PSA? in my world it is Public Service Announcement….

  22. What fantastic news mi amigo!!! Best Christmas present, I imagine. Like you, I would have gone for the donuts washed down with Sangria! We all need “3D” around for a long time. 🙂

  23. I am so excited for you! Pop the cork and toast a much better 2014!!!

  24. Good news is always a blessing.

  25. Congratulations! Well done on the donuts! 🙂

  26. Congratulations on a race well-run, Mr. 3D. And you didn’t even sign up for this race! I hope this news makes this Christmas extra special for you and your dear family.

  27. Yes indeed, great news for Christmas Luanne! Thanks for adding to the celebration! 🙂 Have a great week my friend….

  28. It was really great news. And on doing the research for this post I saw anything below a 2.5 is really satisfactory, as offered in the PSA link. I hope you are doing well my friend. If I can be of any assistance please let me know. Thanks for looking in!

  29. Ms. Lola, that what the ‘Other’ window was for! (I already had one stashed from earlier in the year just waiting for a good moment to break it in) But it was good news…and now I only have half the bottle left…. 🙂 Thanks for joining in on the celebration! I hope you guys are doing great too..

  30. Woohoo!!!!!!!!!! I’m thrilled for you, Andy, and news just in time for Christmas!!!

  31. Congratulations! This is very good news.

  32. How about a like and a comment!! Congrats! That’s great news. I didn’t answer the poll because you didn’t have “buy a bottle of the most expensive tequila you can find to add to your collection” on there. 😉

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