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These kids today……

I have to make this a fast one today as it is the best day for college football all year. Our tailgating party starts at 10:30 with a (nother) gourmet version of French Toast done in the tailgating spirit to get us all ‘sugared up’ for the big game at noon. It caps off the final chapter on the endless barrage of carbo feasting over the holidays. ~ I sooo need to go for a run!

In trying to organize a list of Christmas videos off our Flip camera, I noticed an unfamiliar video. Hidden in the Christmas videos was a video my oldest took…without anyone being around! I had to look at it twice to understand the brilliance, or initiative, in this little girl.

I, evidently, walked away from the computer after watching some of her favorite videos on Youtube with her. I keep them all assembled on a playlist there. Her favorite video must have come up on the list. I say ‘favorite’ as it is the one she asks me to do with her the most often, the Hookie-Pookie.

Please do me a favor and try not to imagine me doing the Hookie-Pookie.

Well the video comes on our computer. She starts dancing to it, it appears. Then she gets this wise idea that she can record herself too. So she is standing on the chair in front of the computer, picks up the Flip, turns it on, holds it to her eye and starts singing and dancing the Hookie-Pookie……while standing on top of the chair…all by herself.

Its hard to follow at first but if you listen to the words you can see what she is doing. And then she claps for herself at the end! Too Cute!

Does anyone else have a ‘gadget savy‘ kid in their household? (These kids today!) If you knew this girl you would not be surprised. She navigates mommy’s I-phone like it was made for her, looking for games and songs. She takes pictures using our other camera (way too many pictures if left unatteneded!) She actually made a call to England one time….another hard one to explain! And when it comes to these computer games she actually shows ME how to play them! OK, I made that last one up. But she has been so amazing and brilliant! ~ again, she didn’t get that from me

I first took notice of her amazing cognitive abilities when she was about 18 months old. She had known a few words but out of no where she utters her first phrase, “Where’d it go?” A phrase I often asked when we gave our greyhound a treat, after coming inside, and he would throw it around.

Being a proud father of his first child reaching another milestone I hoped to capture it on tape to send to the relatives. What I got was totally unexpected, illustrating not only Dylan’s smarts but some unbridled determination as well…..

That’s a heavy foot stool! A total “Bam-Bam moment!

~ Have a happy final day of the holiday. My wife admits she has gotten a little spoiled over the last week or so. Me? I could get used to this. But I do hafta go….I want to see how well Dylan is making out with the French Toast.

I don’t want them to burn.

Happy Monday!

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2 thoughts on “These kids today……

  1. Its so sad… I would lose to the 4th graders in that show if they had some techy device on it. ~Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I feel like most kids are “gadget-savy” It’s weird when a youngster helps me figure out my own gadgets!

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